What Is Oakfrogs Girls Game? How to play? Ultimate Guide


Last updated on June 17th, 2023 at 01:02 pm

If you are searching for a new game on the Internet, why not try Oakfrogs girls? The game is getting more popular day by day on the app store. It is an excellent, fast-action game that mixes dexterity and strategy. After some time, you will have an addiction to the Oakfrogs girl’s game.

Here, in this post, we will discuss in detail Oakfrogs girls and give you our honest review. We will also share some tips on how to play this game and make it more adventurous. So you have to read the whole article to get familiar with the game, and it also helps you achieve the gaming skills you want.

It is straightforward to learn this game and fun to play. The primary purpose of the game is to collect all the fruit while avoiding the obstacles that come the way. This post is a complete guide that will help you how to play the game and earn stars while playing. I hope you will enjoy playing Oakfrogs girls game as much as we do.

What are Oakfrogs?

Oakfrogs girls is a fun and easy-to-play card game. It is noted that two or more players can play the game simultaneously, and it comes up with simple rules. During the game you will learn how to play it and how to make it perfect for families and friends to play together. You will be impressed by the colorful and cheerful cards with cute cartoon frogs.
First of all, it is necessary to discard unwanted cards from your hand. However, you will get more points if you try to keep as many cards as possible in your hand to earn points.
When you reach 500 points, congratulations; you are a winner.
Oakfrogs is the best game for enjoyment in your hectic routine. It also helps the new kids learn, count, recognize, strategy, and number. It does not matter if you are an adult. It is an excellent way to activate your brain. So it is challenging for you and ultimately a rewarding game.

What are Oakfrogs girls?

It is a new game for girls and very easy to play. It is a free game whose goal is to assist the woodland creatures in moving to their new homes using your strategic skills. There are eight characters in the game; you can select one character from these characters according to your choice.

The game comprises 20 levels in total with increasing difficulty. There are also multiple solution paths for each level. Many games and challenges are also present in the game along the way.

The game comes up with beautiful and well-designed well-designed graphics, vibrant colors, and elegant music. The gameplay of the Oakfrogs girls is simple, but they also give a lot of replay value as you try to figure out the best way to solve each level.

You can also easily navigate due to the simple interface, and beginners can get into the game. Overall, it is an excellent game for girls who want to have fun and enjoy the time. Along with the fun, it is an excellent source of learning.

How can we play the Oakfrogs game?

In Oakfrogs girls, the characters are frogs who hop here and there around the world. While hopping through the colorful world, they collect accounts to build the hatch eggs. It is a straightforward game but a little challenging to master.

This is why you must have a proper strategy to collect the most acorns while avoiding predators. First, players must choose from one to six different players with unique abilities. Every problem has a different set of challenges and rewards. Three game modes are present.

Adventure mode

In adventure mode, players must guide their frogs throughout the game, increasing difficulty levels.

Training mode

In training mode, players must practice their skills before taking on the real world.

Versus mode

In versus mode, as the name depicts, you must face your competitor head to head and play the game, completing each other. So this is easy to play and challenging game that will keep the players entertained for hours.

What are the rules for frog girls?

As I also discussed earlier, in this game, two to six players quickly and easily pick the game. These 6 players have different characters, each with unique abilities.

The main purpose of Oakfrogs is to collect all of the frogs while simultaneously avoiding getting eaten by the predators. You can do this by jumping on top of other players and using your abilities to help them get ahead.

How can I win at Oakfrogs?

As you go through all the game details, you will want to win against the frogs. So if you are looking for a fun and challenging game, this game is just made for you. The game is very simple to learn, but with the advanced levels, you must master it.

The good thing about this game is that it is particular for a group of friends. First, you have to start the game where each player takes turns rolling 6-sided dice. If the dice show the numbers on both sides, the players must choose their pieces.

You have to move the pieces; if the number is not equal, the players open it to choose which piece they move. So when the game is over, getting the numbers on both sides is very important.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bet on Oakfrogs?

You have to consider different things if you want to bet on the game. First, you can play the game with a standard Deck of 52 cards. You can do the batting with coins or chips. When you have no card left in your hand, then it means that your game is over.
The team alternate can easily turn playing cards. Another important thing to consider is earning points for each card played.

In which countries can you play Oakfrogs girls?

Oakfrogs is a very interesting and fun game to play for the girls. The idea of the game is to collect all the frogs before your opponent does. First, you must play with the two cards at the start of the game, and remember that each card is different.

Then the players’ turns start where the first player turns the card and plays one. It is your choice from which card you will start the game. However, you can play the game in different countries, including the United States, England, Germany, France, etc.


The game Oakfrogs will be a hit with you and your friends. You must collect as many frogs as possible during the game while avoiding obstacles. Each level has a different challenge, so there is something for everyone.

Look no further than Oakfrogs Girls if you want a fun, no-prep party game that doesn’t require dozens of pieces! Whether you are a strategy game fan or not, Oakfrogs Girls is one you’ll enjoy. Oakfrogs Girls boasts stunning character designs and an intriguing plot, making it a must-have for any mobile gamer.

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