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In this perforated report we shall be emphasizing on facts revolving around Asmongold personal life, his relationship with his family, his linking relationship with co gamer and twitch steamer pink sparkles, how their relationship ended and how he became world’s highest paid steamer from a poor background and now ruling over the world.

1. Who is Asmongold ?

The real name of Asmongold is known as Zack and in terms of profession he is known as Asmongold. The name was suggested by twitch founder after acknowledging zack passion towards games and streaming. He then becomes the highest paid you tuber and steamer. He currently has known for playing world of war craft. He is the founder of world’s most entertaining and purchased game one true king.

Asmongold age: He is 31 years old.

Asmongold net worth: His estimated net worth is $ 3 billion.

Asmongold twitter : His Twitter handle is Zack (@Asmongold).

Asmongold reddit : Asmongold – reddit

2. Asmongold as a content creator.

Apart from being steamer and you tuber he is also a content creator in his own co founded steaming gaming platform known as one true king. He created a group and invited others content creator as well and together they all are producing and inventing new gaming streaming platforms for gamers who are passionate about gaming and want to learn about streaming through different gaming courses leads by asmongold and his content creators team .

The surprising fact about this group is they all were at some point struggled to survive, were homeless and now gathered together at a platform to promote gaming a learning from it. The idea behind one true king was of course asmongold he wanted to have a team who has same struggling spirit as he has and same passion towards gaming.

3. Asmongold relationship with Twitch (Main lead from failure to success).

Asmongold is Asmongold because of twitch. For knowing asmongold it is important to know twitch. Because of twitch a homeless guy was raised to touch the skies of success. Twitch is a gaming streaming platform which allows gamers and steamers to gather on one platform and show their gaming abilities along with gaming they even are allowed to post live gaming streaming.

you tubers can earn in millions through live gaming streaming and it thus opens doors to others passionate gamers as well .asmongold first gained popularity and become a successful streamer from his YouTube channel by posting gaming and streaming videos .

He was twitch member since the year 2014 and was acknowledged as a world of war craft steamer . He was very anxious and boost to hear the announcement regarding the idea of enlarging war craft in to classic version and for that he later appointed as senior and highest paid steamer .

Upon the broadcast of classic version of war craft he gained massive popularity and people started appointing him as steamer an he got offers from different steaming platform to work with them and promote their gaming platforms but he stuck to war craft classic for a long time with sincerity and passion regarding to gaming.

His biggest achievement till now was being the spokesperson and vocal person being highest paid steamer and gaming brand ambassador during the release of most famous shadow lands.

  • Being constant for delivering content: He is always active on his gaming streaming and is constantly posting about gaming content without taking a break of single day . he once told during his live streaming session that “ even if the content of whole world expires I still be giving new content everyday “
  • For being in headlines for all negative and positive perspective: He is constantly in headlines for all good and bad reason. He is the talk of the town he is always grabbing attention and his popularity is increasing day by day.
  • Being vocal about his own opinions: He has been very opiniated throughout his gaming career. He has been very controversial regarding his opinions. You never know what he can say and promote during live steaming session. if he says something related to cons then the subject is shifted towards his sense of opinion . he is considered as the ruler of live sessions that’s why people always tries to impress him and keeps good equations with him because their whole careers are only depending on his opinions .
  • Being super supportive to young steamers: He has been very appreciable to his young fellow steamers he has supported many young steamers even those who had no chance of gaining popularity and gaming experience. During a live session he has said that “I love people reaching out to me from nowhere having any experience and too poor to unprivilege to even have a internet connection but are hopeful that they will have good days ahead of them and wants to learn about my field and gaming streaming. I adore people who were zero at start and now they are earning millions with my time advice and little support , “
  • Being intelligent in knowing about his field: He has been very keen in his field. He has not broken any work rule and ethics not even for a single day. He has been very passionate about gaming and streaming. he goes on every promotion related to his genre and has been super supportive an loyal to his team .

5. Asmongold is love and hated in equal measure.

Asmongold is enjoyed an hated in the same way by millions of people. He is loved by many because of his passion and humbleness but same hand he is being hate by many fir being too vocals about his opinion and handling gaming position being too clever and it has led him towards popularity half of the audience love seeing him half of the audience doesn’t want to see him . He is the powerful combination of likeness and dislikeness.

6. Light on his personal belongings.

Family Wise:

He is dedicated to his family. He loves his parents and he shares a very pure bond with his father and has been very open about his equation with his father in his live sessions as well. His father had been seen appreciating him in some of his videos. Asmongold has been very expressive when it comes to showing his love for is mother.

Professional Wise:

He has been popular for his work ethics and untiring hours that he offers to his team through gaming streaming sessions. He is the face of gaming streaming throughout the world. At this age he has gained a lot of popularity and it all happened because of his profession. He is the brand face of gaming streaming not only this he has been awarded with the title of best steaming gamer world wide.

Appearance Wise:

Dark brown hair and eyes.

Income Wise:

With 19.830 subscribers he has a viewership of 29.310 viewers which certainly means that he earns $7,500 USD per month. This excludes his other streaming sessions, his courses, his sponsorship, subscription, advices, counseling and ads

Streaming And Working Hours:

He has not a definite working hours but his best performance was the session that he lead for 22 hours straight.

His Girlfriend:

Asmongold dated pink sparks for one and half year. they both belongs to same profession which means both are top rated streamers but pink sparks decided to quit streaming career due to some major personal issues . This happened straight after the streaming couple decided to part ways.


I don’t think that there’s any sort of defined way to stream. If you can go in with a new idea towards streaming with and go into making content with, whenever you do that, you’re probably going to do better than people who go in with that idea… My advice is to try to do two things: to educate, and to entertain if you can give that to people, I think that you’re definitely on the road to success.


Asmongold and another famous twitch streamer pink sparkles were dating and they seem madly in love with each other. Their relationship was confirmed by Asmongold in live session when he was co streaming with his lady love. He took the world by surprise by confirming their relationship during streaming to which pink sparkles also nodded in affection and she was caught blushing during whole live session.

1. Light on pink sparks:

Pink sparks whose real name is izzy was well known streamer and started her career as gaming streamer she dated asmongold for one and half year after some time both of them decided to move ahead and move on and set aside their personal life and professional life. Pink sparks belongs to California. She is 25 years old. She is six years younger than asmongold . She was born in Poland and there she started teaching and was a great teacher for her students. She served in teaching department for about two years and decided to try her gaming skills in twitch. She became famous at twitch and like asmongold gained popularity for her distinct personality. You can read Twitch chat logs to know further in respect of this.

2. How famous streamers broke up?

Popular twitch streamers Asmongold and pink sparkles have parted way. They dated for about one and half year, they seemed happily and deeply involved in each other. Both streamers have confirmed their split over live session. The same way they confirmed being in committed relationship. They both have kept their splitting reason a secret.

3. Did public ship their couple?

Streamers and viewers both were very happy for the couple and they were heartbroken after seeing the news related to their split. Public has shipped their couple and had start calling them “asmonparks”. Naming them cute is the biggest evidence that fans were going gaga for above splited couple.

Pink has been very vocal and expressive about his feelings she has openly shown her love interest in asmongold and she has broken the split news with a heavy heart. she during a live session said that “it’s been 2 months since I start quitting using gaming streaming because I’ve been badly affected by my split its hard for me to continue so I’ve decided to go back to California and literally work on myself.” she added “we both are on good terms but we do have some personal issues that we decided to set aside and work on ourselves.”

Asmongold was very disturbed and depressed after his split with famous streamer. he admitted in his live session that “I’m not feeling well today but I won’t disclose the split details with you all because I think I should start focusing more on my streaming career than my personal space, we both are on good terms an have decided to remain friends and work on ourselves because we both are going through some disturbing phases.”


At the end we can conclude that whether you’re a homeless lonesome person but if you have a will and believe that one day you will rule over the world then asmongold is perfect example to perfectly fits in above example .

Through his passion and love towards streaming we can sum up that internet or youtube has nourished youth in so many million ways. your most difficult and rough days could be erase through your skills and talent.


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