Best free mangaowl alternatives to read manga

Last updated on May 6th, 2023 at 11:51 am

Mangaowl is the most famous online manga-reading website used by millions of people. Unfortunately, it is mostly down, and manga lovers are fed up with this issue. Well, several websites offer the same features as Mangaowl. In this article, I will tell you about the 15 best alternatives of Mangaowl in 2023.

15 Sites Like Mangaowl For 2023

Check out websites like Mangaowl that provide High dimension-quality manga in every genre!

1. Mangasee


Mangasee is one of the alternatives of Mangaowl, which provides interesting and updated mangas in multiple genres such as action, adventure, romance, ecchi, and more. This website also has the “One Piece” manga, which is very famous. Mangasee’s website is user-friendly, and you can change the theme according to your choice. This manga reading website also has a discussion panel that can be accessed after login. If you love anime, you absolutely need to check out this website.

3. Asura Scans 

Asura Scans 

Asura Scans is another great alternative to Mangaowl; it is free to use and does not require registration to read the manga. This website has comic scans in every genre, including Shoujo, Shounen, Slice of Life, Sports, Supernatural, Thriller, Time Travel, Romance, and more. You can also download the application of Asura Scans on your Android smartphone. 

Theme customization from dark to light and vice versa is also a nice feature provided by AsuraScans. The best part about this site which is different from Mangaowl is the availability of comics in Turkish. Don’t miss out on this website if you’re an anime fanatic.

3. Zinmanga

ZINMANGA Read manga free online and update daily

Zinmanga is also a manga/ manhua reading website, just like Mangaowl, with 625.3 M visitors as of 2023. It is the safest comic website where you can report any bug and request a new manga. This amazing entertainment website provides manga in over 40 genres which are perfect for everyone. The unique feature of Zinmanga is its novel version website called Zinnovel, where you can read all the famous novels online. For those who are into anime, this website is a must-see.

4. NewToki


NewToki offers a similar service as Mangaowl with a diverse collection of comics. NewToki is a user-friendly website with over ten thousand latest and old manga. This website allows users to download manga chapters on their PC or phone. This website is a must-visit for anime enthusiasts. If you cannot access NewToki on your browser, Try to find the variants; NewToki126, NewToki95, and NewToki120. 

5. Manga4life

MangaLife Read Free Manga Online

Those looking for an alternative to MangaOwl should check out Manga4Life. This free manga reading platform will blow your mind with a unique and vast collection of comics in HD. Manga4life has a discussion panel to share your thoughts and feedback after reading manga. You won’t regret visiting this website if you’re a die-hard anime fan.

6. MangaFox 

MangaFox Full Manga List Read Manga Online

MangaFox provides a worthy alternative to Manga Owl. This online manga reading website also has an Android application that can be downloaded from the Google play store, with a 4.6-star rating. The MangaFox application and website are legit, and they have a vast collection of comics in their library. For anime buffs, MangaFox is a must-have in your bookmarks.

7. WebToon

WEBTOON Read Comics Online

Webtoon is a comic reading website with various types of comics from all over the globe. This website is not limited to Korean and Japanese manga; you can discover different styles of comics. Webtoon’s best part is that it’s ad-free, and you can enjoy reading manga without disturbance.

Visit Website:

8. Manga buddy

MangaBuddy Best Manga Online Reader

Manga Buddy is one of the excellent alternatives to the Manga Owl website. It has all the recent manga in almost every genre, including Adaptation, Adventure, Anthology, Comedy, Cooking, Demons, Doujinshi, Drama, and Ecchi. The Manga Buddy website is easy to use and gives you the choice of a dark or light theme. Reading comics on Manga Buddy will give you an uninterrupted experience.

Visit Website:

9. Manga Kakalot

Mangakakalot Read Manga Online

MangaKakalot is an online manga reading platform with easy to navigate website. Like Manga Owl, this website contains trending manga and manhwa content in its library. If you’re a fan of anime, you can’t afford to skip Manga Kakalot.

Visit Website:

10. Manga Clash

Mangaclash Manga Archives

Manga Clash is another comic reading website that allows users to read manga online and download it to read offline. According to the similar web, Manga Clash is 92% similar to Manga Owl. This website is free from annoying advertisements and gives you an awesome experience of reading manga.

Visit Website:

11. S2manga

S2Manga Reading free latest manga online

S2manga is a popular manga website and one of the best alternatives to Manga Owl. It allows users to read numerous manga/manhwa or manhua of all genres, including romantic, psychological, mystery, and many more. The unique thing about this website is how it categorized all mangas into new, popular, trending, and most viewed. S2manga is a must-visit for anime enthusiasts.

Visit Website:

12. MangaNato

Manganato Read Manga Online Free

MangaNato is a manga-reading website similar to Manga Owl. It also has a mobile application supported by iOs on App Store, allowing users to read manga on their phone anywhere they want. Manga Nato is a must for anyone looking for the best websites to read comics.

Visit Website:

13. Mangago

Mangago Read Manga Online For Free

Mangago is the ultimate online destination for manga and Yaoi fans. With a vast collection of titles available to read for free, this platform has become incredibly popular among fans worldwide. Whether you’re into action, romance, comedy, or drama, Mangago has something for everyone. Plus, with new titles added regularly, there’s always something fresh to read. So, for all the comic fans, Mangago is worth checking out.

Visit Website:

14. Manga Panda

MangaPanda Read Free Manga Online

Anyone struggling to find a better alternative to Manga Owl can visit Manga Panda. It is a simple website with a search bar at the top right corner where you can search manga by its name. The library of Manga |Panda is pretty interesting and diverse, so you can enjoy reading manga on different topics.

Visit Website:

15. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Read Manga and Watch Popular Anime Online

Crunchyroll is another alternative to Mangaowl; it is an entertainment website owned by Sony Group Corporation. Manga reading is free on Crunchyroll, but you must subscribe to the premium package for other features, such as watching anime and playing games. This legit website is a treasure trove for anime and manga lovers.

Visit Website:

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Is Mangaowl down?

Manga Owl keeps getting banned due to copyright issues, so it is down most of the time. However, as of April 2023, Manga Owl is working properly worldwide and is not down.

Does Mangaowl has an app?

Yes, Mangaowl has an application that is supported on Android smartphones. You can download it by clicking the download button on the Manga Owl website.

Is Mangaowl Legal?

Mangaowl is safe to use and free from viruses and adult advertising, but it is not a legal website because it violates copyright laws.

Final Thoughts:

Manga fans should not depend on only the Manga Owl website to read comics; instead, they should explore all the other options of manga reading websites that offer similar benefits and features. I have discussed the top 15 best alternatives to Manga Owl, including, Mangasee, Asura Scans, MangaNato, Crunchyroll, and more. Get ready to explore each of them and decide which is better for you…!

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