Which Party Dress To Choose For Each Event?

Which Party Dress To Choose For Each Event

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 12:28 am

Dress for Date

Bet on femininity, but without going overboard. The general rule is to reveal a little without showing too much. The off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for you, but without being too tight or too short.

The skater dress is ideal for highlighting the waist, but it is advisable to moderate the neckline. A boat-neck sweater dress that shows off the line of the shoulders. It is preferable not to show too much so as not to break the magic. 

Regarding tone, red is the color par excellence for these occasions, but in a rather moderate cut. You can also opt for the famous white satin dress, iconic and always effective. Reserve the sheath dress and mini “mini” skirts for other occasions.

Party Dress To Choose For A Company Dinner

You will have to achieve the feat of being elegant, feminine and, at the same time, maintaining professionalism. Capture attention, but not to the point of diverting the attention of your colleagues beyond your words. Therefore, it remains in elegance and discretion. 

Avoid plunging necklines and dizzyingly exposed backs… If you choose shiny or sequined fabrics, your makeup should be neutral. Bet on quality materials, medium-heeled shoes and sophisticated jewelry and accessories. You can opt for deep red lips only if your party dress is sober.

The perfect dress for a business dinner is the little black dress, whether straight cut, skater cut, wrap-around.

Ceremony Dress For A Wedding

You can treat yourself! The only question you should ask yourself is what style of wedding you are going to. Answering this question will prevent you from showing off your sheath dress for the first time at a simple and unremarkable wedding. Of course, the main rule of a wedding is not to take center stage from the bride. Avoid cream dresses with necklines that are too striking or a dizzying open back, as well as dresses that are too long or, even worse, with a small train.

Going for color can be a good idea: Elegant black dresses are not prohibited, but an evening wedding can be filled with shades of black satin dress: The dance floor will be even more cheerful. The perfect dress for a wedding is a black satin dress with high heels.

Maternity Party Dress

Your beautiful belly has rounded and you are looking for the best party dress for pregnant women? Morphology advice based on your silhouette no longer really works. It will be necessary to highlight your current curves.

Regarding the fabric, prioritize fluidity to “blur” your silhouette delicately and provide elegance. It will also be ideal for comfort as it does not put pressure on the belly. Tight party dresses are not prohibited if you feel comfortable in them: They will enhance your beautiful tummy. In this case, opt for a fairly thick material rather than one that is too thin.

The empire-line maternity dress is perfect: Your neckline will become your strong point to highlight. If you don’t include details on the neck, go for sophisticated jewelry: a long elegant necklace, a pendant or long earrings.

A tunic dress with an under bust belt will create the same effect to enhance your new curves as an oversized shirt dress. A short party dress is perfect to enhance your legs.

The Best Tips For Your Party Dresses

What to wear under a transparent dress?

A slip, a kind of short, thin underdress, is the most suitable garment. Above all, because they exist in all types and fabrics depending on the effect you are looking for: A shaping combination for party dresses fitted to the body, a satin one for fluid proposals.

Can tights be worn with a party dress?

It all depends on the season, the dress and the legs. Without a doubt, you can wear a little black dress without stockings: in this case, pay special attention to the hydration of this part of the body. And why not use a body makeup base or even a cream with subtle sparkles. The goal is to achieve a flawless appearance, with perfect skin and hair removal.

What jacket to choose for a party dress?

Although it may seem like an easy task, combining a jacket and a dress is worth spending your time on. The goal is to balance the silhouette. In this way, if the dress is long, a short jacket will accentuate the length of your legs, while with a long jacket you run the risk of reducing your silhouette. In the case of short elegant dresses, the answer will be based mainly on the type of neckline of the garment and the jacket, as well as the fabric according to the chosen style.

What to do with a very pronounced neckline that opens too much?

Mark a reference point with a pin. Turn the dress inside out and pin it. Then, turn it over again: you will have fixed the neckline without it being noticeable or visible.

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