Power Chainsaw Man- Bio,Appearance,Qualities And Skills.

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a series in which Power is a Blood Fiend character with special abilities who also serves as a Devil Hunter for the Department of Public Safety. A Fiend is a devil who has taken control of a person’s body in the Chainsaw Man universe. Makima’s special team specializes in hunting devils, and she is a member of it. She is a Devilman who serves for the Devil Hunter team after one of the devils stole her fiend and paired her up with Denji.

Basic Information of Power

  • Origin: Chainsaw Man
  • Alias: Blood Devil
  • Powers/Skills: Hemokinesis, Blood consumption
  • Type of Villain: Brutish Demon
  • Occupation: Demon, Devil Hunter for Division 4
  • Hobby: Lying, Eating, Fighting, Having intimate relations with Nyako/Meowy.
  • Crimes: Murder, Vandalism, Destruction


Power used to be a monstrous demon who walked the earth naked and filthy, only worrying about slaughtering the many animals he came across, including a gigantic bear. However, her life was changed totally in a way when she encountered a starved cat named Nyako.

Power planned to fatten him up so she could eat him, but she developed a close attachment with Nyako before a bat demon broke up with them and kidnapped Nyako, holding poor Kitty hostage to force Power to bond with his ally. This story starts by kidnapping a person in order to get a severed arm back.


Power, for the most part, shows up as a humanoid villain with a huge two horns and long rosy pink hair. Her red and yellow eyes are intimidating, and her sharp teeth are her strong weapons. Being one of the individuals from the Devil Hunters, she wears a loose uniform that the Devil Hunters wore. Her suit is an unbuttoned suit with a dark tie and white shirt tucked inside the jeans.

In her easygoing day outfit, she generally wears a shirt with number 76.1 composed on her chest and dark shorts while wearing some bosom cushions to make her look somewhat exceptional. Her appearance can change; assuming Power consumed an excessive amount of blood, a portion of her horns would either expand or she will get extra horns from her head.

Her fiend form can be depicted as having a type of a practically bare lady. Notwithstanding this, she has a shark-like face, long ears/horns, eyes like a goat, a mat of long hair, uncovered innards through a split-open chest, darkened arms, dark legs finishing off with stronger feet, and a monkey tail.


Power has a unique character that can be depicted as a juvenile, impolite demolished and stooping towards others around her due to her propensity as a Devilman. Power can similarly be portrayed as a dry-blood knight due to her thirst of phlebotomy and savagery, which came to fruition on a part of her actions can be considered as frightful towards others working with her.

Her condescending behavior can scare the enemies. Another attribute that she has in her personality is that Power is a routine liar. Demonstrated by the way that when she presents a couple of issues and is repelled by Makima or others, she will misdirect anyone with herself to not bring on any kind of issue or leave for certain tasks.

Her deception is one of her strongest weapons because she can trap anyone by making a story to cut anyone down and dealing with them in her own way. Notwithstanding, her cravings for vegetables are a lot, and she never gets tired of eating.



Denji is a character with which Power develops a relationship, but they are only together as friends. Power acts like a child towards Denji at first, quarreling with him after she screws him a few times in an attempt to avoid culpability by accusing him. When she tries to save her beloved kitten, Nyako, she has no thoughts about killing Denji, even if it means putting away her own goal, as she used him under the false pretense that she would compensate him by connecting her bosoms.


Nyako the feline is the one animal as the cat in the series with whom Power has a particular fondness. Power forms a great bond with Nyako after attempting to stuff the animal so she could eat him, but their pleasure is ruined when they meet the bat-fallen angel. Accepting Nyako as a prisoner is the last choice.

Power has a disturbing outlook on what happened after Nyako was eaten by the Bat Devil, and she begins to connect with what Denji has gone through in the past.

Qualities and Skills

Power possesses some strong skills and abilities.


Power is very quick, and she can move through places in no time. Her quick reflexes often save her from trouble and getting into battles with tougher enemies.

Sense of Smell

Power can easily sense things around her by using the sense of smell. Her ability helps her to smell things around her easily. Her sharp sense of smell was in like manner prepared to smell the Cucumber Devil in the series.

Blood Control

Power can control blood at any rate she really wants. For instance, when she was engaging Bat Devil, she had the choice to move her blood toward a hammer. She can make a blood stick out of her blood. Additionally, she uses it to attack her foes.


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Who killed Aki Chainsaw Man?

He had contacts with the Curse Devil and a previous agreement with the Fox Devil. He was killed and moved by the Gun Devil, hence turning into a Gun Fiend.

Who is Denji, sweetheart?

Makima and Denji shared a deviated relationship. She is in relation with him, but while Denji was significantly charmed by Makima and able to take incredible measures to serve her, Makima considered Denji to be just a pet and tool.

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