What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

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Instagram has become the most popular social media platform in recent years. It has over 2 billion users in less than fifteen years. Although, Instagram annoys people sometimes because it does not have a download feature. It means you can watch amazing reels and photos but cannot download them.

Many websites allow users to watch accounts anonymously and download whatever they want from other Insta profiles. Picnob is one of the best among all these Instagram downloader and viewer websites. I will share a complete review of Picnob in my blog, including its features, advantages, and alternatives. 

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What is Picnob?

Picnob is an online platform that is used to stalk Instagram profiles anonymously. It is a famous website with many unique features. One of the fascinating features and a reason for fame is the downloading option. This website is available in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, French, and more.

Every Insta fan loves Picnob because it is a downloader and a hashtag generator. This feature is quite beneficial for influencers or businesses to trend on Instagram.

How To Get Started With Picnob?

Using Picnob is pretty easy; here is the stepwise guide to getting started with Picnob:

1. Use a good browser such as Google, Opera and Microsoft Edge,
2. Visit the Picnob website,
3. You do not need to create an account to access Picnob’s features,
4. Simply write the username in the search bar,
5. Explore the profile of the user,
6. Click on the download button below posts,
7. These images or videos will directly save on your device.

Advantages of Picnob

picnob instagram viewer and downloader
What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

There are many benefits of using Picnob, some of them are the following:

Fast Speed

The speed of Picnob’s website is quite faster than other free websites. You can use it without browsing.


Picnob never shows Instagram users that someone stalked their profile. They will never know; you can anonymously view and download their media.

Fast Download

The downloading speed of Picnob is surprisingly fast. It will take a few seconds, and the file will be saved on your device.

Free Website

Picnob is free to use. You do not have to create an account before using it.


Picnob is a simple website with easy-to-use features.


Images and videos downloaded by Picnob are always of high quality.

Downside of Picnob

The following is the downside of using Picnob:

Picnob has annoying ad pop-ups that will disturb you during stalking.


The domain of Picnob will be expired in six months.

Illegal Website

There is a question mark on the legitimacy of this website.

Top 10 Alternatives To Picnob

Several Instagram downloaders and viewers are available on the internet. Here is the list of the top 10 alternatives to Picnob:

1. Picuki

What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

Picuki tops my list of the ten best alternatives to Picnob. The website is an all-in-one place to access Insta IDs without letting them know. Picuki shows you a public trending account, hashtags, and more. 

You can also rate Instagram accounts according to your like and dislike.  Picuki also has an editing feature where users can edit their Insta posts to get more likes.

Link: https://www.picuki.com/

2. Gramhir

What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

Gramhir is another alternative to Picnob. This platform allows people to view stories, posts, videos, and performances of Instagram public accounts. 

It also provides a platform for fans to rate Youtubers and Instagram influencers. Whether you want to create a hashtag or view a profile, Gramhir is a great platform!

Link: https://gramhir.com/

3. Iganony

What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

Iganony is an online tool to watch and download Insta stories anonymously. This website has a sleek design with a dark theme. Iganony is free to use and compatible with both smartphones and PC. 

You can use Iganony without login and register. Enjoy stalking your loved ones using Iganony!

Link: https://iganony.io/

4. Instaxyz

What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

Instaxyz is a similar website to Picnob. This platform allows you to check the stats, posts, and comments of other Insta accounts. It also displays the popular tags on the bottom section of the website.

Instaxyz should be your go-to destination to view posts and videos in HD quality.

Link: https://instaxyz.com/

5. StorySaver

What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

StorySaver is another tool used to watch Instagram accounts anonymously. However, it only allows users to download the stories and highlights from the profiles of users. 

It is not better than Picnob, but it is still a good alternative if you are only interested in the Insta story section.

Link: https://www.storysaver.net/

6. Imginn

What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

Imginn is a free tool for watching Instagram accounts without having a profile on that platform. You can view your friends’ stories, posts, and profile pictures without their awareness.

Imginn has a simple website with one search bar at the center. This website is not eye-catching but works correctly.

Link: https://imginn.com/

7. InstaDP

What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

Another similar website to Picnob is InstaDP. This website has different sections for various features such as DP downloader, video downloader, photos downloader, and stories downloader.

The website of InstaDP is available in eight distinct languages for non-native users. You can learn more from the FAQ section of the InstaDP’s website.

Link: https://instadp.io/

8. Watchinsta

What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

Do you ever want to visit a private Insta profile? If the answer is yes, then Watchinsta is the right place for you.

This website claims to show you photos and videos of private users. You can also download media from these accounts using WatchInsta.

Link: https://watchinsta.com/

9. IGLookup

What Is Picnob? How To Use? Advantages And Disdvantages

IGLookup is an eye-catching and easy-to-use platform for spying on private users of Instagram. This website is free to access and easily available in every country.

IGLookup has one flaw users cannot download media; they can only view it. However, the quality of content is satisfying, making it a good Insta viewing website.

Link: https://www.iglookup.online/

10. MyStalk

MyStalk falls last on our top 10 Picnob alternatives list, but it does not devalue the website. In fact, MyStalk is one of the oldest free websites that allow users to watch Instagram stories while the account owner is unaware.

It is a simple but eye-catching website with millions of users. MyStalk is specifically designed to stalk your crush.

Final Verdict:

Picnob is a free tool that helps many people to watch and download data from others’ Instagram accounts. It sounds entertaining, but it can also lead to cybercrime. If you want to use Instagram downloaders and viewer tools, you must not use them for the wrong purpose. Furthermore, you must explore the other similar websites from the list mentioned above of the top 10 picnob alternatives.+

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Is Picnob safe and legal?

Picnob is a third-party website that scrapes Instagram user data, making it illegal. This is not a safe website and needs to gain people’s trust. If you want to use Picnob, you must download a VPN to hide your IP address.

How can I save my Insta Account to be displayed on third-party apps?

Cyber crimes are increasing, and everyone should protect their online safety. Saving your profiles requires you to make them private. 

Does Picnob have an Android Application? 

Picnob is only available as a website. There is no news about the Android and iOS application launch. However, you will know through their website if they develop an app.

Is Picnob down today, May 2023?

Picnob works correctly in every country; hopefully, it won’t be down. If Picnob is not working in your area, try to use a VPN or refresh your webpage.

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