Nano Machine Chapter 129–Spoilers, Summary, And Review.

Nano Machine Chapter 129–Spoilers

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Reading comics with unique concepts of Sci-fi blended with martial arts is an entertaining experience. Nano Machine is a manhwa that has the same concept, which can give you joy while reading it.

The plot of this manhwa is about a demonic cult prince with nanomachines in his body. Every chapter has turns and twists that engage fans and make them addicted to the story. In this blog, I will give you the summary and review of Nano Machine along with the spoilers of chapter 129. 

Stay tuned to me to learn everything about this top-ranking manhwa!

Overview Of “Nano Machine”

The Nano Machine is an action-packed Korean webcomic released on 26 June 2017. Hanjungwolya and Geumgangbulgoe wrote it beautifully, with a lot of twists and thrills. It has been translated into English since 2019. The manhwa is completed and has a total of 438 chapters so far. Readers are fascinated by the story of this comic because of the martial arts and involvement of futuristic technologies.

Plot Of “Nano Machine”

The story of “Nano Machine” revolves around an orphan boy, Cheon Yeo Woon, whose body is not stable enough to learn martial arts until a future descendent installed nanomachines in his body. In this manhwa, martial arts were used years ago to defend ourselves from any danger. However, it started the formation of separate clans. Some of them are good, and others are evil. Apart from these two forces, another group was formed seeking strength. The world calls it a Demonic Cult. Cheon Yeo Woon was the illegitimate child of the highest-ranking family of the Demonic Cult.

Important Characters Of “Nano Machine”

Manhwa has hundreds of characters, and every one of them has its importance. However, some main characters stand out more than others due to their significant roles in the story. These main characters drive the plot forward and have a deeper connection with the overall narrative. They are usually well-developed with complex personalities, making them more relatable and engaging for readers. Here are a few of them:

Important Characters Of “Nano Machine”
Nano Machine Chapter 129–Spoilers, Summary, And Review.

Cheon Yeo Woon

Cheon Yeo is the lead character of Nano Machine. He faced a lot of hardships in his teenage, but he became a powerful man. Yeo Woon went through several body reconstructions by nanomachines and gained white skin with tight muscles.

Mun Ku

Mun Ku is another main lead of the Nano Machine. She is the granddaughter of 9th Elder Mun Yun. Ku is a member of the Cheon Yoe team at Demonic Academy. As the story proceeds, she married Cheon Yoe and became his first wife. Mun Ku has beautiful features, such as small pink lips and shiny skin.

Wang Yogun

Wang Yogun is the second wife of Cheon Yeo and also a daughter of Wang Jing. She is a pretty woman with long silver hair, white skin, and white eyes. Youn has a disease that could let her die before turning 20. But Cheon cured her by mating.

Cheon Yu Jong

Cheon Yu Jong is the father of the leading character, Cheon Yeo. He was the former king of the demonic cult and one of the five strongest masters of Murim. He also holds the title “Southern Demon Lord”. The background story of Yu Jong is quite similar to his son because his mother was adopted and does not have a royal bloodline.

Storyline Of “Nano Machine”

The Nano Machine is a lengthy manhwa with numerous essential events. Some of them are the following:

Prince Cheon And Demonic Cult

The first chapter starts with a helpless and injured boy running in the forest. After falling from the rock, his legs stopped moving when he saw demonic creatures in the trees. The boy falls into the trap of those villains. They started calling him Prince Cheon. He thought about surviving by running, but he did not have strength. The prince tells them, “I even gave up on enrolling in the academy; what more do you want?” One of the villains replies, “ Even if you gave up on the academy or have no talent in martial arts, it does not matter because you have a right to the throne even if you have peasant blood mixed in you.” After hearing those words, Cheon gets angry and starts fighting. He ends up killing one of them, and they are shocked.

Nanomachines First Revelation

The revelation of Nanomachines into Cheon’s body is one of the essential parts of this manhwa. After the attack, Cheon wakes up in his room with a voice, “Are you awake, master?” he shockingly replies, “Who are you? I can’t see anyone.” the sound is coming directly from his head. It is the voice of the nanomachine that connects and serves as a core to support his brain. The voice tells him that it is the 7th generation nanomachine. Basically, approx 6482040000 nanomachines are injected into Cheon’s body. He wants to get it out of his system, but it can only be extracted outside the body if the person dies.

Cheon Yeo Background

Cheon Yeo was born to Cheon Yu-Jong, who is the 23rd lord of the Demonic Blade cult. Lady Hwa is his mother, who was a seventh wife to lord Yu-Jong. Many followers excluded Cheon Yeo and his mother, Lady Hwa, because she was an ordinary servant and did not belong to the six famous clans. The other reason for hatred was because the lord favored Lady Hwa over other wives.

Murder of Cheon’s Mother

Followers attempted many attacks on Lady Hwa and Cheon Yeo out of hatred. They do not want him to become the new lord. Lady Mu is one of the wives of the Lord, and she leads the other four wives against Lady Hwa. Lady Mu forbids Cheon Yeo from learning martial arts and enrolling in the academy. She also poisoned Lady Hwa and killed her dreadfully.

Nano Machine Chapter 129

Chapter 129 of Nano Machine is about the past story of Cheon’s father,  Chyon Yo Jong. It starts with telling the background story of Chyon and his competition with his brother. Chyon leaves the academy and disappears after realizing that his brother is getting distant from him because of his martial arts talents. One of his loyal followers (Yee Borwel from the Dark Sword’s clan)  keeps searching for him until he finds him. Yee requested Chyon to become his leader and teach him martial arts. He also tells Chyon about the plan of other clan masters, including his brother, to assassinate him. 

Cheon Yu-Jing is the younger brother of Chyon Yo Jong, and he also wants to kill his brother. When Chyon realizes it, he loses control and kills all of the clan masters along with his brother by using a new technique, the “Heavenly Blood Reversing Technique.” It has fewer side effects than the other moves.

Nano Machine Reviews

Fans worldwide admire the story and visuals of Nano Machine. They appreciated the unique concept and storytelling style of the author. Manhwa enthusiasts have created a community on Reddit and Fandom. Nano Machine has an excellent rating on many websites, such as My Anime List and MangaKakalot.

The fame of Nano Machine is proof of its quality in both art and story. It is one of the most thrilling and engaging manhwa you can find online. The majority of websites have uploaded only 171 chapters, but they will translate the others soon. You can also find the sequel of Nano Machine, “Descent of the Demon God,” which starts by continuing the story.

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Final Thoughts:

Manhwa readers adore the action-fantasy genre that involves martial arts. Nano Machine is a webcomic involving adventure with modern concepts of sci-fi. It displays revenge, hatred, and survival of a leader. The story gained popularity because of its strong plot and emotional dialogue. You must read it faster to reach chapter 129 of Nano Machine, which shows the Heavenly Blood Reversing Technique.

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