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One study suggests that reading Manga enhances your ability to experience emotions. If true, you must start reading all the Manga, especially the emotional ones like “My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour.”

It is a tale of two neighbors falling in love and positively affecting each other. This slice-of-life romantic Manga will blow your mind. Whether you’re a fan of romance or just looking for a great read, this Manga will surely captivate you from beginning to end. 

In this blog, I will share the spoilers of the most loved chapter of My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour: New Beginnings–Chapter 43.

What is My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour?

If you are a manga maniac, you must be following “My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour.” It is a manga written by Zyugoya. The Japanese name of this manga is Batsuichi de Nakimushi na Otonari-san. This Manga was first published on Twitter, and it became pretty famous. After one year, it was available as a hard copy. My divorce crybaby neighbor is still going and has over 60 chapters. Whether you love the romance genre of Manga or you love to hear a tragic tale of past traumas, this Manga will give you goosebumps.

Overview of My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor

In this captivating slice-of-life anime, readers dive into the intertwined lives of Ochiai-san, a divorced woman, and the charming neighbor, Sawatari-kun. Together, they take center stage as the main characters of an enthralling manga, My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour. Through their journey, the Manga explores the profound impacts of divorce on our lives, revealing how it can erode our confidence and, most importantly, how one can win over these challenges.

Ochiai-san, perpetually burdened by melancholy and reservation, resembles a sensitive soul like a delicate crybaby. The question arises: can her neighbor, Sawatari-kun, be the catalyst that breathes life back into her? Will her radiant smile resurface once again?

The answer resounds with a yes. As the story unfolds, you will witness a profound transformation in Ochiai-san’s character as she transcends her crybaby persona and blossoms into a confident, self-assured young woman. This awe-inspiring growth is made possible by the unwavering support and companionship of her boyfriend, Kun, who stands steadfastly by her side through thick and thin. Together, they navigate life’s challenges, illuminating the path toward personal growth and emotional healing.

Crucial Events in My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor

Before discussing the story of chapter 43, we must know the important events of this Manga. Here are the main events in My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor:

First Encounter of Ochiai-san With Sawatari-kun

Sawatari Kun was at the door of his apartment when he saw Ochiai-San entering the apartment next door. He felt butterflies in his stomach after seeing her for the first time. After this, an evil guy harassed Ochiai, and Sawatari saved her from him. This was their first formal meeting.

Complimenting Her Cooking:

In Chapter 1, Ochai-san cooked for Sawatari, and he loved the food. He appreciated her for cooking a delicious meal for him. Ochai was in shock because her ex-husband constantly criticized her cooking skills.

Tit For Tat:

Chapter 3 of My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour was a fantastic example of tit for tat. When Ochiai is walking in the rain, a woman steals her umbrella. However, the umbrella never benefits the thief because it has holes. 

Living Relationship:

Ochai and Sawatari fall in love with each other and decide to live in the same apartment. Ochiai leaves her house and shifts to Sawatari’s house in chapter 26. 

Attachment To Your Partner’s Voice:

This beautiful Manga portrays that we get attached to the voice of the person we love. In a chapter, Sawatari fell asleep during the call, so Ochiai listened to his breath sound using headphones. 

First Intimate Moment:

Chapter 52 of My Divorced Cry Baby Neighbor was the most exciting and intimate. Ochiai and Sawatari were on the road, and they confessed their love and kissed on the road.

Chapter 42: My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor

Chapter 43 of My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor introduces another character, karasuma San. She is an old friend of Ochiai and saw her with Kun. Karasuma is also a divorcee; she left her husband after giving birth to his son. This episode shows the guilt of making wrong decisions and the jealousy of watching others happy while your life is miserable. At the end of the chapter, Karasuma also meets a guy outside her apartment, and the chapter ends here. Most probably, the next chapter will show the chemistry between these two.

Chapter 43: My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor

In chapter 43, Karasuma-San loses the key to her apartment and sits outside the door. She meets a boy next door who has helped her several times before by carrying heavy groceries inside her house. Takana-Shi-Kun invited Karasuma to his apartment and told her that she could catch a cold by sitting there. He tells her to sleep on the sofa in his room.

Karasuma imagined the romantic connection between Ochiai and Sawatari and thought that maybe she could find her true love in the same way. On the other side, Ochiai and Swaatari are sleeping in the same room. Our male MC is dreaming about Ochiai.

Chapter 44: My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor

Chapter 44 is a short chapter that shows some cheesy scenes between Ochiai and Sawatari Kun. Ochiai wakes up before him and nervously starts to take a shower so that she looks attractive to Sawatari when he wakes up. However, Ochiai forgets her clothes in her apartment, so she wears a towel on her body. Suddenly, Sawatari wakes up to the sound of an alarm. She panics and puts the towel on his face. Ochiai strictly orders him not to look until she gets dressed.

Top 5 Similar Manga as My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor

My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor is an intriguing manga; you will miss it after completing it. That’s why I have curated a list of the top 5 similar manga.

1. Second Home

Second Home is a manga similar to My Divorced Crybaby because it also has a story of two neighbors falling in love. The male character is a high school student, and the female is a married woman. Both are abuse victims; the woman’s husband beats her, and the father beats his son. This slice-of-life Manga shows the story of domestic violence.

2. 1 Plus 1 

1 Plus 1 is a tale of love between two neighbors, Sung-eun and Eun-sung. The boy loves to party with his friends, and the girl loves peace. These two different personalities will fall madly in love with each other. This Manga has 52 chapters, and every chapter has some interesting twist.

3. Wife After Love

Wife After Love is another similar manga to My Divorced Crybaby. The plot of this manga is about a couple, Yurae and Muwon. But Yurae’s decision to seek a divorce changed their relationship. After three years, Yurae returns to the country, but her newfound confidence and approach to life clash with Muwon’s. Yurae and Muwon must decide if they can separate their business and personal lives and forge a new relationship.

4. Sonna Kazoku Nara Sutechaeba

This story revolves around an innocent husband, Reitarou Shinotani, and the dominating wife. Sonna Kazoku Nara Sutechaeba is a story about dysfunctional families where the husband is forced to live in a dark room and cannot even talk to his father. If you are curious to know how he will save himself from the dominating wife, you must read it.

5. Safe & Sound In The Arms of An Elite Knight 

Safe & Sound In The Arms of An Elite Knight is a Manga whose Main character is Chloe Ardennes. She was born into a noble family, but her family’s behavior was not good for her. They call her a cursed child. She faced this cruelty for 16 years before she ran away from her home. After going into city life, she faces many new dangers. A knight named Lloyd Stewart saved her from all the threads, and their love story finally started.

Moral of The Story Of My Divorced Cry Baby Neighbour  

You will learn so many things after reading this Manga; however, the main moral of the story is that you should definitely come out of a toxic relationship because you will find the right person even after the divorce or breakup. Breaking up is indeed a traumatic experience, and it changes your personality. But, if you find the right type of person, you can return to normal with love and support. The plot of this story will leave you in awe, and you will learn a lot from it.

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Final Thoughts:

My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour is a romantic Manga with a roller coaster of emotional rides. This Manga explores the ups and downs of a relationship with a heartwarming story. One thing I love about this is the character development of Ochiai, who was a crybaby, but after meeting Kun, her personality changed. If you haven’t read my divorce crybaby neighbor, you are missing out on a lot. Go now and give it a read; you won’t regret it! 

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