4 essential winter survival tips for The Montrealers


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Winter is coming is a phrase that describes how cold and unforgiven winter can be in Montreal, Canada. During this season, the temperature can drop to as low as -30 °C, and the snow can rise as high as 80 inches. Knowing how to survive these harsh weather conditions is imperative for Montrealers and first-time visitors to the city. Surviving, in this case, doesn’t just mean staying alive. It means being part of the city culture, making new and fun memories, and enjoying yourself in the bitter-sweet Montreal cold.

As a Montrealer who has lived through the city’s harshest winters, it’s common to hold a few survival tips up your sleeves. Some extra tips should be added to your arsenal to improve your winter. Hacks to survive Montreal’s unbearable winter:

Seal up every crack in your home

During the winter season, your home gets chilly quickly. This means that you need to spend more on heating to live more comfortably. This additional spending on heating has eaten up most families’ winter savings, causing them to cut down on other essentials like food. To avoid such unnecessary expenditures, you must apply some winter hacks to your home. Consider sealing up all cracks and spaces on the walls, doors, and windows. Use double or triple-glazed windows in all your rooms. Proper insulation can help reduce your energy bill by up to 10% in Montreal. With the extra cash, you can enjoy your winter holiday much better. If you have a car, think about winter shelters to protect it from the snow and icy wind. 

Dress for the season

One of the most crucial survival tip you can give to any Montrealer during winter is to cover themselves properly. This advice can go a long way in saving lives. Montreal’s winter is one of the harshest in the world. It can damage your lungs in minutes and cause severe frostbite. To avoid getting into such difficult medical conditions, always wear protective clothing.

The type of protective clothing is not your regular hoodies and sweaters. It includes winter-specific thick jackets, pants, socks, beanies, and leather boots that can protect you, especially when you are outside. If they don’t have any of these clothes, staying in your heated home until you do is better. The fact that every Montrealer must protect themselves from the cold doesn’t mean they should dress out of fashion. Several fashionable winter outfits keep you in style while protecting you from frostbite.

Eat right and exercise regularly 

Keeping your body in good shape is another survival tip every Montrealer must explore. Without a healthy body, your chances of surviving the unforgiving Montreal winter may reduce. To be in good shape, you must eat right and exercise regularly. Focus on eating foods high in protein and moderate carbs. You should eat fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. These types of foods help keep your body warm and healthy.

On the other hand, you must also avoid taking cold drinks and foods. The weather is already too cold, so you shouldn’t consume more cold things. You may catch a cold or suffer indigestion from cold foods during winter. Stick to warm drinks like teas, warm milk, hot chocolate, mulled wine, hot toddy, and chai latte.

Take part in Montreal winter festivals

Fun is an integral part of surviving Montreal’s cold winter. It kills the boredom that comes with the season and allows you to meet and make new friends. There are lots of fun activities to engage in during winter in Montreal. Some activities are indoors, while others are in snowy mountains. One such outdoor fun activity is the Igloofest. During this festival, you dance and sing away the cold to the tune of your favourite song and artist. You should also attend the Montreal Snow Festival with your loved ones. At this festival, you meet new people, eat delicious food, and have fun. Other winter activities include ice skiing, ice skating, and sledding in the snow.

Get ready To enjoy The winter!

Sometimes, the cold can become so unbearable during the winter. You must be willing to dress yourself properly, insulate every crack and hole in your home, and eat the right food to keep your body healthy. Have fun and enjoy winter activities with your loved ones in Montreal.

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