What Is IncidentalSeventy? Need To Know Everything.

What Is IncidentalSeventy Need To Know Everything.

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An Incidental character named Incidental 70 makes their debut in the episode “Pickles.” His accidental kind is unclear at the moment. Episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants frequently feature supporting players who have an influence. After a 20-year absence, Incidental 70—the character who announces, “H-h-hey, SpongeBob’s back!”—finally made an appearance on The Patrick Star Show. 

Although he wasn’t the only adored SpongeBob supporting character, he seemed to amass more fans than the other SpongeBob fish. He has a fantastic catchphrase, and his personality stands out above the others! His previous appearance was in “Christmas Who” from Season 2 of SpongeBob, but “The Yard Sale” is what brings him back.

What Is Incidental Character?

A generic background or supporting figure is known as an incidental, and they are also typically identified by numbers or, in exceptional circumstances, by letters. Depending on the episode, the majority of their names, voices, occupations, relationships, personalities, ages, and, in rare cases, genders may change. Minor characters that have been designated or utilized as incidental at least once also fall under this category.

Availability Of Incidental 70

The model sheet for one incidental from a larger group—Incidental 70 from the “F__” incidental group, created for the episode “Culture Shock”—that hasn’t yet been made publicly available was posted on August 1, 2017, by storyboard artist Adam Paloian on his Twitter account. 

Vincent Waller posted three of the key accidental model sheets on his Twitter account on February 8, 2018. The exact creation date of the three incidental sheets provided is unknown, although they are also used in the SpongeBob episode “Goons on the Moon.” The “A__” incidentals sheet for the feature film The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water was also posted by Waller on January 20, 2020. 

The character designs for the “HB__” incidentals, created for the Season 11 episode “Karen’s Virus,” were uploaded by Adam Paloian on November 4, 2018, to his Twitter account. In January 2019, he also shared the model sheet for the “EHS__” incidentals, the majority of which were created for “The Nitwitting,” though some are recycled character designs from earlier. 

Although there are evident gaps in the model sheets in terms of the incidental numbers, the asset disc for SuperSponge led to the discovery of the model sheets for many of the “200” incidentals (the residents of Rock Bottom from its self-titled episode).

Description of Incidental Seventy

He is a short, light-tanned fish in his natural state (058 with a darker (498) back). He features a beak-like mouth, a reddish-brown (496) dorsal fin, and a round, plump potbelly. He has been seen in a few instances with a dorsal fin that is dark brown in hue and a color palette that is more orange than his usual tan color, although this shape was never thought to be typical for him.

Major Roles Of Incidental Seventy

During the first two seasons, Incidental 70 made nine appearances before disappearing from the show for more than 20 years. In the “The Yard Sale” episode of The Patrick Star Show, he ultimately made a comeback. In the later episode, “Potato Puff,” from season 13 of the main series, he made a comeback. The majority of appearances are in silent supporting parts. He has only appeared in two speaking parts so far, and his original intent was to be a Krusty Krab patron.


When he glances through the window of the Krusty Krab while passing by, he sees SpongeBob has returned. SpongeBob is back, he says as he presses his fin on the glass. This draws a large number of other fish.

In Walking Small

After SpongeBob has finished waving the sand towel at the beachgoers, he is seen furiously exiting the area.

April fools

Throughout Squidward’s terrible joke on SpongeBob, he is seen to be both upset and concerned. He also gives Squidward a look when he says he was joking.

Your shoes aren’t tied.

“Bubble Buddy” is a participant in the uprising against Squidward and is later seen departing the Krusty Krab. When he realizes that SpongeBob has been waiting in line for Bubble Buddy in the restroom, he glares at SpongeBob.

The question “Christmas Who?”

In the original storyboard, he can be seen pleading with Squidward to leave the house and celebrate Christmas.

The Patrick Star Show, “Just in Time for Christmas”

When Patrick finds the monkey mermaid at the fair, he is spotted passing by while donning a t-shirt with the number 70.

Shrinking Stars 

He makes an appearance in GrandPat’s video game when he accidentally runs him over while riding his scooter.

Incredible Journey

He makes an appearance in “Incredible Journey” at Tinkle’s funeral, where he emerges from Old Man Walker’s hat to calm GrandPat down after he protests that the funeral is for a toilet.

In “The Drooling Fool”

He is shocked when Patrick’s drool pours into the town.

Karate Choppers

At the end of the lengthy line of clients at the cafeteria in episode 12, he can be seen.

Valentine Day 

He may be seen moving about the Valentine’s Day Carnival in the song “Valentine’s Day.”

Walking Small 

After SpongeBob throws sand on the beach, he furiously walks away. He appears in the final wide view of Beachgoers in episode 20.

Facts About Incidental Seventy

In the “Pickles” movie’s closing credits, he is referred to as “Customer #1.” Leo Laifa’s Season 14 advertising artwork for the program features Incidental 70 and Incidental 40, both of whom are credited as storyboard artists. 

Incidental 70 was seen standing next to Incidental 40 in Pickels, who is giving Squidward an order at the Krusty Krab, but what appears to be a caricature of Leo himself assumes the appearance of an octopus janitor with a French accent who resembles Squidward and attempts to misinterpret Incidental 40s order as a request from Mr. Krabs.

In the episode of The Patrick Star Show called “Just in Time for Christmas,” he makes an appearance wearing a shirt with the number “70” on it as a nod to his model number.

Dave Cunningham stated that Incidental 70 would return to the series before the first episode of “The Yard Sale” aired.

Other Famous Incidentals

Some of the other famous incidentals are

  1. Frequently used incidentals 

Incidental 1 (Fred)

Incidental 6

Incidental 7

Incidental 8

Incidental 37A

Incidental 37B

Incidental 40

Incidental 41

Incidental 42

Incidental 45

Incidental 46

Incidental 48

Incidental 49

Incidental 83 (Old Man Walker)

Incidental 103

Incidental 104

Incidental 106

Incidental 107

Incidental 152

  1. Most liked incidentals 

Incidental 24A

Incidental 33

Incidental 62

Incidental 66

Incidental 70

Incidental 71

Incidental 88

Incidental 89

Incidental 96

Incidental 97

Incidental 98

Incidental 99

Incidental 100

Incidental 101

Incidental 109

Incidental 111

Incidental 118A

Incidental 141

Incidental 142

Incidental 143

Incidental 161

Incidental 162

Incidental 163

Incidental 164

Incidental 166

Incidental 168

Incidental 169

Incidental 171

Incidental 172

Incidental 173

Incidental 175

Incidental 176

Incidental 177

Incidental 178

Incidental 179

Incidental 180

Incidental 182

Incidental 183

Incidental 184

Incidental 185

Incidental 186

Incidental 187

Incidental 188

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In the diverse cast of personalities, Incidental 70, lovingly referred to as “Customer #1” in the Pickles episode, stands out as a cherished character. He won over SpongeBob SquarePants fans with his unusual appearance and catchphrase, “H-h-hey, SpongeBob’s back!” Despite only being a supporting role, he was able to develop a devoted fan base over time.

He and other incidental characters, who frequently appear in different roles and circumstances throughout the series, lend complexity and fun to the SpongeBob universe. His mysterious persona—complete with shifting appearances and sporadic speaking roles—only enhances how endearing he is.

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