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Last updated on March 25th, 2024 at 09:51 pm

Crack Streams was a website originally launched to provide its users the illegal facilities which a normal website wouldn’t because of the copyright claims. Whenever we see any match, movie or anything which had some hype created before its release or when it is going to get on-air, the owner would share their rights with the channels or apps for telecasting them on TV or any other site, in return to heavy amounts.

The more the ratings and TRP, the more channels and broadcasters would earn. Other than this, there is nothing on television which is not copyrighted. On every commercial, show and movie, we find in the disclaimer that all rights are reserved by the production company. Without their permission, they would not let anyone telecast them or show their content on any platform.

All we see on social media and TV, everything is copyrighted, which means if you try to seal their material, they can sue you, or they can ban your platform by filing a complaint on any site. These rights are limited and it is upon the production copy in how much amount they sell to sell their material. If it gets a good response, then they even sell it at much higher rates to those broadcasters who come later.

This is benefiting the production companies even doubling their cost of production. Hence, the crack stream as mentioned earlier is the site, which provides you with illegal or unauthorized data that may be age-restricted or maybe something which is not permitted.

Crack streams were running at their peak when suddenly they were cracked down by various owners and they even spoke to media about this. The president of UFC coated that “he is going to take some legal actions against the biggest crack streams, where he would consult to the lawsuits for shutting them down. Suddenly, one day the whole streaming site was gone with just an error on screens.

Likewise, necessity is the mother of invention and many other crack sites were generated by hackers which are still running today illegally. In general, when we say that if they are getting shut down, that reflects that they are working against the copyright disclaimer and rules.

They don’t have any proper licenses to go on-air until they consult the main house. It is illegal in every way, there is nothing which can be said in its favour because they are financially hitting brands as far as they are providing people with free service but it’s not right.

One doesn’t know for how long that account on the crack stream sites is going to stay. When the main site was cracked down, social media was flooded with messages and rumours and all the stuff. The sites became unreachable and access was blocked for users.

How did crack streams harm production houses?

The rights are permitted are the production house because they are paying their casts, and they are covering the situation, matches, etc. which are later cashed by selling it to the broadcasters. If illegally they are streamed on any site like today, the streams we see on Facebook or YouTube, are prohibited later on, and they are shut down as far as the original company takes legal notice of it.

These streams damage their rights to get some views and popularize their channel on any social media. Similarly, today the streamers are clever in the sense that they keep switching their site every few minutes. In this way, they get their views, and they are also not banned or complained about rights.

For example, if we talk about any movie which is to be distributed and sold on DVD or to any channel or any theatre in return for money if that movie is streamed by any person from the theatre online then who will go to buy them?

In this way, some sports games are also streamed illegally which harms the costs of channels. They are banned by reporting them on the platform. In this way, the production houses after some losses conserve the remaining material from not being leaked by reporting the streams. The production cost paid by the investors, also faces huge losses from these online illegal streams.

Hit strikes on crack streams

When we talk about the crack streams, we know that by reporting those pages, the rights are conserved. The hits are the warnings given to the streamers to stop using someone else’s material. Earlier, it was just one strike and the channel was banned.

Later, the platforms changed their policies which were extended up to 3 strikes. After three strikes the channel was going to be banned. It was exceeded for the new streamers who didn’t know the rights issues. The warning strikes can save one’s channel from getting banned.

They are just to warn the streamer to stop illegally using someone else’s content and after the crackdown, the email you used on that site will not again be used for the same purpose on any site. Where you will have to make a new email address and new account to get streaming on the equally illegal alternatives.

Why crack stream was knocked down?

Due to the huge losses and dozens of cases on the website, the site was banned a couple of years ago and was used to illegally stream content like matches of different games like NBA, Cricket matches, NFL, and TV shows of various kinds and different movies were also being streamed on the website.

What are the alternatives to cracker streams?

After the main sight was knocked off and shut down, the viewers searched for again illegal sights because they didn’t have to pay for the content on the site. They would pay several dollars to watch the matches, shows, etc. Every month, they used to get a subscription renewal to watch their favourite shows online. The crack streams saved a lot of money as far as it was banned. The other alternatives like it include:

  • Stream2watch
  • The Sport Surge
  • fubo TV
  • Live TV
  • CricHD Live
  • VIP league

The legal streamers today are those who pay the production houses to get their content, and they also get a lot of wealth from it. Like, we see in the pandemic days, when all the theatres, etc. were closed and no one was even allowed to come out of their houses.

The various live streamers and apps get the advantage. They provided a monthly subscription to people to watch various shows through their platform.

They include Amazon Prime, Hot star, Netflix, etc. which were selling their shows worldwide, and they were paid a lot in millions of dollars. The best sports channels which were streaming their matches were ESPN Live, Ten Sports, etc.

Which were working under the channel which bought the rights from the broadcasters, etc. This costs about a few dollars in double figures but not much but unlimited watching at any time in the day.

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What is a VIP League?


Hence, if you are looking for illegal and free content where you don’t have to pay much then use any premium or free VPN apps which change your location and also provide you the content, which is prohibited in some countries like some countries due to their government issues, don’t allow their content to be shown in various areas.

So you can watch it. Similarly, you can watch the content but not complete as far as the strike hits or reported by the original production houses which hold the rights and sometimes limited rights too. You will face several connection problems and link problems too. While on legal apps, you can watch unlimited and uncut content anytime and anywhere.

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