Why Celina Smith Is Called A Rising Star? Complete Info.

Celina Smith

Last updated on March 16th, 2024 at 09:01 pm

Celina Smith is an African American Actress who has recently come to notice upon landing the star role in Annie Live! Celina Smith was relatively unknown due to the fact that she is too young to have made a name for herself, as most famous actors are well into their late 20s and have had multiple roles under their belt.

It is believed by most fans of the performance arts that Celina Smith is going to be the next breakout star despite her limited resume. In fact, even in her limited work in the past, you can see the makings of the next big Hollywood celebrity.

Who is Celina Smith?

Celina Smith is an incredibly talented human being when it comes to the performance arts. She can act for sure, but it is lesser known that she is able to dance and sing as well. This is obviously the reason why she got the lead role in Annie Live, which is a live musical event.

At an early age, Celina was drawn to performance arts and was a natural at it. She got into this line of work through singing, while she was attending classes on performance arts in Georgia.

Her Past Roles: Young Dylan

Young Dylan is a comedic television series aimed at children. It was created by a big name in Hollywood, Tyler Perry. It premiered on Nickelodeon in early 2020, to well critical failure. However, it is doing decent commercially. The show was about a young hip-hop artist who is trying to make it big, and how his attitude and perspective on life clash with his Aunt and Uncle. Such a premise has worked out in the past and has created beloved shows still remembered today, (Fresh Prince).

The premise is not the problem then, the problem is the writing. Most of the jokes didn’t land and it is not a very funny show, despite it being marketed as a comedy.  This led to issues as most people are simply not tuning in slowly but surely.

The show went on for two whole seasons and is still going on today. News of its cancellation has not been announced yet.  Nickelodeon will likely renew the show for a third season since there has been no news on the cancellation of it yet.

Amongst the cast of the show, the breakout star was obviously Celina Smith who played the titular character, Dylan’s older cousin, Rebecca in the show. In my opinion, she stood out amongst all the things that didn’t work in the show. Rebecca played a more grounded and responsible role as she was a kid who was in a hurry to grow and acted like an adult.

Her lines were funny because the actress’s delivery was on point.  Every line she spoke was just filled with sass. She was uptight, sassy, and competitive.

Rebecca played the role of a strict older sister to Dylan.  She was hard on him, but did care about him, and showed that side of her character frequently, giving her a heart, despite her sass and attitude. Rebecca’s success as a character is mostly in the hands of Celina Smith who portrayed her in such an endearing fashion. 

She quickly rose to become a fan favorite with the show’s audience and got her nominated for a Young Artist Academy Award for the best recurring actor!

About Annie

After months of hard work and multiple auditions, Celina earned the lead role in Annie Live.  Annie Live is an adaptation of a musical that aired on Broadway in 1977. The musical went on to win seven Tony Awards and was a critical and commercial success.  Annie was based on a comic strip by Harold Gray, little orphan Annie.

Annie is seen as one of the cornerstones of Broadway musicals and Celina Smith has some big shoes to fill. Annie even went to get a film adaptation in 1982. Annie has established itself as one of the most beloved pieces of media of all time. The reason why Annie is so beloved is due to its catchy tunes and its overall uplifting message.

The story centers on this young optimistic woman who faces hurdles and overcomes all her obstacles with sheer optimism and positivity. She is an orphan girl who’s had a very tough life, but she keeps moving forward and does not give up her optimistic outlook on the world. She is hopeful and therefore doesn’t give up.

She is also supposed to be extraordinary as she uses this power to win the hearts of those around her; especially a billionaire of the name Oliver Warbucks who adopts Annie as one of his own. Annie becomes Oliver’s adopted daughter.

Annie spreads a message of love and positivity, making it a cult classic for people who enjoy Broadway and cinema. Celina Smith definitely has her work cut out for her, but no doubt she will prove herself and capture the hearts of millions like those who played the role before her.

Annie Live!

Annie Live sets out to combine the two most beloved mediums into one. Annie Live is set to be a live theatrical musical; however, it is set to premiere on NBC networking as live television.  The musical is set to release on 2nd December 2021.

NBC announced the musical special in May 2021 and will be filmed in Gold Coast Studios. Annie Live aims to make the music accessible to everyone so that those who do not have access to theatres such as Broadway in their hometown can enjoy it.

The original release of Annie is coming very close by and most of the press is eager to hear news from the producers. Many people are interested in hearing from the producers of the musical as the cast is interesting.  The musical obviously stars Celina Smith as Annie, but it has other Hollywood names as well.

The cast for the musical will include Taraji P. Henson as Miss Hannigan and Harry Connick Jr. as Daddy Warbucks.

The Future of Celina Smith

With the lead role of Annie being under her belt very soon, Celina Smith is on her way to building up a very impressive resume. Celina Smith will soon break out into mainstream Hollywood cinema by the rate at which she is progressing.

It is highly likely that we will be seeing more of her once Annie Live is done airing on NBC, which is set to make Celina Smith a household name.  Annie Live is set to be a massive success, elevating the careers of those it stars, especially its lead role.

I have no doubt in my mind that Celina Smith will kill it in the role. She can bring out the charm that is required for the role. She can definitely carry the entire production on her back!

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It is without a doubt that we will see much more of Celina Smith as she gets assigned more and more roles due to her acting, singing, and dancing talent. We might even see her in more musicals due to the fact that she is quite a natural at performing arts.

But no matter what she decides to take on in the future, there is no doubt she will absolutely kill it. It is safe to say Hollywood is about to see its next break-out star.

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