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Are you looking for a place in the sun where you can spend a pleasant time with your loved ones? Without a doubt, then southern Italy may be the right destination for you. Here, in this terrific location, you can find arts, beautiful scenery, beaches and crystal-clear sea, not to mention all those delectable local foods and wines. In the south of Italy there are plenty of beautiful small villages, perfect places where breathing in history and the local traditions, nestled in nature or with an incredible location by the sea, and well-connected to the main international.

Southern Italy has a unique charm that endures: the sun-kissed heel of Italy, beloved by gourmets and TV chefs, has been in vogue for decades and is still pleasantly unspoiled and raw. So, continue reading this article to discover the most stunning destinations in the south.

Apulia: beautiful coastal houses, untamed nature and a rich history 

In Apulia there is much to discover, from the trulli homes and the untamed olive orchards, to the Salento’s Greek-like bays and fascinating masserie located in the countryside. Additionally, there are historical cities in the area, such as Bari or Lecce, where you may find one of the major Mediterranean ports and admire the mesmerizing Baroque architecture. Despite this incredible natural, cultural and historical richness, this region has escaped the ravages of mass tourism and the villages and towns of Apulia still inspire and remain genuine and untarnished.

In short, Apulia is a continuous discovery, and it is not surprising that the eternal Mediterranean allure draws here many people, including Hollywood famous actors such as Meryl Streep and Ronn Moss, interested in buying a property. As matter of fact, there are countless requests from those interested in beach houses for sale in Puglia, both from celebrities and ordinary people who want to relocate or to find a home for their holidays.

According to an OMI (Observatory of the real estate market) research, the average price per square meter in this region ranges from €1,548 in the province of Bari to €1,017 in the Taranto area. Thus, if you are interested in purchasing a holiday home in Apulia, you should be aware that house prices vary depending on location. In any case, if you’re seeking for a seaside resort at a fair price, consider Lecce and its beautiful surroundings.

Basilicata: a small region with a great potential and lower price

Rural areas of Italy, such as the unspoiled Basilicata, are often quite affordable and also quiet and peaceful. This tiny, frequently overlooked location away from the main tourist routes, offers a low cost of living, too. These are some of the reasons why many buyers prefer to choose these areas for their second home in Italy.

However, Basilicata is also a place where breathtaking views may be found, along with raw, untamed nature. In addition, the area hosts other small towns and villages with a long history, including Matera, known for its carved stone houses called “Sassi”.

There are several options available if you have a tiny budget. For instance, rural homes in inland areas are a great investment since you can enjoy the magnificent vistas, and have in addition to cultivable land and open spaces.

Sicily, a sunny island for enjoying the holiday season

Although you will be aware of its warmth, sunshine, and historic heritage, you might not be ready for Sicily’s beauty. The island is home to baroque castles and marble palazzos, ancient Greek ruins, cozy bars on every corner where to amaze the palate with typical delicacies, the Volcano Etna peacefully puffing away, and the Mediterranean glistening in a stone’s throw.

Since Sicily has long been a famous tourist destination, many visitors have fallen in love with the island and made it their permanent home or a location where to spend a peaceful holiday. Moreover, there are plenty of stunning villas by the beach, ancient house and small colored flats literally overlooking the sea.

To breathe in the typical atmosphere, the fisherman’s houses, especially located on the Aeolian Islands, a true natural paradise, are very fascinating and a good choice where to spend your holidays. Also, the slopes of Etna, with their unique, almost desert-like panorama, could be a perfect place for a second home. Here the typical estate are historic buildings made of stone, usually devoted to making wine, with dry stone walls and vine twigs all around.

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