Soulstone Survivals Ritual Of Love – Complete Guide.

Soulstone Survivals Ritual Of Love

Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 09:37 pm

With its most recent content patch for the highly regarded action roguelite Soulstone Survivors, Game Smithing Limited has once again captured the attention of the gaming community in the ever-evolving world of gaming, where originality knows no boundaries. 

With the “Omen of Spring Update,” a brand-new update that promises to immerse players in a world of love, magic, and limitless possibilities, the gaming experience has been elevated to a whole new level.

Popular action roguelike Soulstone Survivor’s Ritual of Love tests your ability to endure in a hostile, magical, and monster-filled environment. There are several areas, opponents, talents, and secrets throughout the game that may be found and unlocked. The Ritual of Love, a rare occasion that might bestow upon you extraordinary seasonal abilities and achievements, is one of the mysteries. 

The mysteries of the Ritual of Love challenge and the amazing powers it bestows upon the winners will be revealed when we dive deeply into the update’s core in this article.

Ritual Of Love Challenge 

The Valentine’s Day event Ritual of Love was first made available in the Omen of Spring upgrade in 2023. The occasion is modeled after an old ritual that employed the potency of the rare Soulstone. A magical diamond with the power to mend broken hearts, lead its bearer, and bring lovers back together.

At first look, the Ritual of Love task can seem overwhelming, but have no fear—it holds the key to obtaining the highly sought-after seasonal abilities. Enter the ethereal world of Whispering Grove in the game to begin this amazing journey. Your attention will be pulled to a heart-shaped item situated in the bottom left of your spawning spot as you move across this ethereal environment. Friends, this heart is the key to calling upon none other than Cupid.

To destroy eight Camor’s Pylons in a single game is the main goal of the Ritual of Love challenge. By enlisting the aid of Cupid, the romantic archer, completing this seemingly Herculean endeavor is rendered pleasantly simple. Let Cupid’s charmed arrows reach their target on the Pylons; he has a true aim, and your purpose is plain. These Pylons are heart-adorned totems that are plainly identifiable, giving them an easy target for Cupid’s arrows.

There are three separate accomplishments in this challenge, and if you take up the task on Curse Intensity 34, you may complete all three of them at once.

Start of the Ritual

To begin the Ritual of Love, do the following:

Get to Know Your Characters

Start by developing close relationships amongst your characters. It’s important to grasp each player’s personality, capabilities, and limitations in addition to rising.

Find Soulstones

The secret to this ceremony is soul stones. Gather them through completing tasks, going on adventures, or taking down imposing opponents.

Add Love Energy

After you’ve acquired soul stones, breathe loving energy into them. Because the potency of this energy will alter your characters’ skills, this action demands careful deliberation.

Sync Up Your Team

Make sure everyone on your team is communicating with one another. Their conduct in war needs to reflect their affection for one another.

Tips To Pass Ritual Of Love Challenge

Any player who wishes to open new accomplishments and skills in Soulstone Survivors can do so by completing the Ritual Of Love in Soulstone Survivors. To ensure the event’s success, however, there are a few guidelines and procedures that must be followed.

The map of Grove

By eliminating three bosses from the previous map, two from the previous map, and so on, you may unlock the third map in the game. The spring-themed map offers both new common and elite adversaries.

Financial Infusion

The injection procedure shouldn’t be hurried. To optimize the influence of your soul stones, carefully consider when and how to channel love energy into them.

A powerful tool and expertise

The monster and his henchmen are invulnerable. Therefore, you will be up against them. You’ll also need a weapon and skill set that will allow you to survive and do indirect damage. You might, for instance, employ a Shard of Chaos or Crossbow or another weapon with a high rate of fire or penetrating effect. You can also employ abilities like Frost Nova or Shockwave to stun or slow down foes.

Equilibrate Your Team

Make sure the characters on your squad have a range of skills. This harmony will make the ceremony more powerful.

Any degree of a curse

This controls the game’s difficulty level, which may be changed before beginning a run. The game gets harder but also offers greater rewards as the Curse Intensity increases. You can complete the Ritual of Love at any Curse Intensity. Still, you must do so in order to obtain all three accomplishments simultaneously. And you ought to perform it at 34 or greater Curse Intensity.

Permanent Bonding

The ceremony is repeated on a regular basis. Make your characters’ connections stronger over time to get access to new skills and abilities.

Rewards For Completing The Ritual Of Love Challenge

After completing the Ritual of Love challenge, players are awarded three exceptional seasonal talents that are sure to revitalize their Soulstone Survivors experience. Let’s examine each of these amazing skills in more detail.

Break-Up Orbs

Heartbreak Orbs, the first of these enchanting abilities, has a fitting name. It summons three radiant orbs that gracefully fly through the air in a curved trajectory when it is triggered. These spheres launch a quick attack that does 80 points of damage upfront when they come into contact with your enemies. 

They also give the unfortunate opponents they contact a persistent bleed state effect, so that’s not all. Over 10 seconds, this evil bleed progressively deals 180 more damage points to your opponents, sending them reeling in pain.

Devastating strike

The powerful, Heartrending Strike is another gift given to individuals who complete the Ritual of Love. With the help of this active talent, you may launch a powerful melee attack and cut through your opponents in whatever direction you choose. It deals an immediate 220 points of significant damage upon contact. However, this skill’s true brilliance resides in its capacity to turn every layer of bleeding on your victim into the terrifying condition known as Hemorrhage.

Unlike any other debuff, Hemorrhage deals progressive harm over ten seconds. The real killer, however, is that there is a 40% chance that the unrelenting Hemorrhage will inflict more agonizing damage on the subject every time they make the smallest movement. It’s a talent that will make your opponents second-guess taking a step.

Arron Camor

The breathtaking Camor’s Arrow comes next. When used, a massive arrow from the skies falls with divine accuracy against the place you have selected as your target. This heavenly missile impacts its target and does a whopping 3,000 damage points to all opponents in its path. Additionally, your enemies are temporarily stunned for two seconds by the strike, rendering them helpless. They also suffer from the same bleeding condition, which results in an extra 600 points of damage in 10 seconds. Never before has love’s destructive power been so great!

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Finally, Game Smithing Limited’s Omen of Spring Update for Soulstone Survivors is evidence of the business’s dedication to providing top-notch gaming experiences. You are ready to go off on an adventure packed with love, magic, and relentless action now that you have the Ritual of Love challenge and the three remarkable seasonal skills at your disposal.

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