Unleashing Your Inner Buddha — 8 Real Ways To Find Peace Of Mind

Unleashing Your Inner Buddha

Source: Brad West

Peace of mind — the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For some, it comes naturally, but inner peace is no easy feat for most of us.

A lack of mental well-being can cause rifts in your social life, work-home balance, and physical health. 

Today, we will dissect “inner peace” and highlight eight ways to cultivate a nurturing environment for your mental health.

Let’s go!

#1. Exercise strengthens your temple

You might’ve heard this phrase: “Treat your body like a temple.

But how about: “Treat your body as if your life depends on it?” 

Oh, wait, it does! 

That amazing feeling you get after a workout is a sign that your body and brain feel great. 

If you desire inner balance, maybe treating your body like a temple isn’t a bad idea.

#2. Shake up your eating habits

The modern Western diet looks awful — research shows that ultra-processed foods make up close to 60% of the calorie intake in the US.

Fill yourself with nutritious vegetables and vitamin-packed fruits. Eat better, and pretty soon, you’ll feel better. 

Would you fill a race car with cheap fuel? Exactly!

#3. Get back to your roots

We don’t just come from nature; we are nature. 

Unsurprisingly, countless studies have proven that nature can decrease stress and improve cognition.

Green spaces in neighborhoods and near schools decrease stress and improve cognitive development in children. Now get lost in the woods. It’s for your own good!

#4. Safeguard against financial losses

So many of us suffer hardship over low wages, theft, and money loss. This is why it’s so essential to safeguard our hard-earned savings from criminals.

In our modern world, the biggest threat to your money is cybercrime. Install premium antivirus, use a 2FA (2-factor authentication), and get a VPN here to secure your piggy bank from cyber thieves.

#5. Embrace meditation and “me time”

Look, you know I have to mention meditation, right? 

It’s become a bit cliche, but even a few minutes each day does a world of good. 

I know that meditation isn’t for everyone. But to understand if this practice brings you any value, you have to try it at least.

But if you can’t sit still for more than a couple minutes, try out:

  • Crafts like pottery or painting;
  • Reading, audiobooks, or podcasts;
  • Yoga and mindfulness practices;
  • Self-reflection through journaling.

#6. Accept that you can’t control everything

Religion and philosophy throughout time have wrestled with the ideas of inner peace, happiness, and enlightenment. The one thing many can agree on: is “You have to let go of what you can’t control.”

Nothing you do will alter certain events from occurring. That’s just a fact. 

Focusing on what you can control and accepting the things you can’t help to find balance in life.

#7. Limit your screen time

These blue screens have become critical to our way of life, yet they often cause many people’s anguish.

“Doomscrolling” damages mental health, as users spend lengthy sessions scrolling through social media and news sites. 

Start with a screen timer to see how much you use your devices. Soon, you might want to introduce some screen-free days. 

#8. No matter what, be you

Life can throw many curveballs at us — depression, crushing debt, sickness, etc. Often it feels like we need to add more to our personalities to overcome some hurdles.

However, being disingenuous to yourself only causes future mental hardship. 

Those who forget to be themselves deal with identity crises and even nervous breakdowns. 

The best person you can be for your inner peace and well-being is YOU.

What detracts from your inner peace?

Mental dissatisfaction and restlessness are the basic root causes of a lack of inner peace. It can be due to any number of life’s fears or difficulties, including:

1. Financial woes;
2. Past or present trauma;
3. Poor self-esteem;
4. Stress at work or home.

How does one find peace of mind in hard times?

Difficult times are the true test of your inner balance and mental well-being. 
Like those listed above, various coping mechanisms and healthy habits can become your steady rock in a raging sea.

Acknowledge when you need a helping hand… 

Mental health is at times complex, painful, and awkward, becoming a lingering handicap in many individuals’ work and family lives. 

Accepting when you need help is challenging but so important. If you or anyone you know is showing signs of poor mental health, call the National Mental Health Hotline.

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