What is Fear and Hunger 2 Masturbation Skill? A Complete Guide 

Fear and Hunger 2 Masturbation Skill

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Explore the new game “Fear & Hunger 2: Termina,” made by Miro Haverinen and released on December 9, 2022. It is a mix of jRPG and Survival Horror, where you take turns in battles and manage your resources. Discover different skills in this mysterious world, from regular ones to special spells.

Regular skills are the basic things your character can do, and spells are like magical powers. They are not just for playing; they change the game’s story. We will talk about how to get these skills and become a master at using them. 

In this guide, let us explore these skills, figure out how to get them, and become really good at using them. We will also discuss some unique characters with special skills. Stay tuned!

Regular Skills in Fear & Hunger 2

In Fear & Hunger 2, your character’s journey begins with the choices you make when picking your character and talking in the beginning. There are 14 contestants in the Termina Festival, each having their own special skills. 

You can unlock regular skills by winning battles against them. These skills are closely connected to the defeated contestant’s souls. They give you different abilities for fighting and other useful things, making the game more complex and interesting. 

So, when you play and win these battles, you not only move the story forward but also get special abilities that make your character unique.

Spells in Fear & Hunger 2

In Fear & Hunger 2’s magical world, spells become important. There are six gods, and spells are like magical keys to open special doors. To use these spells, players need to become friends with these gods. 

Some spells may need players to be friends with more than one god. Having spells in the game adds a smart part, letting players use powerful magic on their journey through Termina. As you play more, getting these spells becomes a big part of your character getting stronger.

Deciding which spells to get and learning how to use them makes the game more interesting. Choosing which gods to be friends with or if you want to be friends with many gods is a part of the game’s fun. 

Spells and how your character grows are connected, making each time you play Fear & Hunger 2 a special and magical experience.

Learning New Skills in Fear & Hunger 2

In Fear & Hunger 2, you can learn new skills with the help of the Hexen, a magical being. To get these skills, you use a Soul Stone each time you want to learn something. The Hexen is a guide that helps make your character stronger. 

Some skills are just for your main character, while everyone in your group can use others. Figuring out which skills to learn and who should use them is an important part of the game. It makes you think and plan how to make your characters better.

The connection between the Hexen, Soul Stones, and your character’s growth makes Fear & Hunger 2 more than just a game. It turns it into a journey where you have to make smart decisions and plan ahead.

Discovering the Skills of 5 Unique Characters

Dank (Black Soul)

  • Daan can check dead bodies to find their weak spots. This helps him figure out better ways to deal with similar enemies later. He can do this anytime in the game without using anything.
  • Daan can take organs from dead bodies. It might sound weird, but in this world, it is something doctors do. He can use these organs later to cure certain problems. Just like Diagnosis, he can do this for free anytime in the game.
  • With this skill, Daan uses the organs he collects to heal problems. This does not cost anything and can be done anytime in the game.
  • Daan can stand in a special way to be more accurate. Doctors use this stance during surgeries to keep their hands steady. It needs 5 Minds to do.
  • Daan can study an enemy’s body to find weak spots, usually targeting the head. This needs 20 Minds.
  • When things get really tough, Daan can sacrifice one of his own limbs to bring a friend back to life during a fight. This is a big deal and requires 50 Minds and sacrificing one of Daan’s body parts. It shows how much Daan cares about helping his friends, even if it costs him a lot.

Samarie (Radiating Soul)

  • Samarie can do a powerful ritual where she gives a lot of her own blood in special circles. This makes her connect more with Gro-goroth, the god of destruction. It is a deep bond she forms by sacrificing almost all of her body.
  • Samarie does a personal act, which is Masturbation, that makes her connect more with Sylvian when she does it in special circles. This act is quite liked by the priests of the Vatican, especially when combined with blood sacrifice. Surprisingly, doing this in the normal world does not cost anything.

Henryk (Suffocated Soul)

  • Henryk can make his hunger go down slower when he is just walking around. This does not cost anything and works in the normal world.
  • Henryk is really good at using melee weapons. This makes him better at hitting things when he swings a weapon. It is something he is naturally good at, and you do not have to do anything for it to work.
  • Henryk knows some special recipes for meals like Goulash+ (DEF UP), Meatpie+ (STR UP), Vegetable Pie+ (EVA UP), and Mushroom Stew+ (EVA UP). He is great at cooking and can make meals that give you extra benefits, like making you stronger or better at avoiding hits. This skill is useful in the normal world, and you do not have to spend anything to use it.

Caligura (Decrepit Soul)

  • Caligura can take things from enemies by being sneaky. It is a bit risky, but you might find useful things. You do not need anything special to do this.
  • Caligura can make talking more powerful by scaring opponents in a fight, especially if they are not very strong mentally. This makes talking more effective. You do not have to do anything special to use this; it happens automatically.
  • Caligura’s strong vibe of wanting to hurt others makes weak enemies run away when you are just walking around. It is a natural way of making sure you do not have to deal with them. You do not have to do anything for this to work.
  • Caligura knows how to make a Pipe Bomb. In a time of war, being smart with what you have is important. Making explosives from everyday things can be helpful in a fight. You do not need anything special to do this either.

August (Tormented Soul)

  • Sometimes, August gets super pumped and aggressive, going into a kind of trance. It is an old skill from where he is from, Oldegard. Doing this uses up 10 points of his mental strength.
  • August has a bit of a wild side. He can eat up the bodies of enemies when he is just wandering around. No need to press any buttons for this; it happens on its own.
  • August can shout really loud to make enemies only focus on him. It is like he is challenging them to come at him instead of going after his friends. This skill does not use up anything.
  • August’s strong will to stay alive lets him keep going even when he is almost beaten. It is like he just refuses to give up. Using this skill takes 10 points of his mental strength.

Karin (Endless Soul)

  • Karin’s “Making Friends” skill helps her talk to bad guys at the start of a fight without using up her turns. 
  • Usually, talking in a fight takes up a turn, but not with this skill. Karin can talk without waiting, which is handy.
  • Instead of fighting right away, Karin’s skill lets her try to talk things out first. She IS all about finding peaceful solutions before throwing punches.
  • Karin’s smart skills help her to understand what kind of person she is up against. It helps her talk the right way to different enemies.
  • Since talking does not use turns, it gives Karin a good start in fights. She can look around, learn things, or maybe even team up with enemies if she talks nicely.
  • Talking with enemies can change how the game’s story goes. Karin’s choices in talking can make the game more interesting.

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Traveling through Fear & Hunger 2: Termina opens up a world of special abilities that shape how your characters experience the game. Split into regular skills and spells, these powers make the game more interesting and magical. 

When you explore the special abilities of characters like Daan, Samarie, Henryk, Caligura, and August, you discover unique skills that make the game even more interesting. Each character’s skills add to the story, giving a mix of planning, uniqueness, and depth.

Fear & Hunger 2 becomes more than just a game; it turns into a journey where your choices, plans, and character growth create a magical and memorable experience. Now, step into this magical world, discover the mysteries of skills and spells, and let the exciting adventure begin.

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