10 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 In 2021 – This Will Help You.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

Last updated on December 5th, 2023 at 06:58 pm

What is Dust 2?

As we are moving towards the digital world, our all preferences are changing by time. We use to enjoy our free time by different ways. Instead of going outside for relaxing our mind, we use to stay at home and enjoy our free time by playing different games. All people like different type of games according to their taste. Some people like action and strategic games and other like to play arcade and racing games.

Many game developing companies are developing video and mobile games based on real life and movies. Counter Strike is one of these games. It is an action and thrilling game. In this game you have to defeat the enemy’s army by entering in their area with you team. There are many maps to play this game. Dust 2/Dust II is one of these maps. You can use different Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 to win this game.

Description of Dust 2 Map in Counter Strike:

We all know very well about Counter Strike game, as it is an action and adventurous game. You can play this game by using different maps and locations. Dust 2 is one of these maps that is an updated version of Dust. In counter strike the map was introduced in 2001 by David Johnston. The map is designed in a dusty environment of Arabic country Morocco. Like other counter attack games, in this you have also divided into to teams. In this map you have to find the different locations in which terrorists have plant bombs.

After finding the locations you have not only to defuse the bombs but also have to fight with terrorists. This super awesome map is available in all new versions of CS. If you are using old version of this video game, you can enjoy this map by installing new library in your system.

What are the Best Grenade Spots Dust 2?

If you want to win this map in Counter Strike, you should know the best Grenade Spots Dust 2, where you can throw your grenades. There are many spots from where you can defeat your enemy by throwing grenades. Some of these locations are listed below with brief explanation:

Spot 1: T Site Grenade Spot:

By using this spot, you can get the mid-controls. You can use T Site by following steps:

  • To smoke in the door, select B grenades.
  • Now look up to the middle of Right Door.
  • Before jumping from the ledge, throw the grenade while jumping.
  • Throw the flash band on the top in between the doors.
  • You can see that the flash will pop up behind the smoke person.
  • Kill him and get your mid side control.

Spot 2: Use the Smoke XBOX Spot from the Spawn:

Another one of the best Grenade Spots Dust 2 is Smoke XBOX from the Spawn. For using this place, you can use the following strategy plan:

  • First of all, use the classic view Model.
  • Now come on the corner.
  • By using the corner of canvas sheet make a straight angle with top right of your smoke grenade.
  • Now just jump and throw it.

Spot 3: Use Smoke the Corner Flashover:

It is a third best spot to throw your grenade in Dust 2. If you want to use smoke the corner flashover, you have to just move from the wall and make little wide distance from it. Now use the following steps:

  • Now make the angle of your pointer finger with dot.
  • Throw grenade while jumping.
  • Now throw the first flash before enter the door.
  • Throw your second flash towards the second door, that will light up the corner with smoke.
  • By this second flash, your enemy will get blind.
  • In case if you are little late form the location, just reach to the corner and look at the top left of triangle that is little.
  • Now run quickly and throw first flash while jumping.
  • Come back to your original spot and throw second flash on the dot.
  • These flash bangs will blind everyone and they will come to the corner or door.
  • Now kill them and come out of the spot.

Spot 4: Use Smoke CT (best smoke spots dust 2) :

If you are attacking with pistols or using cat splits, you don’t have any need to smoke the cross. Doing smoke will help your enemies to kill you very easily. In this case you can use Smoke CT grenade Spot Dust II. Use this spot by:

  • First of all, make a straight path towards shadow.
  • Check your angle, it should be perpendicular to the wall.
  • Now run into the path.
  • Attack your enemies and kill them.
  • In this spot running angle is very important.

Spot 5: Use Smoke Cross Spot:

You can use this location if you want to smoke the cross section. It is simple just follow the steps:

  • First of all, take cover with the barrel.
  • Now release your smoke.
  • As the result of this, the edge of garage will disappear from your screen.
  • Now come out by taking the cover of corner and attack on them.

Spot 6: Smoke XBOX and Talk Mid Spot:

You can use this smoke XBOX and Talk Mid Best Grenade Spot Dust 2, by using the following steps:

  • Check that are you at XBOX grenade Spot.
  • Go towards the second window by taking cover with first window.
  • Now look at the little gap in middle of the “Y”.
  • You are at the spot, now just run towards the wall and throw the grenade before hitting the wall.

Spot 7: The Mid to B Smoke Grenade Spot:

For using this spot, you have to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, move to the mid of B.
  • Now throw the smoke grenade and make a B split.
  • You can also throw a flash here.
  • The flash will help you to find out anyone who is standing behind the door.

Spot 8: The B Door Smoke Spot:

Now you can use this Best Grenade spot Dust 2 because in new update the skybox is removed from the tunnels. You can use this spot for B Doors.

  • Just throw the smoke grenade from the roof.
  • Enter the spot and kill the enemies.

Spot 9: Use the Skylight Spot:

You can find skylight spot while coming out from the door. It is one of the best spots to attack and kill the enemies.

  • In this spot, just make a running jump and throw your grenade.
  • Everyone in the location will get hit by grenade, and all the enemies will be killed.

Spot 10: Use New Car in Dust 2:

New car is another best grenade spot Dust 2. You can use the car for destroying the enemies. The car is used in updated Dust 2 map to spread fire. The fire will destroy all the enemy line behind the car.

Hope that you learn much about Best Grenade Spots Dust II map of Counter Strike. Use these spots to win this map.

Is Dust 2 map being available in Counter Strike?

In Dust II map of counter strike, real locations of Morocco are used without any permission. Now, this map is not available to play due to offensive issues. The map was removed by World Gaming community on 12-Fab-2017.

Dust 2 is so popular because it is one of the old maps in Counter Strike video game. It is not a fan made map. You can enjoy great graphics in it.

How can I Find Best Grenade Spots Dust 2?

You can fin Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 very easily. There are many locations actively marked in a map that you can use to destroy enemy line. In our article we have mentioned top 10 best grenade spots dust 2. You can use those locations to fight and win the game.

Is there any trick to find Best Grenade Spots Dust 2?

There is not any trick or a hack to find the best grenade spots in this map. You can use simply your mind to find the best locations in a map. So, try to avoid any inconvenience. If you want to know best grenade throwing spots of this map, you can visit our above section. You have no need to pay a single Pany for tricks and hacks.


At the end of this article, now let we conclude our topic. Counter strike is a strategic counter attack video game. It has many maps, that are basically different thrilling locations. Dust 2 is one of these maps, that is make around the real dusty locations of Morocco. To win any counter attack game, you have to learn some tricks and strategies. In this article we have mentioned 10 different Best Grenade Spots Dust 2.

You can use all these locations with following our mentioned steps to throw grenades. Moreover, you can throw grenades on enemy spots very easily by following our tricks. This will help you to destroy the enemy and win the game.

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