What is Meant by Sustainable Clothing ?

Sustainable Clothing

Last updated on December 4th, 2022 at 07:50 am

The rate at which people are affecting the balance of the natural ecosystem around them is rather alarming. If this keeps up, many valuable resources will be lost forever. Due to this, many people are now making some important changes to help curb this.

One of these changes is sustainable clothing. Many people do not want to adapt to this new change in clothing because they do not know what it is. Sustainable clothing is a great way by which people can reduce the resources used to produce clothing.

Sustainable clothing is pieces of clothing made ecologically without wastage of useful resources. They are made with eco-friendly clothing materials that are easy to get. This way, the clothing will not harm the environment later on.

It is best to take an online MBA in Sustainability if you are in the clothing industry and are also interested in sustainable clothing. Your MBA degree will help you understand more about corporate social responsibility, which will help create a positive impact on your clothing business and the environment at large.

There are now many sustainable clothing labels that take part in this fashion-changing concept. With sustainable clothing, you will be able to dress appropriately while being eco-friendly at the same time. Gone are the days when people think that sustainable clothing is just any clothing that can be recycled. On the other hand, sustainable clothing is made with materials that do not harm the environment.

Common Types of Sustainable Clothing Materials

Sustainable clothing comes in a variety of different types. This is because they can be made with a lot of different materials. Some common types of sustainable clothing are:

1. Organic Hemp

This is a pretty versatile plant that has been around for a long period. Organic hemp has been used for a lot of things such as clothes and cosmetics. Although it has been used for clothing for a long period, it has not been long since people noticed how eco-friendly it is. With the little number of chemicals needed to grow it, organic hemp ends up containing only a little amount of chemicals. Due to this, it is very eco-friendly, thus leading to its use.

2. Organic Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber that is not eco-friendly at all. This is because it requires a lot of chemicals before it can be grown. Thus, clothes made from cotton are not sustainable at all. However, with organic cotton, things turn the other way. Organic cotton is a type of cotton which is grown organically, that is without chemicals. Due to this, clothing made from organic clothing is very sustainable, as it is biodegradable.

3. Lyocell

Lyocell is a lightweight piece of clothing that is made from wood pulp. A good deal of sustainable clothing labels loves to make use of Lyocell to make sustainable clothing. This is because of the numerous beneficial properties which Lyocell offers.

It is a lightweight fabric that is antibacterial and also odor free. The fact that it is also water resistant is just another good property of Lyocell. Whether it is used for eco-friendly women’s clothes or just about any other purpose, the truth is that it is very useful.

4. Qmonos

This is lightweight synthetic spider silk. Since it is synthetic, it is made artificially without any spider being harmed. However, spider genes are still used to manufacture this wonderful fiber. Qmonos is a fiber that is pretty strong yet flexible.

Sustainable clothing that is durable yet flexible is often made from Qmonos because of this. Although it is pretty expensive to purchase, Qmonos is still worth it as it is completely biodegradable. With all of these reasons combined, it is no wonder why Qmonos is highly sought after.

5. Bamboo

Bamboo is a plant that is used to produce fabrics that make up many pieces of sustainable clothing. Since bamboo is not eco-friendly at first, not many people buy the idea. Although bamboo is grown organically, it requires a lot of chemicals before it can be turned into clothing.

This is why many argue is not to be eco-friendly at all. Bamboo is still pretty eco-friendly when you look at it. It is still eco-friendly and sustainable when you compare it with most other clothing. Therefore, bamboo is still another piece of sustainable and eco-friendly clothing.


Sustainable clothing is the concept of fashion that people must accept if valuable resources will be saved. It is now used not only for the production of clothing but also for eco-friendly fashion accessories. So be sure that you dress in clothes that are eco-friendly or another option is to rent designer dresses in Melbourne if you need one instead of buying specially if you are just to use it once, otherwise, you will only damage the ecosystem further. Finally, click here to learn more about sustainable fashion and accessories.  

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