What is the Best Poe Unique Helmets? In Path Of Exile(2021)

Poe unique helmets

Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 12:11 am

I have been playing POE for like five years now and have crammed all its characters, helmets and gloves on my fingertips; it happens when you are a video game freak. So, I suppose you are also someone who loves the path of exile and is attracted by the look of those lavish helmets; I know they are irresistible.

So, want to find out which ones are the most powerful and unique helmets among so many different options? Let me help you by providing you with a list of Poe’s unique helmets. These helmets are going to elevate your gameplay and will make you a pro like never before. So, let’s explore.

Poe Unique Helmets In Path Of Exile.

Helmets are a type of armour in this video game that protects you and gives you the strength to perform your missions. There are three main types of these Poe unique helmets; armour, evasion and energy helmets.

  • Armour helmets give you strength and power to fight dangerous enemies and nail every battle you fight.
  • Evasion helmets give you skills to perform any task as it is a story-based game; skills are also crucial and help in sustaining.
  • Energy helmets protect against enemies and help you stay safe from all their deadly plots.
  • Additionally, the hybrids of these helmets are also up for grabs as some helmets offer more than one power like energy and life or energy and armour. Isn’t it exciting?

Finding out your ideal helmet from the above three categories can be complicated for you, so I have sorted out some of the best Poe unique helmets with Armor, Evasion and energy powers for you. Let’s have a sneak peek at them because I am just as excited as you are.

Armour Helmets In POE.

Armour Helmets
Armour Helmets

Armour helmets are one of my favourites as they provide impeccable power, and after all, this is a game of power and survival of the fittest.

1. The Formless Flame

You need to be at least on level 48 to get this remarkable helmet that provides incredible fire resistance, decreasing the fire damage by 20%. It also maximizes your life by 40-50 and gives you strength, so you never get tired of defeating your enemies.

2. The Baron Close Helmet

This intimidating helmet gives you and your minion all the strength you need to nail the fight. It increases the life of your minion by 10-20% and gives him half of your strength so you can work as a team. With this helmet, every damage your raised zombies deal with, adds up to your life which is a pretty good deal.

3. The Formless Inferno

It adds 40-50 points to your life and decreases the damage caused by fire resistance. It requires you to be at least at level 68 if you want to have this abstract helmet. It is one of the poe unique helmets.

4. Hrimnor’s Resolve

This amazing helmet provides you with a 40-50% increased fire damage feature and a 100-120% increased armour to provide you with everything you need to regain your home. It also maximizes your life and helps you resist cold as well. You cannot freeze it easily, and it also looks quite menacing.

5. Cowl Of Thermophile

You need to be on level 60 to get your hands on this extremely intimidating helmet. It increases your strength by 60-80% and gives you maximum fire resistance. It is an extremely amazing helmet as it gives you a chance at an enchantment modifier and also reduces cold resistance by 55-50%. It is one of the best Poe unique helmets because of the benefits it is offering.

6. Usurper’s Penance

This incredible helmet provides you with increased strength and armour by 50-85%. It also gives you such a power that each of your attacks has a 15% chance to make your enemy bleed which is quite exciting for me at least. Also, the bleeding caused by your attack will have the potential to cause more damage by 4%. You are also more likely to get a frenzy charge with this helmet and all you have to do is, reach level 60 and get this magnificent helmet.

Dexterity Helmets In POE.

Dexterity is all you need to win a battle without a fight because it gives you the necessary skills to either avoid the conflict or overtake it.

7. Rat’s Nest

Rat’s nest gives you the speed of a rat and helps you get away with situations where death is inevitable. This helmet offers you all the necessary skills to evade and also increases your evasion rating by 150%. It helps you reduce your size, and because of this helmet, you are more likely to find rare items. You need to be on level 55 to get this incredible helmet.

8. Starkonja’s Head

Even if your life is low, this helmet reduces the damage by 50%, which is a lifesaver in crucial battles. It also increases your life as well as the speed of your attack, so you take down your enemy before he even blinks. It also maximizes your skills of evading so add these Poe unique helmets to your purchase list.

9. Assailed

This scary-looking helmet is extremely efficient and gives you skills like never before. It also increases your bow skills, and you can dodge 10-20% of attacks with the help of this helmet. Moreover, it also prevents spell hits by helping you dodge them without any hassle. It increases your accuracy as well as your evading skills.

10. Saqawal’s Flock

You need to be on level 60 if you want to get this lavish helmet, one of the best among the unique helmets, as it contains mesmerizing features. It is the master of all trades and provides you with maximum life as well as fire resistance. Not only this, but this helmet also increases your speed and running skills so you can escape from anywhere anytime.

11. Fairgraves’ Tricorne

Every time you attack while wearing this helmet, your enemy is more likely to get cold damage. Your evasion will also increase by 70% with this amazing helmet and you can have a better comeback from each attack. Also, you can stop the attacks more efficiently and resist lightning by 20-30%. The thing that left me in awe was that if you are fighting while wearing this helmet, your enemy can not shock you but if you want to get all this, you need to be on level 12.

12. Replica Alpha’s Howl

If you want to get some herald gems along with nailing every fight, then you should get your hands on this helmet as soon as you can. It provides an 80-100% increased evasion ratio which is quite whopping. Also, if you are in a conspiracy and people are plotting against you, don’t worry because this helmet will give you a 25% resistance to poison. In order to ensure hassle-less strategy making, it also gives you the benefit of being unable of being hindered while you have this helmet.

Energy Shield Helmets In POE.

Energy shield helmets are your biggest protectors if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation in the game, so do not have a second thought and go for it.

13. Crown Of Thorns

If an attacker attacks you, this helmet has the tendency to reflect that same attack towards the attacker. You get five such chances of attack reflection in the crown of thorns. It also gives you a great energy shield to stay protected, and the good news is that you can get these unique helmets poe even if you are on level one.

14. Mark Of The Red Covenant

If you are going to duel with raging spirits, this helmet is just the right cheat sheet to win that duel. It will increase the speed of your minions by 25% and reduce the number of spirits by 75% which is a big relief because you would not want to fight with tons of them. Each of your attacks will cause more damage to the spirits, and you will remain unharmed with this amazing helmet.

15. Maw Of Conquest

This weird-looking helmet holds the features on which I am drooling. It increases your energy shield by 150-200% and maximizes your life so you can live long enough to free your land. Even if you are given poison, and you are in possession of this helmet, the poison will not affect you. Also, 10-20% of the damage that you bear in the form of enemy attacks comes back to you in the form of life with these Poe Wiki unique helmets.

16. Crown Of Eyes

It provides you with exquisite accuracy while increasing your energy shield as well. If you want to get this luxurious-looking helmet, you need to reach level 69 because good things always come with a price. A small fraction of attack damage also comes back to you and increases your life. It also decreases the damage caused by spell attacks, so it’s a pretty fair deal, after all.

17. Asenath’s Mark

This helmet not only is a treat to the eyes but is also extremely powerful and gives you an amazing weapon to protect yourself. It is one of the best Poe unique helmets because it increases the speed of your attack by 10-15% so even before your enemy knows it, you get them. It also increases your cast speed by 10-15% and maximizes the energy shield to protect you and give you strength altogether. Your movement speed is also increased with this helmet so you can run away from situations that are not favorable for you.

18. Doedre’s Scorn

You not only get this aesthetic and powerful helmet but you also get cursed gems with it that are also extremely powerful. This helmet increases your intelligence so you can make more effective strategies and gives you maximum energy shield as well. If you attack an enemy this helmet will increase the damage of that hit by 10-20% and your curse will also be more lethal to your enemy. Your curse will also have a 30-50% increased skill so you can destroy your enemies without having to worry about anything.

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I hope that you liked my list of Poe unique helmets and that these helmets have crawled to your “favourites” list. I personally adore all of the above helmets, and all these have my heart. Each one of these elevates your gameplay one way or another and gives you an elite gaming experience.

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