180 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions For Your Next Party.

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

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When you move to a funky party with your partner or flirty friends, you can never get bored if you play dirty truth or dare questions. You can add your potential to the party with interesting and heat-raising questions and dares. Everyone in these gatherings love adding some charm to a going night. There are simple rules to playing a game: you must wait for your turn to reveal the dirty thoughts in your mind. You can even play it through some only dare app.

At first, it seems awkward, but once you feel its charm, you will not play anything else except this game. Are you ready to compete in some embarrassing dare? Then let’s get started with your party mates. So, here we go with 180 dirty truth or dare questions to ask your friends, sleepovers, and parties.

Truth or Dare: What is Dirty Truth or Dare Game?

Truth and dare is a party game which you play verbally with your freinds, couple, or family. In this question you get a choice of selecting one option whether it is truth or dare. After your selection the game starts and you have to complete the given task to continue and win the game.

How to Play Dirty Truth and Dare Question?

You can play truth or dare games with your friends, couples, and family. Playing dirty truth or dare brings loads of fun and enjoyment. Remember, if you play some dirty game and don’t want to disclose it to several people, then enjoy it with your partner. You can search for some dirty truth or dare questions for couples and play it freely. If you intend to play this dirty game with friends, ensure that only your close friends are there.

Sit in a circle, spin the bottle, and wait for the bottle to stop on two opposing players. They will allow each other to select whether the truth or dare. Once they end up, spin the bottle again for the next two partner’s turns. If the game goes to a tie or someone is playing well, he can get a free trial. This way, the game continues till all the players enjoy it.

Some Dirty Truth And Dare Questions You may Ask

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180 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions For Your Next Party.

You may play some party games such as asking the best truth or dare questions. Dirty dares are fun to play, and people enjoy and love playing them with their spouses, crush, and friends. Because through the dirty truth questions, they can express their feelings that they cannot express directly to their loved ones.

Let’s get started to play the truth and dare games!

Dares You may ask

  1. Wear a trash bag instead of clothes and walk around the highway.
  2. Flirt with some other player like a flirtatious casanova.
  3. Do a pole dance considering your crush pole.
  4. Give your spouse or crush a passionate hickey.
  5. Give your phone to some participant and let him/her text in your contacts.
  6. Sing some lullaby beatboxing beat in a romantic mood.
  7. Reveal your darkest secret in front of your crush.
  8. At the party, land your imaginary spacecraft and behave like an alien.
  9. Get up like some pop star and propose to me with a joke.
  10. Plank for thirty seconds and say something lovely about some participant in the party.
  11. Narrate a fake intimate date story with your celebrity crush.
  12. Unwrap a candy with your teeth without dropping it.
  13. Give some embarrassing dares to your friend.
  14. Open a cupcake in the most seductive way possible.
  15. Say your cheesiest pickup line without laughing.
  16. Explain how you want your crush to kiss you.
  17. Describe the characteristics of your ideal crush.
  18. Play a song and hit your buttcheeks on the drum.
  19. Try flirting with the wall and pretend it is responding and respond to it back.
  20. Flirt with an apple or some other fruit and then eat it.

Dirty Truth Questions You may Ask

  1. Have you ever asked your favorite person to kiss you?
  2. Tell the story of when you got dumped the first time.
  3. Have you ever licked or bit your lips seductively?
  4. Tell us your sexiest dream.
  5. Have you ever done pole dance, imagining there was a pole?
  6. What is the most romantic name you ever got?
  7. When did you last time talk seductively with your partner?
  8. Have you ever shown someone your underwear to seduce him?
  9. What rubbish thing do you talk about with your close friends?
  10. Have you ever kissed your pillow, considering it your love?
  11. Can you dare text a flirtatious message to your crush?
  12. What is the most embarrassing thing about you?
  13. Have you ever proposed to anyone in your fantasy? Tell his name.
  14. Have you ever asked your favorite person for night stand?
  15. What were the most embarrassing dares you did?
  16. What was the most romantic scene you recreated with your partner?
  17. Have you ever given a foot massage to your partner to seduce him?
  18. Tell about your messiest breakup and let others pass the comments.
  19. Have you ever put on makeup on your face with a blindfold if you did show the photo.

Dirty Truth And Dare Questions To Ask Your Friends

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180 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions For Your Next Party.

Let’s play some truth and dare question game with the following dares and truths. There are some dirty questions as well, so never mind.

Dare Questions To Ask Your Friends

  1. Take out any of your favorite food items, kiss them passionately for 60 seconds, and post this video on social media.
  2. Keep quiet for the rest of the game. If you speak, then make your accent fake.
  3. Draw the mustache and beard with an eye pencil.
  4. Tell every small detail of material inside your bag.
  5. Wear the dress or whatever I pick from your cupboard.
  6. Hold someone back for the remaining game.
  7. Talk for 3 minutes non-stop.
  8. Save yourself and touch your nose with your tongue. If you can’t do this, touch some other’s nose with your tongue.
  9. Imitate someone for five minutes.
  10. Close your eyes touch the face, and guess the person.
  11. Whisper something pleasant in my ears.
  12. Create the best couple yoga pose.
  13. Spin a hula hoop around your waist for 2 minutes.
  14. Smell everyone’s head and guess the shampoo they used.
  15. Describe your crush getup using food items.
  16. Lay your head on the lap of the person on your right.
  17. Ask the person in your right to draw on your hand with a pen.
  18. In front of us, recreate the latest TikTok reel and post it on your social media account.
  19. You have one minute to stuff your mouth with marshmallows and say why you like your crush.

Truth Questions to Ask Your Friends

  1. Have you ever danced in the bathroom?
  2. Have you ever winked your crush?
  3. Have you ever done backrub to your random crush?
  4. Would you like to beg your partner not to leave you?
  5. What is your breakup lines?
  6. Do you miss your ex while having sex with your present partner?
  7. Does your boyfriend style your hair?
  8. Have you ever been the pet dog of your boyfriend?
  9. Have you ever made a sandwich while blindfolded? How was that?
  10. Do you love making o-faces while having sex?
  11. Do you give love bites to your partner?
  12. Have you ever tried to express your feelings to your crush in sign language?
  13. Have you ever been a joker for someone?
  14. Have you ever typed some dirty text to your friends?
  15. Do you exchange your clothes with your partner?
  16. Have you ever proclaimed your love to some random person?
  17. Have you ever acted like sleeping on your subway crush’s lap?
  18. Do you ever act like some toddler?
  19. What was your first thought when we met the first time?

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions For Sleepovers

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180 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions For Your Next Party.

Following are some sexiest questions you can ask your partner or close friends.

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions For Sleepovers

  1. Be someone’s monogamous.
  2. Behave like monkeys and try to be seductive as monkeys could do.
  3. Flink with some stranger on the road?
  4. Kiss the participant to your right.
  5. Do some poses and be submissive with the given partner.
  6. Just act like you are pleasuring yourself.
  7. Show us your sexiest gift ever.
  8. Tell me the sexiest gift you ever got.
  9. Be some participant’s sex pet for the rest of the game.
  10. Tell the most appropriate person who you always consider in your fantasies.
  11. Touch the most adorable body part of your partner.
  12. Sleep with some participants which I choose for you.
  13. Share your hottest move story on the bed.
  14. What’s the recent after-meeting thing you did you slept with?
  15. Get intimate in a public place with your partner.
  16. Makeout with ice.
  17. Twerk on some participant’s lap.
  18. Get a hickey with some participants.

Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions For Your Boyfriend

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180 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions For Your Next Party.
  1. How often do you get intimate in a week with your love?
  2. What is your partner’s favorite thing in bed knows and loves to do?
  3. What is your favorite costume to sex within?
  4. Have you ever used the weirdest condom?
  5. Have you ever experienced a sex club?
  6. Have you ever fantasized about sex?
  7. If you get a chance to have sex in nature, would you do it?
  8. Have you ever one night a stand with someone.?
  9. Name the strangest adult film recently you searched for.
  10. Do you like in a threesome with your partner?
  11. How was your wedding night?
  12. What’s your favorite sex style.
  13. Do you use any adult toys?
  14. Have you ever sexed in costume?
  15. Have you ever got injured while trying something new in bed?
  16. When did the last time you incorporated food into your lovemaking?
  17. Have you ever been a sugar baby of someone?
  18. Do you ever touch yourself when you don’t have a partner?
  19. Tell me, when did you lose your virginity?

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions Over Text

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180 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions For Your Next Party.

Play some text daring and truth-revealing game with your friends and family.

Dares to ask over text

  1. Show the screenshot of your browsing history.
  2. Reveal the last chatting you did with your crush.
  3. Write some romantic story and share it on your social media account.
  4. Write a poem about your love story and sing like a kid.
  5. Share your most wild sexual experience.
  6. Share the worst memory of your workplace.
  7. Call your crush and propose to them.
  8. Send a random love text to some random number.
  9. Open your social media account and like and comment on the last 10 posts of your ex.
  10. Call someone out in the most romantic style.
  11. Post an unknown photo and confess that he/she is your girlfriend/boyfriend.
  12. Write a passionate love letter and upload it to your Facebook story.
  13. Call your crush and ask him/her to buy a flower.
  14. Shoot a video without a shirt and pounding like a gorilla on your chest.
  15. Show the picture of some who turns you on.
  16. Write any alphabet in the air with your lips.
  17. Pose any nine emojis in 9 seconds.
  18. Replace your FB username with some “XXX” start.

Dirty Truth Questions to Ask Over Text

  1. Is there any secret that no one knows about you?
  2. Have you ever searched for any dirty thing online?
  3. The worst thought you have ever had while searching for dirty pictures.
  4. What will be the wildest thing I will find in your search history?
  5. Have you ever called your partner with some random number to crosscheck?
  6. Have you ever dedicated some random song to your friend?
  7. Have you ever sent porn to someone?
  8. Have you ever done internet sex?
  9. Do you share your nudes with your partner?
  10. Have you ever tried to seduce your crush via text?
  11. Have you ever sent your ugly selfie to your ex after a breakup?
  12. Have you ever revealed some intimate pictures of your ex?

Dirty Truth Or Dare Game Questions You May Ask Your Partner

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180 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions For Your Next Party.

There are some best truth or dare questions you would enjoy playing with your partner or close friends.

Dares Game Questions for Your Partner

  1. Could you do me a french kiss? Let’s have a shower and slowly sexually wash my hair.
  2. Which adult film did you watch last time. Show me?
  3. Call a sex line and let everyone listen.
  4. Open and shut the door of the fridge in 16 styles.
  5. Kiss me wherever I ask you to.
  6. Let me seductively move an ice cube on your belly button.
  7. Feed me seductively a piece of apple, grapes, and cupcakes.
  8. Place cookies on your head and eat them without using your hands.
  9. Find the sexy dress in your closet and wear it.
  10. Lick my body’s non-obvious parts even if you can lick fingers, toes, or anything else.
  11. Make a dating profile and find the perfect match for your partner.
  12. Pose any nine emojis in 9 seconds.
  13. Do a passionate kiss to your partner in a public place.
  14. Show some adult toys you want to use but are scared of using.
  15. Let me see how you touch yourself for pleasure, imagining no one is looking at you.
  16. Whisper in my ear some cheesiest pickup line but seductively.
  17. Being naked, do as many push-ups and sit-ups as you can do.
  18. Call your ex and tell him/her and say why your present partner is better.
  19. Let your partner spank in front of everyone.
  20. Let me wax some of your hair in front of everyone.
  21. Open your mouth and let me count your teeth with my tongue.
  22. Let me carry you to bed and throw seductively.
  23. Undress and let me undress you, then stay one minute without touching me.
  24. Balance a balloon in between you and your friend.
  25. Fill your mouth with wet cotton.
  26. Mimic some popular Youtube videos and let the people guess it.
  27. Fast dance with any girl in the room.
  28. Do a couple of TikTok dances with your friend.

Dirty Truth Game Questions For Your Partner

  1. Have you ever walked in slow motion on some fast song?
  2. Has your partner tied you on the bed to tickle you?
  3. Do you like eating spaghetti like “Lady and Tramp” with your partner?
  4. Have you ever begged someone to plank you?
  5. Who gave you the most romantic name ever?
  6. Have you ever been on a date while partially dressed?
  7. Does your partner tickle your back with his tongue?
  8. Have you ever undressed your partner without touching your hands?
  9. Do you like when someone teases you sexually?
  10. What is your partner’s turning-on sign?


So, we went through 180 dirty truths or dared questions to ask your friends, sleepovers, and parties. I hope you enjoyed it and would love to play it again to make new friends and have chemistry with your partner. It’s time worthy and full of enjoyment with friends and specially designed for dirty minds. Moreover, there are some rules for playing this game. While the two partners are playing, you can enjoy watching them until your turn.

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