Animixplay: Watch And Download HD Anime (Is It Safe?)


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Are you an anime lover, and your favorite hoppy is watching anime shows? They are really fun, so people prefer watching online anime for free. If the query is how to watch anime for free? So, the answer is Animixplay. Because the app is full of entertainment with thousands of series to watch in HD format. A simple way to enjoy anime shows is to download the animix-play app.

You can easily find this animixplay APK on the app store. Another way to watch anime is to browse it on the internet. This way, you can watch your favorite anime shows for free because the app and website don’t have any charges for the subscription.  

Working of Animixplay

This anime show entertains you with high-definition (HD) videos. You can enjoy watching videos without interruption and disturbance because it allows you to watch unlimited videos without cost. The web functions like Youtube, and therefore you can watch videos non-stop. Another noticeable thing is you can alter the app’s user interface as you desire. It allows you to alter the color design and many designing to change.

Is Animixplay Safe?

When it’s about anime shows and sites, the question is, are these websites safe to use? What about animix-play Is it safe? So, yes, it is safe because you can use Cognito, VPN, or Proxy when you need to watch with this app or web. When you visit any site with a VPN, the browser replaces your identity with some fake identity, and no one can track your IP. So, therefore it is clear that animix-play is completely safe to use.

Features of Animixplay

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Following are some features of this amazing anime show. You may enjoy it using by knowing these features.

  • Free Animixplay Download

This app is free to download and use without any cost for advertisement. Even you can use it to watch directly from the web.

  • Variety of Content

It’s not about only cartoons; you can watch movies, shows, romance, and many more. The site developers update the content, so you find the taste of multiple contents here.

  • No Registration

The user of the app don’t need to register themselves on the app, and it works directly after installation on your smartphone.

  • Non-stop Entertainment

Most anime websites and applications earn by displaying non-stop advertisements, but it does not happen with Animixplay. Because the app does not display advertisements, you can enjoy non-stop entertainment.

  • Notification

The user can enable the notification bell. So when there is a new update or content, the app will notify the viewer. 

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Is Animixplay Illegal?

The answer is a short NO. Animixplay is not legal. It would help if you always used VPN to watch anime on it. The animix-play is not trustworthy for it is illicit, but you can safely use it with proxy.

Is Animixplay Harmful for Phone?

Animiplay says that it gathers the best interest of viewers and consumers love using it for their pleasure. It claims to entertain you but does not say what it uses and takes from your mobile phone when you install it on your device. Many websites take information when you allow their excess to your phone. Most malware and cyber attacks occur from installing other unsafe websites or apps. For Animixplay, users can unsubscribe from the site and uninstall the app anytime. This thing indicates that using Animix-play does not bring any harm to your phone.

How to Download AnimixTV for Free?

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The app is straightforward to download and takes some space. Before installing it on your smartphone or tablet, your gadget must be 10MB available. In some gadgets, it may not install due to space. In this case, delete some unnecessary items and then retry. Let’s look at all the spaces one by one.

Step 1) Click the download button on the site of Animixplay.

Step 2) Hit on your device system, and you will see an option of Animixplay APK.

Step 3) Once the installation is finished then, sign up. You can even download it through Google, Facebook, or Gmail. They will not ask for registration or password, so don’t worry. While downloading.

Step 4) You will directly see the screen, and it will ask you for the installation process.

Step 5) Once the downloading is completed, you can watch high-definition (HD) anime.

Step 6) At the end, search for your anime show and watch your desired show anytime, anywhere.

Animixplay Alternatives

There are many Animix-play alternatives one by one. We will discuss them and look at the differences between these anime sites.


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Like Animixplay, Animephae is a live streaming site where you can watch your desired shows and series at any cost. All you will find is updated and desired content. Unlike Animix-play, Animephae is legal, and before watching shows and streaming, you need to register the app. Furthermore, the site is safe and secure for anime lovers.


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It is a free live anime streaming website you can use for watching shows around the world. The website is small and contains developers, content moderators, and website founders. Daily you will find updated content; therefore, users prefer watching shows on this site. Another difference from Animixplay is that it is safe and legal to use.

9anime to

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It’s a free and popular streaming website for anime lovers. Because the website always has fresh content, which is the favorite thing of its users, you can watch anime shows with English subtitles and dubbed anime online. A different thing from Animixplay is that 9anime to has some paid features on the premium. You will find some advanced entertainment. You need to purchase its features if you want HD content and seamless streaming with zero ads.

Differences Among Animixplay, Animephae, Anime-Planet, 9anime to

Let’s discuss the differences between these anime sites.

Animixplay9anime toAnime-PlanetAnimephae
Global Rank
Total Visits
80.0 Millions38.4 millions13.5 millions17.3 millions
Average Vist Duration
Pages Per Visit
Bounce Rate
Female Visitors
Male Visitors


This site is perfect for those who love watching anime series. Whether the site is illegal or sometimes requires you to use Animix, unblock. However, it is safe because it uses a proxy, VPN, or Cognito to secure your identity. Moreover, you can easily install the app with some steps as the site provides high-demand (HD) videos.

Moreover, there are many other alternatives to Animixplay, most of which are legal. Some websites cost high-quality content. In contrast, Animixplay is free and does not charge for any content. 

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