Who is Kylie Strickland, And Why Was She Arrested?

Kylie Strickland

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 12:27 am

Kylie Strickland is famous worldwide due to her amazing TikTok content. Even many tiktok influencers also contact Kylie Strickland to be in the headlines. But unfortunately, she was disliked due to crossing moral boundaries.

She crossed the limits after exposing her bare breasts to two children at a pool. Kylie Strickland is a popular TikTok star all over the world. Her video went viral worldwide and off the Internet by storm on June 28, 2022.

Who is Kylie Strickland?

Kylie Strickland is a very popular TikToker, but very few people know about his personal life. She is 30 years old and a very trending TikToker. The police arrested her after posting a video showing her breasts in front of two kids at the poolside.
She was going live on TikTok at that time.

Police were arrested for electronic pornography and child exploitation at Georgia County jail. She is a great content creator who wants to keep her life on track and stay away from trouble.

How many followers does Kylie Strickland have?

You will be surprised to know that she has become popular on Instagram with 62000 followers, where she regularly updates photos and videos of her life. She also has 280k followers and 7 million likes on TikTok.tagr

Her username is @kyliestrickland3 on TikTok, where you can mostly see her lip-syncing. Nowadays, it was reported that she keeps her Instagram account private, whereas her TikTok account has been banned.

What caused Kylie Strickland’s arrest?

She is a young lady who went swimming with a stranger in a bathing suit. She was showing her content as usual, but unfortunately, two kids were also present when she exposed her inner.

On June 29, that incident occurred, but as she was live on TikTok then, she was arrested on June 30. Police arrested her on account of child exploitation and electronic pornography.

She knew everything about the incident, but she was defending herself in front of the police. She said that she was not responsible for how other people raise their kids. Unfortunately, she is still present in jail waiting for her hearing.

Kylie Strickland Pool

If we talk about Kaylie Strickland Pool, people see him showing her breasts in front of two young boys. At that time, she was also aired on social media. That video quickly went viral, and ultimately she was arrested for computer pornography and child exploitation.

She was wearing a very short, low-cut, tiny pink bikini then. She picked the bottom of a bikini top, and at that time, she was exposing her breasts to two youngsters.

Kylie Strickland Video

Kylie went viral due to her video on TikTok, and I also discussed that particular video above in the post. After that, she also posted another video on TikTok in which she wanted to explain and defend her behavior.

She said in that video that those boys had seen more breasts in their lives. Then why is she getting jailed for this act? She also said in a video that the boys were drinking tequila shots when she arrived at the pool.

She also revealed in another video that she claimed that it is not her obligation to raise another person’s child. She said that those children were dirty, and they went on dirty rides. During that incident, another snapshot of the purported text message discussion was shown in public, where the 30-year-old and one of the minor’s parents discussed dirty things.

That snapshot was shared on social media, and it depicts that the parent appeared to be fully fine with the situation. Unfortunately, every society’s reality is that we are not thinking about what we are doing in front of others.

Kylie Strickland Onlyfans

Kylie Strickland’s onlyfans page is for her fans, where you can get various things. Here, you can go to the official website of Kylie, and you can also use code KYLIE15 for 15% off. She also has this spicy-free page and spicy premium page on Kylie Strickland Onlyfans. You can also access her YouTube channel and Twitter account through her Onlyfans page.

Husband, boyfriend, and Dating History

No one knows who her boyfriend is and whether she is going out with someone or a single person. She wants to keep her relationship private. According to reports, she has been in a relationship with different men.

Travis R Strickland

If you talk about her husband, she had an ex-husband named Travis R Strickland. People do not know when they got married, but the public knows him very well that she got divorced in 2020.

Cody Weems

She was also in a relationship with a man named Cody Weems. But their relationship ended after Cody broke into her house. She was sleeping with another man, and Cody assaulted her because she was in a relationship with another man in the house.

Unfortunately, Kylie was also pregnant at that moment, and she said that she had told him about her pregnancy news. He was cruel when he came to know about her pregnancy; he started to step on her belly.

These are why Kylie and Cody ended their relationship, where Cody was charged with violence against the child, sexual abuse, robbery, and kidnapping.

Kylie Strickland TikTok

Kylie Strickland is so popular on TikTok because of her great fan following on this platform. She started her career with TikTok, where she started posting some comedy sketches and lip-sync videos.

She gained so much popularity through these videos that she always enjoyed them. You will be surprised to know that she had more than 260k followers and 7 million likes on her top profile. Unfortunately, after showing her breasts to two young children, her account has been removed by the authorities.

Kylie Strickland’s net worth

According to reports, the net worth of Kylie is estimated to be around $50,000 to $150,000. This is a hard-earned income that she got from her TikTok account and social media. However, according to reports, the average estimate of the money earned from sponsorship through her latest post is between 206 dollars to 340 dollars.

Along with this income, she also earned a lot from an adult platform, Onlyfans. You will be surprised to know that normally she charges $10 monthly for a subscription to her videos and pictures. She also autographed the mug shots for the people at $15.

Facts about Kylie Strickland

  • Kylie is a beautiful lady with a beautiful smile.
  • He also has a beautiful daughter with her ex-husband.
  • She has tattoos on her body.
  • She was born in Lagrange, Georgia, United States of America and raised there.
  • Kylie also has a private Instagram account.
  • She started her TikTok account in May 2020, from which she was generating a handsome amount, but unfortunately, due to that pool video, her TikTok account was removed.
  • She also created her website and sold her merch to make money online.
  • Unfortunately, she got live on TikTok in a video of a swimming pool in which she should have breasts against two boys in a swimming pool. When the video went viral within several hours, she was arrested and jailed for child exploitation and electronic pornography. Last year, she also got major media coverage for being a victim of domestic violence on April 11, 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Kylie Strickland come from?

This TikTok star mainly comes from Georgia near Lagrange with an adorable family and unknown love life.

Why is Kylie Strickland famous?

She started her TikTok account, and she gained popularity due to this account. She is a beautiful lady of 30 years and is also a content creator from Georgia, USA. She is famous for creating lip-sync videos and comedy sketches on her profile.

She got more than 260k followers and 7 million likes, but unfortunately, her account was removed due to that inappropriate video of the swimming pool.

What is Kylie Strickland TikTok?

Kylie Strickland has more than 26000 followers and 7 million likes on her TikTok account. Although in the start, that account was private, with time, she made the account public. She was famous for her humorous content and lip-synced videos on social media platforms. But unfortunately, after that showing pool video, the authorities removed her TikTok account.


Kylie Strickland is a famous TikToker and a brave lady. Unfortunately, her account was removed due to the swimming pool video. However, according to recent updates, Kylie is still in jail. People are still thinking about what will happen next.

Unfortunately, the charges against her are very serious, and people are sad because she has been behind the boss for a long period. On the other side, her social media career is also disturbed due to the removal of the TikTok account. Still, even if she manages to escape harsh punishment, it would be difficult for her to make her place on social media.

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