How To Know Your Stats For Spotify (Ultimate Guide) 2022

Stats For Spotify

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Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider like music,podcasts and video service founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek. It is one of the largest music streaming service provider with over 356 millionmonthly active users, as 158 million paying subscribers as of March 2021.

Spotify gives you access to millions of songs and other content from creators all over the world. Spotify is not just a great way to listen to your favorite songs,thanks to their taste algorithm. Spotify can help you discover your next favorite band, make suggestions for your playlist and so much more.

You can build collections of podcasts and music. Spotify is available on different devices like phones, tablets, computers, TVs, cars and speakers. Stats for Spotify music offers you the details about your most listened artists and tracks in the previous days at any time of the year.

By using this app you can know what you love listening to the most. You can easily make playlists of your all time favorite songs. Simply use the playlist maker and create playlists of your top tracks.

How to Login to Spotify

By using the mobile app

  1. Download the app from the play store or app store. Just write the Spotify in the search bar. This icon will looks like the green circle in the black rounded edge. And with black sound waves inside it.
  2. When the process of downloading is complete you just have to open the app. Then you will see the Login option and continue with phone Number, Continuewith Facebook, Email option.
  3. If you choose the Login option just enter your email and password. If you tapped on Continue with Facebook then you will be automatically logged in if your Facebook account linked with your Spotify account.

By using a Web Browser

  1. Open your Safari or Chrome Browser to login to the Spotify account. You have to type a web browser.
  2. The interface you will get with the different options. It’s up to you whatever you want to choose.
  3. Continue with Facebook
  4. Continue with Apple
  5. Continue with Phone Number
  6. Enter your email and password
  7. You will get the next page withoptions like: account overview, web player or a Logout option. Choose if you want to review your account page or launch the web player.
  8. If you want to log out you have to click on your profile name in the upper right corner then click on log out.

By using the desktop client

  1. Click on your Spotify app icon that you will find in your applications folder or start menu.
  2. You will see the 2 options like: sign up free or login. Click Login option.
  3. With the different Login method choose which you want. If you enter your email address and password then to continue click on Login.

You will see your radio stations, playlists and recently listened to music, once you have logged in.

Spotify Features

  • Spotify Stats

You will be able to see the top tracks and top artists of the last four weeks, previous six months and all time. They are offering the same for both Spotify basic and Spotify premium accounts. Whether you have basic Spotify or premium you can get recommendations based on your taste.

  • Spotify playlist maker

You can create Spotify playlists of your top tracks directly from the statistics for Spotify music,now you don’t have to make top tracks playlist by yourself. You just have to click on the top right corner, add a name of playlist then start adding songs of your choice.

  • Share with your friends

You can easily share your favorite, top tracks and artists with your friends. This is the great way to show your friends your favorite songs and artists. This app will helps you to share on many social media.

  • Recently played

It’s happens often when you accidentallyskipped a track, this app will help you to view your recently played songs and music.

  • Get the detail about the song and artists

You can easily get the complete information about the artists or songs. You just have to tap on the song name or artist to get more information about the artist or the track.

  • Plays songs on Spotify

Spotify will help you to access to millions of songs and other content from creators. Here you will get the huge range of music.

Top 5 Spotify Tools

Spotify music is one of the largest platforms that allows you to search for and listen to various types of music.

Here we will going to discuss 5 top tools for Spotify that can help you to use Spotify easily.

1. Organize your music

You can organize your music by different variables music tastes so just to show you what it looks like. You can type your favorite song in the search bar, it’s take a minute to load.Then first interface that you have is your track list to see.Then you will get all the songs which you liked. Here you will get the artist, genre of music and the released date and year of the song. This will help you to see which songs are the earliest.

2. Spotify audio analysis

They will do for any song that you pick it will break it down, the structure of the song and kind of visualize it out for you.


It’s one of the only ones that’s made officially by Spotify itself and it kind of gives you a breakdown of your favorite songs, artists and let’s you make some just kind of some cool statistics they didn’t see in the other sites.

4. Obscurify

The fourth one is obscurify. And obscurify is very fast because it tells you how obscure your music taste is.

5. Stats for Spotify

This will help you to look at the top tracks you have in the last four weeks, the last six months and of all time.

How to see your stats on Spotify

If you want to see your stats for Spotify from your android or IOS mobile, the following are some steps.
1. Go to “Home” and then select “Settings.”
2. In “Settings,” find the option of “Social” and select it.
3. Enable the “Recently played artists” slider.
4. Now go back to “Settings” and select “View Profile.”
5. Now you can see the three most recently played artists on your profile.

How to eliminate stats for Spotify from your Spotify account?

If you don’t want to let stats for Spotify remain connected to your Spotify account, you can easily remove it with just these simple steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Tap on the Account from the upper right corner of stats for Spotify, then you have to click on Mange Account.
  2. Tap on Data and personalization then click on Delete account.

Your stats for Spotify will be deleted automatically with all associated data will be deleted too from your Spotify account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q#1. How do I see my Spotify stats?

If you want to see these stats on Spotify, you have to open the Spotify mobile app and go to your profile. You can only see your recently played artists list underneath your display name or profile picture if you have switched on Recently Played artists in settings.

Q#2. Is stats for Spotify free and safe?

Yes, stats for Spotify is completely free because there are no one time payments or any membership fees. You just have to do is login to Spotify. Stats for Spotify is totally free as well as safe to use because stats for Spotify uses Spotify’s API to create your listening data. And it is used by app developers big and small and is totally safe.

Q#3. If Spotify is free, then how do they make money?

Like many other sites, stats for Spotify makes money through ads displayed on their website. Stats for Spotify also make money when we use their website and enjoy ourselves.

Q#4. Does Spotify have stats?

If you have your Spotify account you can check out your own listening stats at or you can check on the Spotify app. Here will be your most listened to artists, songs podcasts and genres of music even you can check how many minutes of song you have listened to. And you can also check out all music which you share on different social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Q#5. Q#5. Is stats for Spotify accurate?

The results for your stats for Spotify are not 100% accurate, but they can give you a good idea about your taste in music. While developing your stats for Spotify, it can only consider songs you listen to online and doesn’t count the songs you listen to while offline. It means that it misses a portion of what you like to listen.

Q#6. How does Spotify calculate the stats?

Spotify will count a song in your song rankings if you listen to it for more than 30 seconds.

Q#7. How can I check how many times I have listened to a particular song?

First, you have to update your application and then select the option “Home,” which is at the bottom of the app screen. Then, tap on the clock-like icon in the top-right corner to open your listening history page.

Q#8. How will I know if I am a top listener on Spotify?

If you are among any artist’s top 1% listeners, you will receive an email or a Spotify notification.

Q#9. What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify wrapped is a yearly personalized summary of your listening activity that Spotify sends to each user. It includes categories like the top song, top genre, top artist etc.

Q#10. What is Zodiac Affinity?

Spotify will let you choose your zodiac sign and then suggest five songs you would like based on it.

Final words

At the end, Spotify is now the world’s leading audio streaming service. Spotify let’s you to organize, discover and share over 60 million songs for free through different social media platforms. Spotify usually earn money from two ways including ad supported businesses and premium membership fees.

It is the most popular app all over the world. You can use it without any doubt and problem because this site is 100% safe and protected.

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