Inflict Wounds 5e dungeons and dragons Guide [2021].

Inflict Wounds 5e

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Inflict Wounds 5e is considered to be an impressive and crazy spell. At the first level, there is damage to 3D10. You can also take advantage of that crazy damage you decided to throw in a combined way.

Inflict Wounds 5e: A powerhouse damage spell

Inflict Wounds 5e is considered to be a powerhouse damage spell. This damage spell is mainly for the cleric class. The damage increases with levels with no cap. This damage is available at the first level. When you use this spell, you are at risk in melee with the enemy. You can easily find the rules of Inflict Wounds in the “Player’s Handbook.”

Sense of being overpowered. Inflict Wounds have the capability of giving you the impression of being overpowered. It is good when you are doing it on a critical hit. A 4th-level spell that causes burgeoning and cold damage, Ice Storm 5e generates a hail of icy hail.

When you multiply 2 with 3d10, it comes out with a devastating amount of damage even at low levels. This spell attacks critically, just like the Inflict Wounds 5e. It does not have any impact on inflicting wounds inappropriately.

What is Inflict Wounds 5e?

Inflict wounds 5e is a severe spell that usually has to work with damage. It is a level 1 damage that you can easily find on page 253 in the player’s handbook.

Now the question arises: what is a necromancy spell?

It is a magical spell that usually deals with the forces of death and life. However, some necromancer spells can push you toward the end of death. The following are the details of the spell Inflict Wounds 5e.

  • Casting time is one action.
  • Its range is only touched.
  • It is first-level necromancy.
  • The components are V and S.
  • The duration is instantaneous.
  • In the next step, we will explore more about Inflict Wounds 5e and explain how the spell works.

How to use Inflict Wounds 5e?

As I also discussed earlier, it is a first-level spell. So you must have some requirements to meet to cast this spell successfully. Just have a look at these requirements. You must tend to use this spell in different ways. For example, having the spell in your spell list and you can also use this well as a racial feature, etc.

When you spell, your mouth should not be covered. You must be able to speak the words. You can only spell the words when you are at least at level one. During the spell, make sure that you can move your hands freely. Ropes or shackles should not bind your hands. You must have the capability of touching your opponent. 

Keep in mind that everyone has this spell in their spell list, but it is not sure whether they have access to the inflicted wounds spell or not. After that, you must speak because your spell comes up with the vocal component. When your spell has the somatic component, then at this point, you can move your hands quickly.

Is inflicting wounds a good spell?

Inflict wounds are considered a powerful spell that can be cast even at higher levels as it is the most relevant spell. The type of cleric you play will determine whether it is a good spell or not. The best spell option you have with you is when you play a heavily armored character. This heavily armored character will be within melee range.

There are two things that you might suffer while dealing with this spell. These things are if you might miss the attack or lose the spell slot because you are at risk of dealing with severe damage.

Inflict Wounds 5e: A good spell.

Overall, Inflict Wounds 5e is considered to be a good and helpful spell. With the help of this all-around spell, you can quickly deal with the damage to your opponent.

The thing which I like about this is that it might give bulky damage. The bulky damage will also give you the maximum range, which is suitable for close combat. Although, overall, it is considered the best spell, let’s look at its pros and cons.


  • It can deal with larger damage, even on a single target. Overall, the damage might be 16 or 17.
  • You can avoid unnecessary casualties as you have to target only one creature.
  • As it is a level 1 spell, you can quickly get access to it in every game.
  • If you are dealing with the damage in an area, you can damage the release but Inflict Wounds 5e would not affect it.
  • Inflict Wounds 5e is a melee spell attack where you can attack your enemy within a range of 5 feet.
  • When there is a high-level spell slot, you can easily inflict wounds in a more powerful way to deal more damage. 
  • Overall its pros are more than its cons, but it also comes up with some downsides which you need to consider.


  • First of all, it is not a good spell when you are dealing damage to many creatures in an area. The reason is that inflict only deals with damage on a particular target at a particular time.
  • Your hand and mouth should be free while casting the spell. 
  • As it is a melee spell attack, you have to be within the range of 5 feet of your enemy.

How do inflict wounds work?

There are some requirements that you have to fulfill for this particular spell. When all the requirements are met, you can easily hit your opponent using the inflict wounds spell.

It usually has to deal with 3D10 necrotic damage. Keep in mind that this necrotic damage is stronger and a bit bigger. Normally, the particular spell deals with 16 to 17 necrotic damage. When you cast Inflict Wounds 5e, you can take your opponent to instant death.

Necrotic damage is similar to radiant damage, but the difference is that necrotic damage deals with negative energy, whereas radiant damage deals with positive energy. Necrotic damage is therefore related to the life essence of a creature.


Can you cast inflict wounds while grappling?

Yes, you can easily cast the spell while grappling. The reason is that touch attacks during this cast will help you succeed. For example, if you pass a certain point and want to cast a spell while grappling.

You can do it very easily. Keep in mind that when you have this spell, your hand is charged with a spell. So you can easily cast the spell while grappling.

Does necrotic damage hurt undead 5e?

Keep in mind that in the 5th edition, necrotic damage is not able to heal the undead. However, you can easily heal any animal in routine healing. However, to cure, it does not affect the undead or constructs. Necrotic damage is itself great damage when you are playing Inflict Wounds 5e

What is the range of Inflict Wounds 5e?

I also discussed earlier, Inflict Wounds 5e is considered a Melee spell attack. So you can damage your target by touching them. However, if we talk about its range: you have to cast the spell within five feet of your target.

Final Thoughts

Inflict Wounds 5e is an incredible spell that is usually used for blast damage. However, it is considered the best spell as compared to the other spells in the list. The reason is that you can easily cast and critically hit your opponent. You can cast your spell within 5-foot range of the opponent and can easily touch it to cast the damage.

However, keep in mind that the spell’s effectiveness also depends on the character being played. So whenever you have a chance to encounter your opponent, you have inflicted mounts you must use with great power.

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