14 Best POE Unique Belts Of All Time In 2023.

POE Unique Belts

Last updated on March 20th, 2024 at 03:01 am

Being a path of exile fan, you must have come across the interesting belts in the game that make your character look cool and provide you benefits like never before. But are all the belts worth buying?

Well, some of the belts really deserve all your orbs, and if you cannot decide which ones, we are right here to make this choice easier for you. Keep reading the article, and you will get all the information you need regarding the best poe unique belts.

Let’s get right into our list without further ado.

List Of POE Unique Belts

Some of the top most poe unique belts are not the ones you just buy but the ones you earn. And if you have decided to put your efforts into getting the finest belt, then you might consider buying the below-given ones because they are the top ones available out there.

1. Gluttony

This belt looks really intimidating but really easy to get because you just have to be on level 8 if you want to get your hands on it. Also, it adds points to your maximum life, making it easier for you to last longer in a duel.

Whenever you hit a cursed enemy, you will gain mana and life with this belt. It also gives you culling strike and physical damage benefit over your enemies, and isn’t this all you need to make your enemies cry?

2. Faminebind

This belt looks like the bones of a bird and is one of the few unique belts poe. This belt gives you a chance to have greater global damage. It also increases your cold resistance by 20-30% to make you last longer in all conditions.

It elevates your chances of projectile damage by 20% and increases the flask effect’s duration by 60%, which really helps when you are working against a witty enemy. You can get your hands on this belt once you reach level 11.

3. Belt Of The Deceiver

This red-colored belt is all you would want with a really cool pair of poe unique boots. It adds 25-35 points to your strength and also increases your global damage by 15-25%. Also, if a critical strike hits you, you don’t face a lot of damage because of it.

It also adds 30-40 points in your maximum life and adds bonus points to all types of elemental resistance so you can win it all. Also, when wearing this belt, all the enemies near you will be intimidated by you. And what else do you even need?

4. Coward’s Chain

It is more of a royal belt in a golden color that goes with all types of armor. It adds 9-20 points to your energy shield and also increases all your attributes by 10-15 points. If you are worried about running, don’t worry because it also increases your movement speed by 5-10%.

It is one of the finest poe unique belts, and if you want to get it, you need to be at least on level 22. Also, when you are in vulnerability, your life is counted as full, and until you remain vulnerable, it stays full so forget about dying.

5. Prismweave

This aesthetically pleasing belt is all you need to nail your path of exile levels because it increases the global physical damage by 12-24%. It also adds cold damage and fire damage to each of your attacks.

It is one of the very few poe unique belts as it adds 6-8% elemental resistance to your powers. Also, when you hit your enemy with attack skills, you get 10% extra elemental damage so, added this belt to your poe collection already?

6. Ryslatha’s Coil

This intimidating yet incredible belt gives you 20-30% increased duration so that you can stun your enemies like never before. It also adds 20-40 points to your strength and makes your physical attack 30-40% more dangerous.

It also adds 80-100 points to your maximum life, which is quite a lot, and also, you can get 50 added points in your life if you stun any enemy. To get one of the best poe unique belts, all you need to do is reach level 32 and spend a couple of orbs.

7. Headhunter

Headhunter is a really scary-looking belt that is made with skulls. It adds points to your maximum life and also adds 40-55 points to your strength, making it easier for you to win all types of duels. It really deserves to be among the finest poe unique belts.

It also adds 40-55 points to your dexterity and even increases your maximum life so, you can call this belt an all-rounder for sure. If you ever kill a rare monster, you will get all its powers and modifiers for at least 20 seconds which really is cool.

8. Pyroshock Clasp

If you are fond of really cool belts with different accessories, this belt is just the right one for you. It is one of the unique belts poe and increases your maximum life by 25-40 points. Also, if you stun and shock any enemies, they will face 10-15% more physical damage.

It also adds 30-40 points to your dexterity and increases your evasion rate by 300-500 points which is much greater as compared to other belts. Whenever an enemy is going through an elemental ailment because of your attack, this belt increases the duration of that ailment by 10-15%.

9. Replica Siegebreaker

This belt is one of its kind because of its color and design. But its features make it one of the best poe unique belts. It adds 25-35 points to your resistance and also increases your energy shield by 6-10%. It also adds 15-25 points to your fire resistance.

It also increases the chance of your minions to maim the enemies by 5%, and you have to be at least on level 44 to get this amazing belt. This belt can be called an all-rounder because of its overall features.

10. The Druggery

It is yet another intimidating and attractive belt that increases and adds points to all your attributes in the game. It also increases your flask charges by 15-20% and increases the flask’s effect by 10-20%, which makes it the finest among all the poe unique belts.

It adds 15-25% to your stun and block recovery, so you are not taken off guard by your enemy. Moreover, it increases the charges of the flask that you have used by 10-20%. If you are out of life flasks, you can get 1 charge with this belt every three seconds.

11. The Nomad

This matte black belt is all you need to give a glow-up to your Poe character. The belt is the perfect one if you want to stun your enemies for longer as it increases it by 20-30%. It also adds 40-50 points to your dexterity.

With the nomad belt, you get 50% increased flash charges, and all your elemental resistances are also increased by 20-25%. It comes in the list of Poe unique belts because of their features, and you too can get it because all you have to do is reach level 48.

12. hyperboreus

This belt is pretty much all you need if you want a cool accessory that also gives you power. The hyperboreus belt adds 25-40 points to your maximum life and increases your cold resistance by 30-40%.

Whenever you are near an enemy, this belt will exert a chilly effect that will decrease your enemy’s action speed by 30%. It also increases the damage of hits by 50-70% on the enemies that you chill.

13. The Torrent’s Reclamation

This belt is a treat to the eyes because of its glittering blue color. Also, you cover really quickly from stun and block with this belt. It increases your attack speed by 10-15%, and you can also cast spells much more swiftly with it.

Need recovery for your energy shield? Don’t worry because this belt gives that, too, by increasing the recovery rate of your energy shield by 15-20%. The life recovery rate of this belt is also pretty impressive, making it one of the best Poe unique belts.

14. Anxium

The Nexium is nothing less than a luxury with its royal look and carved gems, making it among the few unique belts poe. It works pretty efficiently, too and provides you 60-80 added points in the energy shield. It also increases your maximum mana and adds 45-55 points to it too.

This amazing belt also increases your elemental damage with each attack by 20-25%, and it leeches back 0.2 percent of the damage you get from your enemies attacks. This belt is a pretty rare catch so, if you want to get your hands on it, you need to reach level 79, which is not going to be easy at all.

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Getting one of the unique belts poe is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it really is worth it because your game is elevated with these belts. All you need to do is pick the right belt for the level you are playing for.

All of the above-given belts are worth your orbs but, you need to pick a few because you obviously cannot buy all of them until you collect enough orbs so, make sure to choose your belt wisely.

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