Top 7 Longest Beaches In The World

Longest Beaches In The World

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This post will discuss the world’s top seven longest beaches, which are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Although we cannot visit all the beaches, we can explore one or two longest beaches because they are filled with thousands of natural attractions.

However, reading this post will give you enough information and joy about the top seven longest beaches in the world. Although you might read about the most beautiful beaches in the world, here we will talk about the longest beaches.

These beaches are so long that you might get lost on the shore if you go a long way. These beaches have many addictions and amenities to attract visitors and entertain them. Let’s discuss these famous longest beaches.

1. Praia do Cassino, Brazil

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Top 7 Longest Beaches In The World

According to experts, Praia do Cassino is the longest beach in Brazil. The beach is present along the coast of Brazil. The state in which it is present in Rio Grande do Sul. This name is in Portuguese and even translated into English; the meaning is casino beach.

It is so long that it ranges between the seaport of Rio Grande down to the Chui Stream. And the better surprising thing is that 8% stretches from the Brazilian border to Uruguay.

Most people visit this beach on warmer days, so the best month to visit this place is December to January. In these months, the weather is going to be hot and Sunny. However on the other side, July is considered the coldest month, but still, it is considered the warm month due to the humid subtropical climate of this Praia do Cassino, Brazil beach.

Another surprising piece of information about this beach is that it entertains about 150,000 guests in one year due to its long coastline. This longest beach stretches roughly 15 miles long.

However, on the other side, the distance is 207 miles from Porto Alegre to this beach. You will enjoy different exciting water activities on this beach. However, people who want to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the breezy beach air must visit this place.

2. Padre Island national seashore Texas

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Top 7 Longest Beaches In The World

According to the latest information, it is considered the longest beach. Padre Island in Texas is the longest beach in the US. The coastline of this beach stretches 66 miles along the world’s longest island.

Although undeveloped, people still enjoy it a lot on this beach. They do different activities such as paddling, camping, kayaking, volunteering, etc. Conversely, people just chill on the beach and enjoy the lovely breeze.

3. Ninety Mile Beach, Australia

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Top 7 Longest Beaches In The World

90 Mile beach also comes in the category of the top 7 longest beaches in the world, with a length of 145 km or 90 miles. It is well known for its beautiful golden sand and safe and sound coastal land. This beach in Australia is a great option if you are planning a road to enjoy the scenic beauty of Australia. While heading towards this beach, you will go through the great Ocean road and can do other activities such as beach fishing and water activities.

Another specialty of 90 Mile beach in Australia is that it is the nearest to the Melbourne international airport. It also comes in the category of the world’s most natural and unspoiled beaches. You can do swimming, walking, fishing, and dolphin sports here.

This beach is near the edge of the longest sand dune, and there are also no Rocky outer crops there. Therefore, you can easily find endless and long stretches everywhere.

4. Cox’s Bazar Beach, Bangladesh

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Top 7 Longest Beaches In The World

It is a beautiful beach in Bangladesh with a length of 120 km or 75 miles. The main specialty of Cox Bazar beach Bangladesh is that it is Asia’s longest beach and is a popular destination for tourists with resort facilities.

Just like 90 miles beach in Australia, it is also well known for its uninterrupted stretch of natural Sandy beach. You can do different healthy activities there such as fishing, swimming, water sports, etc. Also, you will enjoy the seafood there. It is noted that Cox’s Bazar comprises different small beaches lying one after the other. These beaches are inani beach, kolati beach, laboni Beach, and many more.

Like the 90 Mile beach, it is located near the international airport named Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong. After heading towards the South, the ocean becomes blower, and the crowd is very less there.

However, if you want to enjoy yourself with the Bangladeshi people, you should be at the seaside near Cox Bazar town. It is a great opportunity to get closer to the Bangladeshi people on holiday.

5. Grand Strand, USA

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Top 7 Longest Beaches In The World

Grand strand is another American Beach after Padre Island, and it also comes in the category of the top 7 longest beaches in the world. It stretches over a length of 97 km or 60 miles on the coast of South Carolina from a small river to Winyah bay.

On this beach, you can see Myrtle beach, which is a popular tourist town there. Grand strands stand out among other beaches worldwide due to the beautiful golf courses, resorts, and amusement parks.

You will also enjoy an ideal climate with other activities such as water sports, swimming, and other daytime activities. It is also famous at night for theaters and clubs. In fact, Grand strand USA is a beautiful beach that you can reach through a short drive.

You will also enjoy other healthy activities such as parasailing on the waves and deep sea saltwater fishing. If you are a great fan of shopping, this is the perfect place for you because there are several flea markets, outlet malls and local boutiques near the beach.

However, on the other side, if you are a foodie person, then you will definitely enjoy memorable casual and fine dining. You will be surprised to note that Grand Strand beach is also famous on trip Advisor and still a top choice for beaches in the US.

6. 90 Mile Beach, New Zealand

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Top 7 Longest Beaches In The World

Along with 90-mile Beach Australia, there is also a famous 90-mile beach in New Zealand. Although the Australian beach is 90 miles long, unfortunately, the New Zealand beach does not deserve this name because it is only 55 miles long.

But still, it is an impressive length of beach for people in New Zealand. The beach is located in the northernmost Northern State of New Zealand. This beautiful beach in New Zealand is a beautiful sand strip stretching from Aphira to Scott point.

It is only safe at the specific time of the tides. This is the main reason due to safety reasons; rental companies also do not allow cars to stand on the sand. However, to solve this problem, you can hire a coach tour.

This is a very beautiful beach where you can enjoy a variety of healthy activities such as swimming and surf casting as well as body boarding down the sand dunes. You can also explore the Aupouri forest to escape from the hot sun. So this is the safest and the most stunning beach in the world to enjoy with your loved ones.

7. Playa Novillero, Mexico

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Top 7 Longest Beaches In The World

Playa Novillero also comes in the category of the top seven longest beaches in the world. It is also called novillero Beach and is located in Mexico. The beach is about 51 miles or 80 kilometers, and it is also the longest beach on the North American West Coast.

This beach started from Teacapan Estuary, the border between the Mexican states of Sinaloa and Nayarit. Here you will definitely enjoy the beautiful Sandy beach of Playa Novillero Mexico with its beautiful water in turquoise color.

So, on this beach, you are actually walking into the open Pacific Ocean waters for almost 100 m. Due to its scenic beauty, it is considered the best beaches in the state to be visited.

Here, you can see groups of young adults enjoying swimming and surfing. You can also see different families gathered together, enjoying the sea and preparing a feast on the ocean shore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is considered the largest beach in the world?

The largest beach in the world is Praia do Casino in Brazil; remember, it is the longest uninterrupted beach in the world. If you want to enjoy the hot sunny weather on the beach, then this beach in Brazil is the best.

Which is the smallest beach?

The smallest beach in the world is Gulpiyuri beach in Llanes, Austrias. It is the smallest beach surrounded by mountains, and therefore the sea stops at the mountain on the horizon.

Where can we find the softest beach in the world?

Whitehaven beach at Whitsundays Island is considered the softest beat in the world. This Whitehaven beach is present in Australia and is famous for its extremely fine and soft sand rich in silica. The sand there is the smoothest and the whitest in the world.

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Final Thoughts

We all know very well that beaches are the most beautiful places, and if you are interested in visiting the beach, you must read this post. Whether you want to relax on a sunny day or enjoy a long romantic walk in the evening, beaches are the best destination.

You can also enjoy different water sports activities like swimming and surfing on the beaches. In this post, we have discussed the top 7 longest beaches in the world. Now it’s your choice where you want to go to enjoy your vacation. So if you want to enjoy the sand, water, pebbles, gravel and much more, you should visit different beaches worldwide; these are Sandy beaches and the most popular on the horizon.

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