Uni Essentials: The Must-Have Items to Bring to University

Uni Essentials

Attending university is a profound experience, both on an educational and a personal level. The friendships you make at university will shape your life for years to come, and the things you learn will take you to unexpected places. If you’re one of the near-300-thousand 18-year-old undergraduates waiting expectantly for your first term at university, you may be equal parts excited and anxious. Turning that anxious energy into affirmative effort can help your summer pass you by all the quicker, and ensure you are properly prepared for the semester to come; why not use it to source some essentials for your first term?

A Good Dressing Gown

While perhaps a peculiar start to a list of uni essentials, buying a good dressing gown might just be one of the most important things you do for yourself before your semester begins. You’ll be spending more time in your halls than you might initially think, and even a little comfort can go a very long way indeed. A plush dressing gown will ensure you are always toasty and comfortable, and help you feel that little bit more at home.


Halls of residence are noisy places, especially if your halls are, like most, part of a tower block complex. With other students’ bedrooms above and below, as well as to the left and right, you might find yourself struggling to hear yourself think. A good set of Bluetooth headphones is a great option for helping you regain your sanity, and blocking out other sounds when you really need to knuckle down.


In moving to your university, you are likely experiencing your first proper taste of living independently. One of the harder lessons in independent living relates to food and looking after your own meal plans week on week. Batch-cooking is your friend here, especially when it comes to deadlines and exams. As such, you’ll need a good set of Tupperware to store your food and keep yourself sustained throughout the week.


Another odd addition to the list, but one borne of experience; you should bring a doorstop to your halls. In halls of residence, every door is typically a self-closing fire door. This is because there are multiple areas of increased fire risk on each floor, and a fire could spread from any one of them at any time.

These are important for overall safety, but will inevitably become annoying for several reasons. You may want to keep your door open for social reasons or to help the air circulation in hot weather. Bring a doorstop!

Water Bottle

Whether you’re zoned in on your research and coursework or hurrying between lectures and seminars, you’re likely forgetting something important: hydration. Investing in a nice water bottle can incentivise you to drink water more often, and prove invaluable in stuffy lecture halls.

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