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5e Tools

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You might have played certain games. These games require some codes and other things to do some specific tasks. Without performing those tasks, you cannot level up in your game and remain on that specific level. D&D 5e tools provide several tools that help you play games efficiently. This article will help you know more about these tools and tips and tricks to play games.

So let’s get right into it!

What Are 5e Game Tools?

Like other tools help you do certain tasks, game tools help you play games. For example, teaching tools such as board, markers, and books help you teach properly, and your kitchen tools such as bowl, spoon, stove, and cauldron help you cook properly. Similarly, 5e tools help you play games, excel in them, and increase your levels in the game.

As you proceed with the game, it starts getting more and more tough levels. You can only pass these levels with skills, knowledge, intellect, and some tools. Gamers put several tools in the game themselves to make you unlock them, use them, and apply them to pass the level.

Working Of 5e Tools

5e tools feats work by coding methods. To access certain steps and moves, you need to have unlocked it by remembering or putting those codes right at the moment. It causes you to unlock a feature. Let’s say some code is for kicking through legs in the air in a fighting game. You will need to use that code when the opposite player has hit you very much in the game.

D&D Tools 5e

Dungeon and Dragons are one the popular games among people. To play this game properly, you must also unlock its tools. It will help you play with all of the capabilities provided. You can buy these tools by spending the GPs you earn in the game. The more advanced your level and money, the more tools you can buy and play with.

List Of D&D 5e Tools

We will tell you about the famous D&D 5e game tools, their functions, specifications, and how to use them.

Thieves Tools 5e

Thieves tools 5e is an advanced tool among D&D 5e tools that requires 25 GPs. Only people who have reached a certain level can access this tool. Through this tool, you can take anything from anyone’s property, and they won’t know it.

Items Included In Thieves Tools

This toolbox includes

  • A small file
  • A set of lock picks
  • A small mirror mounted on a metal handle
  • A pair of pliers
  • A set of narrow and bladed scissors

You can also disarm traps or open locks to enhance your ability checks. Using these tools in the game adds to your proficiency bonus

Artisan Tools 5e

Artisan tool 5e is a specialized tool in dungeon and dragons 5e. It helps the player earn a better living by supplying this tool through trading. You can earn a lot of money by not supplying it. It is way better to give it for a shorter period and earn money through it by providing rental services. Many people use their extensions too and are earning a lot through it.

It is one of the best tools to help you earn GPs and money if you use it wisely. Using this tool can be tricky as it is a trading tool and is included in 5e tool proficiencies. It would be best if you used this tool wisely. Once you know how to use this tool wisely, you will have more chances to win the game.

Items Included In Artisan Tools
  • Alchemist’s supplies
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The Alchemist’s tools total cost and weight is

Cost50 gp
Weight8 lb
  • Brewer’s supplies
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Brewer’s supplies tools total cost and weight is

Cost20 gp
Weight9 lb
  • Calligrapher’s Supplies
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Calligrapher’s Supplies tools total cost and weight is

Cost10 gp
Weigh5 lb
  • Carpenter’s tools
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Carpenter’s tools total cost and weight is

Cost 8 gp
Weight6 lb
  • Cartographer’s tools
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Cartographer’s tools total cost and weight is

Cost15 gp
Weight 6 lb6 lb
  • Cobbler’s tools
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Cobbler’s tools tools total cost and weight is

Cost5 gp
Weight5 lb
  • Cook’s utensils
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Tool total cost and weight is

Cost1 gp
Weight8 lb
  • Glassblower’s tools
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Tool total cost and weight is

Cost30 gp
Weight5 lb
  • Jeweler’s tools
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Tool total cost and weight is

Cost25 gp
Weight2 lb
  • Leatherworker’s tools
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Tool total cost and weight is

Cost5 gp
Weight5 lb
  • Mason’s tools
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Tool total cost and weight is

Cost10 gp
Weight8 lb
  • Painter’s supplies
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Tool total cost and weight is

Cost10 gp
Weight5 lb
  • Potter’s tools
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Tool total cost and weight is

Cost10 gp
Weight3 lb
  • Weaver’s tools
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Tool total cost and weight is

Cost1 gp
Weight5 lb
  • Woodcarver’s tools
5e Tools

Tool total cost and weight is

Cost:1 gp
Weight5 lb
  • Smith’s tools

Tool total cost and weight is

Cost20 gp
Weight8 lb
  • Tinker’s tools

Tool total cost and weight is

Cost50 gp
Weight10 lb

Tinker’s Tools 5e

Tinker’s tools are the most important and expensive tools that help you mend your objects. It acts as a problem solver anywhere you go. It is one of the most expensive tools and costs about 50 GP.

Alchemist tools 5e

Alchemist tools are expensive tools. It is used for dealing with chemical mixtures, portions, etc. A player can use these tools for chemical handling, performing chemical reactions, etc.

Items Included In Alchemists tool.

  • Alchemist tools include two glass beakers with a metal frame
  • an open flame
  • a glass stirring rod
  • purified water
  • powdered iron
  • salt

The cost of the Alchemist’s Tools is 50 PGs.

Are D&D Tools Helpful Or Not?

Many players do not find 5e artisan tools useful, but their usage depends upon your capability. Its usage also depends upon the quality of your PC or wherever you are playing the game. Otherwise, these tools are amazing if you use them properly.


In a word, D&D 5e tools mirror several tools provided for playing games. These tools are really helpful if you are capable of using them properly. Otherwise, they can make you lose the game. You earn these tools by utilizing your PGs, which can make you win the game if you learn how to use them with continuous practice. 5e tools spell their magic on your games. After knowing these tools, you will start playing the game proficiently with lots of interest.

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