What is AzureWave Technology & Its Salient Features? (2023 Update)


Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 09:42 pm

AzureWave Technologies is a reliable company. Its main purpose is to do different types of research and development. The company is doing a lot in the production and distribution of different wireless communication modules. It is also making efforts in digital image modules. There are different wireless communication module products related to AzureWave Technologies.

These products may be wireless fidelity WiFi, a Global positioning system, GPS, Bluetooth products, and many others. The company is also giving different wireless network-sharing devices and wireless network routers. Most surprisingly, it is also helping many people with wireless network cameras. 

It is a Taiwanese company distributing its products to domestic and international markets such as China, Hong Kong, Europe, etc. 

Stay connected at home, office, or anywhere.

Now you do not have to wait for the WiFi connection in your home. AzureWave technology also gives you AzureWaveWiFi cards. With the help of this, you can stay connected at the office, home, or anywhere. 

There are different cards and modulus WiFi with which you can sign on to a wired or wireless network. When you are signed into this connection, your productivity will thus be increased. 

You can also find the benefits of Azure products and components. It helps work with local area networks or Bluetooth.


  1. Their products are fully tested and they meet the requirements and high standards of technology.
  2. Azurewave distributes its entire range of products globally with the three core values of design manufacturing and software support.
  3. They utilize innovative technology design and production processes to offer high-performance, high-quality products and scattering to the rapid development of wireless technologies.
  4. Azurewave is devoted to providing high-performance wireless modules.
  5. Azurewave products are exclusively designed for portable devices due to their low power consumption and micro package size.
  6. It possesses advantages such as compact size high reliability, cost-effectiveness, multi-system integration and convenient mass production.


  • A complete solution in module IC design can minimize complications for customers and shorten development on anticipating the future popularity of wireless technologies and Azurewave has definitely set its standards high to meet with demands of its customers.
  • Azurewave devoted itself to optimizing superior wireless connectivity on top of various applications including wireless HD audio and video transmission.
  • Wireless communications between C devices as well as direct and speedy Wi-Fi connections between multiple devices backed by specialized Rd capabilities in opt electronics and advanced material technology.
  • Azurewave has successfully developed ultra-thin camera modules which are thinner than LCD panels.
  • It enables the next wave of stylish slim notebooks while guaranteeing superior reliability EMI repression and anti-interference for 3G performance.
  • In addition, azurewave has partnered with industry leaders to jointly develop extended depth-of-field eat-off camera modules which can further extend the camera utilization to commercialization applications such as face tracking, face recognition, video conferencing, business card recognition and barcode recognition.
  • Moreover, the azure wave has utilized the h.264 video codec enabling interactive HD video solutions for various applications with comprehensive wireless connectivity and image processing.
  • Azurewave is committed to providing innovative module products for various kinds of wireless devices to create a convenient Wireless future.
  • Azurewave has launched modules that have left noteworthy impressions on buyers and technicians.
  • Azurewave has manufactured many products for the betterment of internet users and has contributed a lot in the field of electronic engineering.


Azurewave has established its name in the positive limelight and has succeeded itself in electronic engineering by launching amazing products and brilliant modules. Below are the modules that Azurewave possessed.

  1. Camera Modules:

Azurewave tech has manufactured its amazing 360 pan morph lens camera module for new advanced cameras, phones, and cameras used for filming any episodes or films. Any shooting or filming requires best vision virtual lens cameras that provide it with greater pictures with exclusive results and resolution. Azurewave has ensured buyers that this invention of theirs provides them with great quality that can capture almost 450 videos for live streaming and etc.

360 pan morph lenses are the only lenses that have left an amazing impression on buyers and have showcased great work with a great potential resolution. it is the only available lens in the market that comes with infinite features.

2. Wireless Modules:

Azurewave offers all three connecting modules for internet users with fast connectivity and amazing results. Customers enjoy their wireless services in the form of WLAN, WPAN, and WWAN. It consists of dual sockets, a stamp-like structural module, a moulding module and an audio SOM. Their wireless modules can instruct any app or software to turn on and off from any other connectivity.

3. IOT Module for AWS:

IoT is a resolving solution in the form of a mini electronic device that is connected to different heavy machines, objects and wifi networks to receive data. It is fast running module that can receive or send any data in the form of different versatile programming languages. Many electronic technicians use IOT modules for their input and output of working data systems. The IoT module is manufactured in a way that it provides you with the greatest longevity and stability.

4. MCU Modules:

MCU which stands for microprocessor unit is used for converting your daily running devices and software into IOT devices by using a WLAN connection.  People who found it difficult to run their devices in a typical programming language use MCU modules to convert their device programming into IOT in order to achieve their business tasks.


Following are the best-selling or best-manufactured products of Azurewave. These products have been used in worldwide and thus have enlarged its customers circle by launching different competitive products.

  • AzureWave AW-CU429: 

The above product is the improved and advanced version of the Bluetooth solution that offers simple and flexible access to hardware and software. its main features are Bluetooth chip, 32 MBIT flash, power input, an induced antenna and ETSI-approved which helps customers to have greater access to different devices whether connected to a laptop, PC, Smartphone even Apple series. its highly manufactured for different brands and hence is very portable and affordable.

  • AzureWave AW-CE123H: 

AzureWave AW-CE123H module is a combo solution for every problem related to connecting issues. it comes with an advanced Bluetooth system which enables customers to have access to the protective connection. it has improved wireless connections and speeding systems. It increases the rate and timing of data. The best thing about the above product is that it is 3mbps and 2mbps supported.

  • AzureWave AW-NB087H: 

The above product is specially designed for internet users, freelancers and businessmen who don’t like using hectic connections and devices to improve their data system speed. The above product is very easy to assemble and it saves a lot of time and offers great facilities to its users. it comes with a lever power absorber batter that prevents great power consumption.

  • AzureWave AW-NB037: 

The above product is the best launch product by azure waves as it is the best and easy solution for WLAN and WPAN users. It allows users to have a better internet connection and strong area connectivity that users really enjoy for example digital content. The most efficient feature of the above product is that it saves you money and time by preventing extra cable connections.

  • AzureWave AW-CB178NF:

The above product is hereby attached with Bluetooth and it provides a 2.5 GHZ Bluetooth system which basically supports Mbps for data in order to have better results for image viewing and sound listening.

  • AzureWave AW-CM235NF:

The above product is specially launched for Smartphone users to fix their sound issues and improve the frequency of their devices. It helps in strong connection and power consumption. It is a combo of the power amplifier and a low noise amplifier which enables users to enjoy audible sounds along with brilliant connectivity of connections.


Azureware has set its standard and name straight in getting fastened streams and gaming speeding in PS4 games. It provides PS4 with amazing modules and products that enable gamers and streamers to have a daily dose of entertainment through nonstop area-speeding connections without having the fear of being distracted because of poor and slow WLAN and WPAN connections.

The best-featured product launched by azure wave for PS4 is “wireless modules “ which certainly enables users to get experience of unstoppable speed along with protected assets without threats and risk. The validity of your gaming would be highly secure and protected through azure wave products.

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In conclusion, AzureWave is the best electronic supplier in the electronic market. Azure Ware has established its place in the digital market by manufacturing products and devices that have won buyers’ attention. Azure ware has offered solutions to different operating systems whether you are a Smartphone user or you have a laptop you can easily take advantage of its product range. From supplying different stable connections to producing effective modules azure wave has left a noteworthy impression on digital marketing.

It provides solutions to your connectivity problems. The data of your devices could only be protected through Azure ware electronic devices and products. Nowadays azure-ware is working on manufacturing and investing e Sims and soft Sims which means the future is in its hands. Overall we can sum up by above detailed report as “azure ware products and modules have made their way in digital world with its effective and brilliant performance “.


What products does Azurewave Technology Inc make?

They manufacture different versatile ranging products like connections for stability, and they have manufactured different modules and products such as Azurewave AW-CU429: Azurewave AW-CE123H: Azurewave AW-NB087H: Azurewave AW-NB037: Azurewave AW-CB178NF.

What devices use Azurewave Technology?

Many devices like Bluetooth, WLAN, WPAN, WWAN and many operating systems like laptops, apple series, smartphones and personal computers can easily use Azure ware technology.

What is the Azurewave device on my wifi?

The strong connection revolving around your wifi indicates that you have an Azure ware module. It comes in the form of wifi card for internet use.

What is Azurewave home automation?

After having access to Azurewave products, you have to set it as your default settings and afterwards, you will notice a stable connection around your device even in your area which is known as home automation.

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