What technology is capable to serve national-scale multibiometric Identification System ?


The evolution of technology has significantly changed how identification and verification procedures are carried out in national security law enforcement and fraud prevention. One technology that stands out in large-scale biometric identification is the ABIS system. ABIS is a biometric search system that compares one sample to many samples in a database to find matches using biometric data.

The ABIS system offers customizable solutions and can be used for national-scale projects such as biometric voter registration, passport issuing, and many more. ABIS is a platform developed to capture, store, process, and compare biometric characteristics like fingerprints, iris scans, facial features, palm prints, and even voice patterns. Its main goal is to swiftly identify individuals within a population base, typically at a national scale, for diverse purposes such as law enforcement, border security measures, and civil identity verification.

Let’s take a look at how this technology works.

How does ABIS work?

ABIS compares biometric identifiers, such as fingerprint, iris, or face, belonging to an individual to the biometric templates. Each person’s iris, fingerprints, and face have unique characteristics, so it is possible to associate biometric identities with the individual. When a biometric search is done, the technology uses algorithms to compare the physical characteristics present in the probe sample to the attributes in existing templates.

As explained on this site, it is a versatile multibiometric engine with diverse application capabilities. For example, fingerprints, mugshots, and iris scans can be used in an arrest booking. It can also be collected as a sample in a forensic investigation. The biometric templates are also used in the civil enrollment process.

How Is ABIS Deployed?

ABIS can be deployed as:

Cloud Service: The ABIS system can be used in cloud services, making it accessible from different locations and platforms. It also helps enhance technology’s scope at more extensive and national-scale projects.

On-Premise Solution: The technology can also be used on-site with the regular software. It can also be used with cloud services for different projects to perform biometric functions. On-premise deployment of ABIS technology provides organizations greater control, customization, and security while leveraging the benefits of biometric identification.

Due to the demand for systems with biometric capabilities, ABIS technology is growing rapidly. Whether it is used to provide more security or meet public agencies’ requirements, this technology helps both the state and civil society. With its advanced features, such as automated identification and an extensive database, this technology offers the best identity verification solutions.

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