How To Make Sure You Look After Yourself


Looking after yourself can be challenging. Often, we put ourselves on the back burner and prioritize our to-do lists and responsibilities, leaving our mental health and, sometimes, physical health, to deteriorate in the background. Living a balanced life means accepting that your days are going to be divided into chunks of time dedicated to different purposes. Sometimes, you’ll be working, and other times, you’ll be off playing with your kids. There are so many elements involved in living a fulfilling life, but you can’t invest yourself fully if you aren’t looking after yourself. If you’re ready to start making yourself a priority, here’s how!

Go To Your Doctor’s Appointments

Addressing your physical health needs is super important. Preventive care means going to your doctor’s appointments regularly and not putting off addressing your symptoms. You want to be able to address issues before they get worse. The best way to make this happen is to go to your doctor regularly so that any issues can be addressed then and there.

Don’t wait until your symptoms worsen before you get checked out by your doctor. If you notice problematic issues like shaky hands, see your doctor right away so they can determine if you need medication or additional help to alleviate your symptoms.

Give Yourself Mental Breaks

Give yourself a break! As the workday drags on, you might feel that your brain is fried. You don’t have to put up with an exhausted mental state. Instead, take mental breaks in between work tasks so that your mind can recharge, and you can get a bit of rest in between work tasks.

People are not machines, and as much as we’d like to keep going and going, we must take breaks throughout the day to stay balanced. It takes energy to complete daily work; it’s necessary to preserve your energy to present your best self in every work-related (and non-work-related) situation you’re in.

How To Make Sure You Look After Yourself

Journal Thoughts And Feelings

Sometimes we go day after day in a fog. It can be challenging to gauge how we are genuinely feeling if you aren’t tracking it. By taking time to journal our thoughts and feelings each day, we can review our thoughts as the days go on.

Over time, we can determine what patterns in our thinking need to change and how we can make these improvements. As we note areas for improvement, we can make these changes throughout time so we benefit from the progress and don’t get stuck on any “should’s” that get in the way. You’re always doing your best, so keep pushing forward!

Set Healthy Boundaries

A big part of looking after oneself is setting healthy boundaries. While you may appreciate and value the different relationships in your life, you need to make time for yourself and put your relationship with yourself first. Get comfortable saying “no” when you need to and start affirming your boundaries in relationships that tend to violate your boundaries.

Don’t take on extra work you don’t have time for, and if you’re an adult, don’t talk to your parents every day if that is stressing you out! Figure out the boundaries you need to feel supported by others without expending all of your energy. YOU come first!

The Bottom Line

To make sure you are looking after yourself, you need to consider the relationships in your life, how you are using your time, and whether you are taking active measures to preserve the longstanding good health you want for yourself. Consider the above tips as you work to cultivate a routine that considers your needs. 

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