18 Best Alternatives To MangaHere For Reading Comics 2023


Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 09:04 pm

Are you tired of looking for MangaHere alternatives? You are at the right place!

Mangahere is a website that is free to use for reading manga. Still, users report issues with this website’s layout, which greatly stresses them. Due to this, manga enthusiasts started looking for similar websites. Luckily, there are uncountable websites available on the internet that provides the same features. In this blog, I will share the 18 Best Alternatives to MangaHere for exploring and reading new comics online.

What is MangaHere?

MangaHere is one of the oldest websites to read comics, such as manga, manhwa, and manhua, for free. The comics collection of this website is filled with HD-quality manga/manhwa in many genres, which makes it a versatile manga-reading website.
MangaHere has a search bar at the top center of the website to find comics by writing a title or author name. You might be wondering why people are searching for alternatives to MangaHere, even though it is such a great platform. Well, it is because of the messier web layout, making it difficult to use.

Is MangaHere a Safe Website?

MangaHere claims to be a secure website. However, free manga websites are mostly unsafe because they can cause viruses on your PC. There are several questionable pop-up ads during streaming. I suggest you always use a secured browser that blocks unnecessary ads and does not redirect you to another page without your permission.

MangaHere App

MangaHere also has a mobile application to download on Android and iOS smartphones. Unfortunately, this application is unavailable on the Google PlayStore and App Store. If you want to download it, you should first visit a third-party website and download an APK file of the application. After that, you can install it on your phone.

Top 18 Best MangaHere Alternatives

Here is the list of the top 18 best MangaHere alternatives:

1. MangaPark

Best MangaPark Alternatives
Best MangaPark Alternatives

MangaPark has secured the top score on our list of 18 best alternatives to MangaHere due to its vast comics collection and theme customization. This website allows users to sync their history across multiple devices and disable the history option. With its thousand comics and visually appealing design, MangaPark is must visit for everyone.

2. Zinmanga

Zinmanga Top Alternatives To Read Free Manga Online
Zinmanga Top Alternatives To Read Free Manga Online

Zinmanga is also a website that hosts manga from worldwide for free. This website is one of the excellent alternatives to MangaHere. You can always enjoy reading comics on Zinmanga because you can always request new ones. Additionally, Zinmanga also has another website named “Zinnovel.”

3. 1stKissManga

Is 1stKissManga Down
Is 1stKissManga Down

1stKissManga is another free manga-reading website available globally for all manga fans. The website has many mangas in various genres Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Comedy, Cooking, Crime, Delinquents, Demons, Detective Drama, Ecchi, and more.

4. Manga4life


Manga4life is one of the better alternative websites to MangaHere, allowing users to read manga online. The website releases manga daily, and users always have something to read. Manga4life also has a discussion panel to share your thoughts about manga.

5. MangaSee

MangaSee Read Free Manga Online

MangaSee is very similar to Manga4life in terms of web layout. The MangaSee website has many famous mangas, including One Piece and My Hero Academia. MangaSee is also available as an APK application means you can use it on your phone.

6. MangaOwl

Best Mangaowl Alternatives To Read Manga
Best Mangaowl Alternatives To Read Manga

MangaOwl is a website and app that lets you read manga for free online. Various intriguing mangas are on this website, and more are added daily. MangaOwl has only one drawback: intrusive ad pop-ups that interrupt your reading. Nonetheless, it is a perfect alternative to MangaHere.

7. Manganelo

Manganelo read free manga

You will be surprised if you visit the Manganelo website. Manga fans can read online-manga on Manganelo’s website, which has many famous books in its library. Users can choose from over 40 genres and bookmark their most treasured Manga. The search bar provided by Manganelo allows users to find their desired comics by title or author name.


8. AsuraScans

Asura Scans Read Comics

AsuraScans, a well-known and reputable comic-reading website, is one of the finest MangaHere alternatives. On AsurScans, users may find manga or manhwa of many genres in English and Turkish. The website has a bright and dark motif and an eye-catching layout. AsuraScans is the perfect place to read manga online.

9. NewToki


NewToki is a popular online reading website that offers a wide range of manga genres, including action, romance, horror, and more. Due to its user-friendly interface and regular updates, Manga enthusiasts worldwide rely on NewToki as a top platform for accessing their favorite manga titles.

10. SkyManga


Sky Manga is a renowned website for reading Japanese, Korean, and Chinese comics. The website categorized comics into Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua so that people can easily find what they want. SkyManga will reach the sky in terms of fame.

Link: https://skymanga.work/

11. MangaHub


MangaHub is a website that offers free online manga reading. MangaKatana got your back if you’re interested in reading your favorite manga in HD quality. One of its most delicate features is that Manga Hub is updated daily with new episodes of manga series. 

Link: https://mangahub.io/updates/page/1

12. MangaKatana


MangaKatana is a manga-reading website that can satisfy your desire to read manga on different topics. This website has a simple layout with a dark or light theme and an advanced search bar at the top. MangaKatana is the right place for all comics lovers.

Link: https://mangakatana.com/

13. Mangageko


Mangageko is a new leading manga website with an attractive web design. The website features a manga updates page where you can find any news related to mangas. You can read manga on Mangageko without worrying about image quality.

Link: https://www.mangageko.com/

14. MangaBat


If you are desperately looking for a “Villain to kill” manga, you must visit MangaBat, a website that provides access to thousands of free mangas. MangaBat has a mind-blowing collection of comics to read in your spare time. The only disadvantage of using this website is its annoying ads.

Link: https://h.mangabat.com/

15. WebToons


WebToon is a South Korean comics website that is in the spotlight in the manhwa world due to the reason of unique content and high-quality comics. This website has no flaws, and you can enjoy reading your favorite manhwa without issue. Webtoon is a new destination for manhwa lovers.

Link: https://www.webtoons.com/en/

16. Mangairo

mangairo com

Mangairo is another alternative to MangaHere. The Mangairo’s website is committed to providing quality manga and 24/7 customer service. It also has a recent manga, “My Divorce Cry Baby Neighbour,” in its directory. If you are looking for fast loading manga website, you should visit Mangairo.

17. ComicWalker


As the name suggests, ComicWalker is the website to read comics for free. On ComicWalker, you will find manga in the original language; however, you can also find translated mangas. Furthermore, this website also has a FAQ section where you can ask questions.

Link: https://comic-walker.com/

18. Toonily


The last website on our list of 18 best MangaHere alternatives is Toonily, another comic website to read comics without registration and payment. This website uploads and updates mangas regularly. The most recent updates on Toonily are Martial Peak and Release That Witch.

Link: https://toonily.net/

Final Thoughts:

If you are a Manga lover, you should broaden your horizons beyond MangaHere and explore other websites that offer similar benefits and features. To help you, I have compiled a list of the top 18 alternatives to MangaHere, including MangaPark, Zinmanga, AsuraScans, Mangaowl, MangaSee, and 1stKissManga. Spare some time to discover each of them and determine which website you love the most.


What is MangaHere Reddit?

MangaHere Reddit is a community on the Reddit website to share and discuss everything about MangaHere.

Is MangaHere Legal?

MangaHere is illegal because it is a website that hosts free manga without the author’s permission.

Is MangaHere Working?

As of May 2023, MangaHere is working correctly. However, if it is down in your country, use a VPN to surpass Geo-restriction.

How to Access MangaHere Website?

MangaHere can be accessed using any browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and UC browser.

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