Antalya Unveiled: 5-Star Luxury Resort: Calista


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One of the most popular locations among Antalya hotels in Turkey is the charming 5-star Belek Hotels. In addition to its historical beauties, Antalya, Belek makes luxury accommodations always attractive with its feature that allows you to visit all four seasons. You can enjoy a luxurious and fascinating vacation in Belek with its traditional Roman architecture, ancient cities and many other interesting and fascinating regions.

Antalya Unveiled: 5-Star Luxury at Calista, All-Inclusive Opulence, Belek’s Luxury Shopping, and the Perfect Blend of Family-Friendly Charm and Spa Serenity.

Calista Luxury Resort offers you “SPA”, the privilege of health that comes with water, combining the unique beauty and health benefits of water with your personal moments, offering you water therapy sessions with its expert staff to purify you of all negative energies. The SPA sessions, enriched with massages completely personalized for you, put the luxurious comfort at your feet. With Callos Classics, Calista Resort guests experience a perfect vacation. Specialized massages with touches that increase circulation and relieve muscle tension will make your vacation even more enjoyable. With its ultra all-inclusive service, it is ready to offer you a unique experience from start to finish with sports, meals, special activities and opportunities. Do not miss the opportunity to experience this unique opportunity in Antalya all-inclusive hotels.

Standing out among the all-inclusive resort in Turkey, Calista is ready to enhance your sense of luxury with all its unique opportunities and promise you a perfect vacation. With Calista Sports and Health Community, you can enjoy group or individual sports activities. Beach volleyball, tennis courts for amateurs and professionals, parasailing, windsurfing, jet skiing and banana boats are all available. Among the meeting and organization privileges that you can appreciate in our hotel are unique conference halls with different capacities of people, stylish meeting rooms that we have enriched with our impeccable service understanding; these areas are designed in different configurations according to your wishes and needs. Our hotel offers you the opportunity to plan your special days in a professional way, with special decorations, all kinds of refreshments and presentations.

Indulge in Opulence: Exploring All-Inclusive Hotels in Antalya

The luxurious services of the 5 star hotels in Antalya are dazzling. The possibilities of 5 star Antalya hotels, which will delight your taste buds with luxurious and modern designed rooms with stunning views in sea front hotels, rich menus of Turkish and world cuisine specially prepared for their guests, do not end. Special spa and massage options are prepared to relax not only your body but also your soul. With various sports activities and areas, bars and restaurants and many more opportunities, 5 star Antalya hotels are waiting for you to enjoy.

Shopping Opportunities and Exceptional Luxury in Belek

In addition to your unique hotel vacation options, Belek offers everything you need for luxury shopping. Hundreds of options await you at the Forsa Mall Shopping Center, a shopping center with nearly 300 world brands located in the Land of Legends in Belek.

Stunning Beaches and Cultural Attractions in Turkey Antalya

Antalya Unveiled: 5-Star Luxury Resort: Calista

Antalya is one of the most attractive holiday destinations with its impressive blue flag beaches, warm sandy beaches and perfect sea. With its cultural stops, you can see the breeze from the Roman period, the ancient theater waterfall, canyons and many must-see tourist stops are among the places to see.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere, Spa & Wellness

When it comes to spa and health services, enjoy the health that comes with water with special massages, Turkish bath with its unique rituals, hot water and beauties that are a source of healing for the soul and body from head to toe. With massages prepared with special stones, herbs and skin care treatments, you will leave as a completely renewed person.

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