Top 12 Poe Unique Armor That Can Help You Win.

POE Unique Armor

Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 08:02 pm

If you have been playing path of exile, you must know about the wondrous and lavish armors it offers. These armors are a jackpot for geeks, and I am certainly one of them, so I got my hands on every poe unique armor, and I have never regretted it.

I know that you are a bit confused by seeing so many armors and so little information about them, don’t worry because I am right here to solve all your problems and help you meet the armor of your dreams. So, should we get started? Say yes!

What Are The Types Of POE Unique Armor?

Just like Poe unique gloves, Poe body armor is also of three types:

  • Armor-provides strength
  • Evasion-provides skills
  • Energy Shield-provides intelligence


Well, armor does provide you with a lot of strength and that you will realize after knowing about the following body armors:

1. Greed’s Embrace

This lavish body armor will make you look like royalty. The benefits it provides are no less than incredible as it increases your ability to find items by 10-15%. You are more likely to find the rarest of items with this body armor. Also, it increases your cold resistance, so you are not going to get cold and fever; jokes apart, this armor is a product worth buying. You will have the strength like never before with this armor, and it is going to intimidate the enemies at first sight. But, in order to get this armor, you need to be on level 56, as noobs do not get a royalty.

2. Death’s Oath

It is the coolest and most poe unique armor. It will increase all types of resistances by 8-12% and will offer you a level that will make any path of exile lover drool. It does not work in any particular area; in fact, it is a jack of all trades. It adds points to every attribute and also increases your life so you can slay with style.

With this armor, your attack speed will be fast as thunder. It also increases your strength or armor by 180-220% so forget about defeat because you have an armor of steel. Every time you get damaged by your enemy’s attack, 1% of that damage will turn back to you in the form of life, isn’t it cool?

3. The Brass Dome

This aesthetically pleasing body armor is going to give you all the benefits you have ever imagined as it gives you a 30% chance to stop your enemy’s attack, and you can counterattack him with your spell. It also increases your armor by a whopping 600-650%, which is quite a lot if we compare it to other goods like Poe unique helmets.

Suppose if your enemy has come up with a great hit that can inflict a lot of damage on you, what will happen then? Well, with this armor, you can easily defend yourself because any critical strikes cannot cause additional harm as long as you are wearing this body armor.

4. The Iron Fortress

This strong-looking armor gives you a chance of stopping attack damage, so now, when your enemy attacks you, you can actually stop it with the help of this impressive armor. It adds a lot of points to strength and makes you strong enough to tackle your enemies. The iron fortress body armor also increases your armor by 80-100% for a little bit of extra protection.

It increases your ability to move as well as increases melee, so now you can play your game and slay with this Poe unique armor.


The evasion body armors give you all the necessary skills to survive in a time when your enemies are thirsty for your blood. Check out these body armors, and you will get the hang of them for sure.

5. The Snowblind Grace

This lavish armor is black in colour and gives you a signature statement, so all your enemies get scared by this warrior armor whenever you enter. It adds points to dexterity so that you can expect elevated skills. It also increases your maximum life so you can live long enough to avenge your people. This poe unique armor is also giving you a 10% chance to save yourself from any spells of enemies. It also increases your evasion through cold resistance, so this unique armor Poe is the textbook definition of beauty with brains.

6. The Rat Cage

This amazing body armor increases your evasion rate by 100-120%, which means all your skills are boosted up like never before. It also adds a point to your maximum life, so you don’t have to worry about dying in between a quarrel. It also alters your fire resistance which is also going to benefit you in the long run.

This poe unique armor also increases your speed so you can dodge the deadly attacks of your enemies in no time. It also increases your capacity to endure fire damage and turns 10% of fire damage into physical damage, so you don’t burn completely, look how considerate this armor is.

7. Yriel’s Fostering

This white-coloured, royal looking armor increases the rate of your accuracy by 300-400 points. It also increases your evasion skills by 130-150%, so you can go right into your enemy’s fort and take him. This incredible armor also adds points to your life in order to keep you safe for longer. Every projectile attack you inflict on your enemy gives you a 40-60% chance of a critical and deadly strike.

Your projectile attacks can also poison your enemy every time you have your bestial minion. Also, when you are with your bestial minion, you will cause extra chaos damage with every hit. You have to be on level 62 if you want to get your hands on this body armor.

8. The Perfect Form

This black and golden coloured helmet is on our list of unique armor Poe because it gives you everything you look for in body armor. It increases your dexterity by 5-10%, so it makes you a skilled person to complete all the missions efficiently. It also increases your evasion rating by 30-50% to give you all the necessary support you need to evade your enemies.

The perfect form of body armor increases the longevity of your life and also increases your cold resistance. It also gives you a chance at phase acrobatics so slay with this body armor and your invaded land right back.

Energy Shield

Energy shield gives you the necessary protection and intellect you need to make strategies and game plans so that you are the one standing victorious at the end of the day.

9. Thousand Ribbons

Every time you cast a spell or attack with this body armor, the fire and cold damage caused by that attack will be increased significantly. Also, each of your attacks or spell will cause lightning damage as well to your enemies. This fierce armor elevates your evasion rating and also gives you the maximum protection you need because so many enemies indeed surround you.

It increases your life and fire resistance so you can thrive without worrying about your enemy’s attacks. It also gives you resistance to cold and lightning, which makes this armor an all-rounder and most poe unique armor.

10. Zahndethus’ Cassock

Whenever you attack your enemy while wearing this armor, your enemy will get lightning damage with every hit, so it is a 2 in 1 deal. It also increases your energy shield by 125-150%, giving you all the necessary protection to help you win the quarrels. This exquisite armor also provides you chaos resistance to work without any disturbance.

Zahndethus’ Cassock also gives you a 100% chance at making consecrate ground. Also, this ground will give you 6% life every second, so this armor is your go-to weapon in every challenging situation.

11. Garb Of The Ephemeral

You need to be on level 56 if you want to get your hands on this amazing body armor. It also increases your energy shield by 180-230%, so you have enough protection to face your enemies. The Garb of the ephemeral also gives you a divine charge every time you hit your enemy and also adds 10 divine charges in your powers.

Whatever enemies you have near you become weak, and they cannot bear critical strikes so that you can kill them with only one strike. Also, it gives you a chance to reach divinity so you can become all-powerful.

12. Fenumus’ Shroud

This poe unique body armor gives you intelligence to tackle all the missions with tactics and strategy. It increases your energy shield by 120-140% and adds to your energy every second to give you all the security you need. Also, it increases the area of effect of your every spider effect and gives you a better chance to win.

Whenever you attack your enemies by web damage, they will face reduced damage by 10%. You need to be on level 67 if you want to get this armor. You can also get a poe unique shield that will go perfectly with this body armor.


Now that you know all the poe unique armor, I hope you found the ideal body armor to help you get through all the complicated missions. Get your hands on your favouritearmors, so you become a pro in Poe within no time.


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