How To Know Which Shenzhen Bilian device is on my WIFI.

Shenzhen device

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 01:36 pm

As we all know that we are living in a fast era of internet. The 21st century is already declared as the “Century of Advancement and Technology” by super giant China. China is not only covering the whole electronics market but also providing the best solutions for IOT based products.Around us, every manual thing that we are using in daily routine, is now converting in an automated product. From washing machine to stove, everything of daily use is now enhanced with help of wireless technology.

Different big organizations having multiple offices at different locations, are also using wireless technology to connect and communicate with employees. All type of data is moving around the world with the help of wireless technologies and IOT based systems.Shenzhen device is kind of a wireless device by Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Co Pvt, that is used in WIFI adapters and as a wireless module in IOT based systems.

About Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Company PVT Ltd:

Shenzhen Bilian Electronics is a company that is providing cloud WIFI modules, wireless chips smart home and networking devices and much more around the world. It has head office situated in Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China. The company was come to in exist in 1997 as an electronics company. It has 32 offices and distribution units in different countries around the world.The main reason of its popularity is its R & D and smart wireless networking devices and solutions.

What Devices does Shenzhen Make?

Shenzhen Bilian is world’s biggest Chinese company that is providing following products and services at home and corporate level:

  • Wireless Router.
  • Wireless Adapters.
  • Shenzhen Wireless Device.
  • Ethernet Switches.
  • USB Module.
  • Wireless Card Module.
  • Software Services.
  • Wireless Express Card.
  • Outdoor High-gain LAN.
  • Wireless USB Cards.
  • LAN Modules.
  • Network Card Modules.
  • WLAN USB Module.
  • Wireless Transmission.
  • Smart Networking Units.

You can find these products anywhere around the globe.

Why Does Shenzhen Device Attached on my WIFI?

As we know that Shenzhen Bilian PVT LTD is manufacturing different networking and wireless devices. So, it can be attached with your WIFI due to many reasons, either you are using Shenzhen device or not. Some of these reasons are following.

  • Sharing WIFI With Others:

If you are sharing your internet or WIFI connection with your neighbor, you can detect this issue. We know that all over network devices and computers are working on MAC Address. It is possible that your neighbor is using any device that have MAC Address related to Shenzhen Device.

  • Using Samsung Devices:

Samsung is using wireless modules of Shenzhen Bilian. You can detect the device if your WIFI is connected with any Samsung device.

  • Secure MAC Address:

For the sake of security, many devices try to attach with secure MAC Addresses. You can check for this easily by going into WIFI options. Go and reset it. The attached Shenzhen Device will be removed.

Why I cannot Remove the Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Device?

There are many reasons that you are unable to remove Shenzhen device from your WIFI. Some of these are stated below.

  • When you find the device, you try to remove the device. But the device will reconnect automatically. That’s why you are unable to remove Shenzhen Device.
  • You can not remove it because it is not ask for permissions before connecting.
  • If you are using any android device for connecting this device with your WIFI router, you can face this problem.

If you want to remove this device, you have to simply reset your WIFI router and change its name and password. Now connect the WIFI in your mobile. See you will not find any Shenzhen device connected to your router.

How can I check that Which Shenzhen Bilian device is on my WIFI?

You can check for connected devices in settings of your WIFI router by using web interface. In the WIFI settings page look for the options like “connected devices”, “attached devices” or “DHCP Clients”. In various WIFI routers you can find these options as:

  • Some routers will provide you the list of connected devices by DHCP.
  • In different Comcast Xfinity Routers, you can find a button below the “Attached Devices” option to get list.
  • In D-Link routers, the list of connected devices will be directly displayed on main screen.
  • In some cases, like if you are using Linksys Router, you can find the list under DHCP clients.

How do I Find a MAC address on my Network?

You can find MAC address on your Network by following the simple steps:

  • First of all, go to settings and open system preferences.
  • Now Click on Network.
  • Here are different options. Now click on preferred networks.
  • Chose the network connection with which you are connected.
  • Now Click on Advanced. Here is your MAC Address, that is listed as your WIFI Address.

What is Arrisgro Device on My Network?

Arrisgro Device is designed by Arris, that is used as a wireless bridge in a network. It is used to receive and transmit the signals to and from U-Verse wireless receivers. Either it is work in 5GHZ network band but it does not affect the 5GHZ WIFI connectivity.

Why is Espressif on my WIFI?

Espressif INC is an electronics company that is manufacturing wireless modules and smart home devices. If you found Espressif on your WIFI, it means any smart network device made by this company is attached with you WIFI. You can simply remove it by blocking unknown devices from your WIFI settings.

Conclusion of Shenzhen Bilian Electronics:

At the end of this article, we have leant a lot about Shenzhen Bilian Electronics PVT LTD. Now let we conclude it. It is a Chinese company that is manufacturing different smart network devices, wireless adapters, R&D modules and different type of communication devices.

The company is operating in 32 different countries in the world. It is providing daily networking, wireless and smart home devices, services and software to people and different organizations. We are using Shenzhen Devices in form of WIFI Routers, USB Modules, Bluetooth and LAN devices in our daily routine. We have tried to provide you all the information about this topic. Hope you will appreciate our efforts.

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