Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet


In this modern era of advancement and technology, we are observing many new and advance things around us. We are facing many new technologies, that were not available in old times for our insisters. Same like technology advancement, there is many other industries that are moving towards advancement.

Gaming and film industries are on the top of the list of industries, that are moving towards advancement very rapidly. In gaming industries, now a days they are basically targeting the gamer’s interest in specific genre. So, many game developing companies are working on role playing, RPG video games for computer, mobile, XBOX and Play Stations. “Path of Exile” is one of these adventurous role-playing RPG games.

In this game you have to choose playing character and specific syndicate cheat sheet of your choice, for fighting with enemies and winning the game. You can choose from list of 17 player cheat sheet.

About Path of Exile (POE):

As we know that Path of exile is one of the best role-paying RPG action game for computer, Play Station and XBOX, video games. The game was developed and published by “Grinding Gear Games” on 23-Oct-2013.In this game you can choose any one of from 7 available classes to play. All the classes have different playing attributes. These 7 classes are:

  • Marauder.
  • Ranger.
  • Duelist.
  • Shadow.
  • Scion.
  • Witch.
  • Templar.

In this game you can chose different cheat sheets like syndicate, delve, incursion, essences, harvest and heist. These will help you in winning this game, with their specific characters. You can easily win this game with the help of your playing character and proper strategy. In the following section, we are going to discuss about most popular Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet.

Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet:

As we know that there are many cheat sheets available for using in Path of Exile Video game. In all of these Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet is best one. Because it has 17 playing characters, with their specific features and attributes. All the 17 characters are distributed in different 7 classes.

You can choose any one of these characters available in this Betrayal or Syndicate Cheat Sheet. In the following section we are going to discuss about features and rewards, that you can get in this syndicate cheat sheet of poe.

Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet Character Codes and Their Attributes:

As we know that poe syndicate cheat sheet has total 17 characters, with different amazing attributes. There are following name codes and attributes of these 17 Betrayal or Syndicate cheat sheet characters:


“Aisling” is on the top of the list in this cheat sheet. There are following attributes and gems, that make Aisling top listed code of this list:

  • It comes with double veiled weapons and jewelry.
  • Aisling has Double Veiled Armor and Jewelry.
  • It has Veiled Chaos T4, that allows you to add 1 or 2 veiled mods.
  • You can add MetamorphScarab, to your character. Or can win it after stage completion.


“Cameria” is on the second number of this cheat sheet. Following interesting attributes, give second place to it in this code list:

  • It has 1 Timeworn Unique weapon.
  • Cameria has Harbinger Orbs as Armor Shield.
  • It also has Sextants.
  • For your use, it also has “Sulphite Scarab”.


“Elreon” is a third character in Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet. It has following attributes and features regarding its use:

  • It has 1/2/3 Unique Weapons.
  • Elreon has 1/2/3 Unique Armor Set.
  • It has 1/2/3 Unique Jewelry Set.
  • For your use, it comes with “Reliquary Scarab”.


“Gravicius” is on 4th number in this Betrayal cheat sheet. There are following attributes of this character, regarding weapons and other things.

  • You can avail Stack of Div Cards as weapon.
  • Random Div Cards for armory use.
  • Swap div cards for random ones as a jewelry.
  • You can avail “Divination Scarab” in this cheat code character.


There is “Guff” on the 5th place of this cheat sheet. It has following weapon and other attributes for use and benefit:

  • It has Timed Craft weapons to use.
  • You can use Timed Craft armors in it.
  • It has 30/40s timed craft jewelry.
  • You can also avail “Timed Craft” gems in it.


On the number 6, there is Haku in this cheat sheet. It’s following attributes and features make its character more attractive in game:

  • It has Special Rare Items.
  • You can avail Magical and rare Strongbox in it.
  • It has rare jewelry items with best quality.
  • You can get Ambush Scarab gem in it.


Hillock the wrestling beast is on 7th number of Path of Exile Syndicate Cheat Sheet. This character code has following attributes:

  • It has 24/26/28/30 Quality standard weapons.
  • You can avail 24/26/28/30 Quality standard armor set in it.
  • It has same quality Flask Jewelry set.
  • You can also get Abyss Scarab gem in it.

It That Fled:

It That Fled is 8th playing code of this cheat sheet. In this character code, you can avail following features:

  • You can use Breach Splinters as weapon in it.
  • It comes with Enchanted Maps.
  • You can get T1/T2/T3/2xT3 Upgraded Breach stone in it.
  • It has Breach Scarab gems.


Janus is 9th member of this syndicate cheat sheet. It has following playing attributes:

  • You can get Quality Currency in it.
  • It has Currency Shards armor set.
  • You can avail Perandus Coins and Cadiro in it.
  • It has Perandus Scarab gems.


Jorgin is on the 10th place of this cheat sheet. It comes with following characteristics:

  • It has 1/2/3 Talismans Weapon.
  • You can get 1/2/3 Aspect Mod Rares in it.
  • It also has Tier 1/2/3 Corrupt Amulet to Talismans Jewelry.
  • You can get Bestiary Scarab Gems in it.


On the 11th number, there is Korell in this cheat sheet. You can enjoy following attributes with in a game, by using this.

  • It has Essences Weapon to use.
  • You can avail different Map Fragments in it.
  • It has Fossil’s type of Jewelry.
  • You can get Elder Scarab gem in it.


Leo is most fighting character in this game and placed on number 12 in itspoe syndicate cheat sheet. It has following attributes:

  • You can get silver coins and T4:Prophecies in it.
  • Can get random currency and coins.
  • It has Blessed and Devine Ex and 2 Ex jewelry items.
  • It comes with Torment Scarab gems.


Riker is another popular cheat sheet code and character in this list. It placed on number 13 with following attributes:

  • It allows you to take 1 currency at a time in specific time frame.
  • You can take one unique armor set in it.
  • It also allows you to take 1 Veiled Rare Jewelry Item.
  • You can also get Blighted Scarab Gem in it.


Rin is 14th number code in Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet. It has following attractive attributes, that make your interest in using it.

  • It has some Normal Maps.
  • Comes with Rare Maps armor.
  • It has Unique Map Jewelry set for character.
  • Has Cartography Scarab gems.


Tora is on the number 15 in this cheat sheet code list. You can enjoy following features of it:

  • You can Take any One weapon item, in specific time with Tora, in this game.
  • It has Lab enchanted Boots, Gloves and Helmets in armory.
  • You can get 20/70/200M XP to gem jewelry in it.
  • It comes with Harbinger Scarab Gems.


On the 2nd last number of this cheat sheet there is Vagan. You can get following features by using vagan in Path of Exile video game:

  • It has Legion Splinter weapons to use.
  • In armor it has Legion Chests.
  • It comes with Incubator Jewelry.
  • You can get Legion Scarab gems in it.


Vorici is a last and on number 17 in Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet. It has following attributes of use in this game:

  • You can avail Random Quality Gems as weapon by using it.
  • In armory it has Socket Currency.
  • It has 1/1-2/1-3/1-6 White Sockets Jewelry Items.
  • You can get Shaper Scarab Gem in it.

It was all about 17 Betrayal/ Syndicate Cheat Sheet Codes and Characters of Poe.

Can I use This Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet for all compatible playing gadgets?

Yes, you can use this Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet to win the Path of exile video game on all compatible platforms. You can use it either you are playing poe on your Computer, Play Station or XBOX. This cheat sheet is valid for all platforms.


We have discussed this topic very briefly with all cheat sheet details, now let we conclude it here. Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet is top best cheat sheet, that you can use to win World Class Path of Exile role-playing game. This sheet has 17 different characters and name codes, with their own specific weapon, armor, jewelry and gems characteristics or attributes.

All the codes have different 7 classes. So, if you want to enjoy and win this game you can use this Poe Syndicate Cheat Sheet for your pleasure.