Top 12 Best Poe Unique Boots That Will Elevate Your Game.

Poe Unique Boots

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 12:12 am

If you are a Poe enthusiast, you must have wondered about getting some really unique Poe boots from their collection, but there are so many amazing ones that I cannot decide which one to pick.

If you are in the same dilemma as me, you are at the right place because I have jotted down some of the unique boots poe that will elevate your game like never before so, fasten your seat belt and stay tuned.

Types Of POE Unique Boots.

It will be easy to pick your favorite Poe unique boots if we distribute them in categories, and luckily these boots are already divided into three categories.

  1. Armor (gives strength)
  2. Evasion (gives skills)
  3. Energy shield (gives intelligence)

Now, each of these categories has multiple boots that will up your game in Poe, so let’s jump in:

Armor Poe Unique Boots.

When you want to win a war, you increase your strength, and the same is the case with Poe Wiki unique boots, and that is where armor boots come to play.

1.  The Red Trail

This amazing and unique armor boot increases your armor by 60-80% and elevates your life. When wearing these boots, your speed is also boosted by 25%, and it also gives you other benefits like less physical damage from the enemy’s attack when standing still, and you can also get increased movement speed by 10% when you are bleeding.

2. Storm Charger

These boots not only look really good but also provide you resistance from lightning. The storm charger helps you move faster than the storm by increasing your movement speed up to 20%. This boot also tends to shift your physical damage from around 30% to lightning damage so pair it with some unique helmets and rock the show.

3. The Infinite Pursuit

These incredible poe unique boots increase your maximum life and add 30-60 points to it. It also increases your movement speed by 15% whenever you are bleeding, and in normal conditions, the movement speed is increased by 20% when you are wearing these boots. You can move even while bleeding because of these boots without having to worry about more damage.

4. The Windshriek

The strength of these Poe unique boots is increased by 200-250%, which makes them extremely deadly for your opponents. The boots also provide an increased speed of 25%, which is quite a lot if you imagine, and you will succeed in escaping in a jiffy. The grace of these amazing boots will also increase the elemental damage that you will cause.

Moreover, you also get an extra curse to keep your enemies tame. These Poe Wiki unique boots provide increased resistance from all elemental damages, so you can quarrel now without having to worry about defeat as Windshriek boots got you covered.

Evasion Poe Unique Boots.

Evasion and skills are really important when performing missions and when you actually need some crafty skills. So, evasion poe unique boots can really help you out.

5. Abberath’s Hooves

You need to be on level 7 if you want to get your hands on this boot. It adds points to your strength and also increases your speed by 15%. If you kill any enemy that is ignited while wearing these boots, all the other enemies will also be inflicted by the same ignite. Isn’t it pretty cool? You can also pair it with some really unique gloves.

6. Victario’s Flight

This pair of boots not only gives you skills but also adds 15 points to your intelligence. It increases your evasion by 100-150% and also increases your speed. Moreover, while you are wearing this boot, the speed of your nearby companions is also increased, so it is a win-win situation.

7. The Blood Dance

These intimidating poe unique boots make your game flawless by adding 30-40 points to your dexterity and increasing your speed by 20%. The speed can really help you escape your enemies. It can also help you get the 0.8% of your life back with every frenzy charge so you can live long enough and take your city back.

8. Temptation Step

These cliched boots provide you with chaos resistance like never before. It increases the damage and speed rate for every poison that is inflicted on you. It helps you in running or avenging your enemies. But in order to get these amazing boots and all the goodness enclosed in them, you need to be on level 55.

Energy Shield Poe Unique Boots.

Energy shield is crucial to solving some problematic twists and plots in the game, and it also increases your chance of making better strategies and plots.

9. Bones Of Ullr

This long pair of boots increase your energy shield by 40-60%. It adds points to your life and mana. The intimidating pair also increases your speed and increases your level to get zombie gems.

10. Shavronne’s Pace

You have to be on level 32 to get the increased intelligence and skill provided by these boots. It also increases your energy shield amazingly by 100-140% and your movement speed by 15%. When your life is full, the movement speed becomes 20%. It goes best with a unique shield and gives you a warrior vibe.

11. Steppan Eard

These poe wiki unique boots will be your best friend after level 67 because they increase your energy shield and your movement speed by 30%. This pair can give you 2% of your life back every second whenever you are on cold grounds.

12. Inya’s Epiphany

The Inya’s boots increase your maximum life to give you a few more days to win your land back. It also increases your movement speed by 25%, so now you can hit and run even on your feet. Intelligence is a crucial part of any mission, and this pair has got it covered by increasing it 5-8%, and if you are an intelligent person, this rate is quite a lot.

It also increases the percentage of power charges you gain and increases the damage with each power charge as well.

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This whole unique boots poe contains best-selling boots that are worth your every penny, so get them before it is too late. You can choose any one or two from the above or even more than that to elevate your poe gaming experience. Have a happy gaming day.

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