Is Fiber Internet Really the Best Internet in the Market?

Fiber Internet

Last updated on June 16th, 2023 at 05:06 pm

For the past few years, fiber internet has been referred to as the gold standard of the internet because of its incredible speeds, low latency, and overall reliability. However, it’s not widely available in the United States because expanding its infrastructure is costly, making aspiring fiber users frown. Regardless, the biggest question is, is it really faster and much better than other internet types? We’re here to find out.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some factors that fiber can give you if you choose to make the switch. Check it out!

1. Superior download and upload speed

Fiber plans usually range from one to three Gbps, at least 10 to 20 times faster than other non-fiber internet plans. The offered download and upload speeds are also similar, unlike cable, DSL, or satellite internet plans.

To give you an idea of how fast fiber internet is, a quick comparison would be downloading a 2-hour HD movie. With DSL internet at 25Mbps, you will need at least 30 minutes, but with cable at 100Mbps, you only need to wait seven minutes. But, with fiber optic internet at 1Gbps, you only need 40 seconds, and it will be downloaded. That’s how fast 1Gbps is.

2. Lower latency

Latency is the length of time it takes to process a request across the internet and your device. That’s why this type of internet is most recommended for gamers, as online games require you to have low latency to maximize your gaming experience.  It can also be beneficial for those who frequently stream movies online, as it ensures no buffering, delays, or interruptions.

3. Better bandwidth

Of course, with incredible speeds comes exceptional bandwidth. Bandwidth is responsible for helping you download files, load web pages, and do other online tasks. If you have high bandwidth, use this bandwidth monitoring tool it would be easier for you to download and upload large files, load websites with heavy images and videos, and even participate in video conferences with ease — all of which you can enjoy with fiber internet.

4. No internet throttling

Some internet providers intentionally limit your bandwidth or slow down your internet speed without your notice for various reasons, including network congestion, data cap limit, paid prioritization, and more. This commonly happens with satellite, DSL, and cable users. But with fiber internet, you can ensure that your internet provider will not throttle your internet. Just make sure to subscribe to a company that’s reputable, such as Google Fiber, Verizon Fios, and Charter Spectrum Internet.

5. Reliability

Most users experience interruption when their network overloads, which is also called congestion. Compared to cables other internet types use, fiber optic cable can handle more users and transfer more data at higher speeds consistently. So, regardless if it’s peak time or not, you will still have a reliable connection to do your online activities.

6. Low chances of outages

Let’s be clear, network outages are inevitable, especially if it’s caused by natural disasters. But fiber optic internet doesn’t utilize energized lines, so it’s not at constant risk for outages. As long as the cables are intact, they can work as expected. If you’re tired of dealing with downtimes, then switching to fiber internet is a good choice.

7. Increased safety

Fiber optic is promoted as a practical approach to rapidly boost your Internet security in a time when cyber crimes are prevalent. Now that phishing, hacking, and other online risks are continuously rising, getting additional protection from your internet is definitely helpful. But, it is still important to practice other safety measures, like having anti-virus software, a VPN, and other security tools.

8. Smooth streaming

Streaming services are on the rise, and it is one of the most common activities people do online nowadays. It can be difficult to make the most out of your streaming services if your internet is slow. No one wants to waste their time waiting for the videos to buffer or load. With fiber internet, you can experience seamless streaming, even if you’re watching an HD or a 4K video.


With all the benefits fiber internet can offer, it can be considered the best internet in the market today. Other internet types would need to up their game and advance their technology further because once fiber is spread throughout the US, they might lose more and more customers over it. If fiber is available in your area, we recommend you give it a try and see the difference for yourself.

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