Nicoletta Peyran and John Malkovich Long Term Relationship of 30 Years.

Nicoletta Peyran

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Nicoletta Peyran is An Assistant Film Director. She is the wife of famous American actor John Malkovich. Nicoletta is famous for her three movies “The Last Emperor”, “The Sheltering Sky” and “Bu Si Wei Ai Qing”. She is living with loving partner John Malkovich. The couple has two children Amandine and Lowey.

Nicoletta Peyran Birth and lineage

Peyron was born on December 9, 1953, in France. She grew up there. French lady is fluent in Mandarin and English language. She has French nationality and comes from white ethnicity. Her eye color is black and her star sign is Sagittarius. Limited information about Peyran is available. Because she never allowed the media to access her personal and private life.


Nicoletta completed her bachelor’s degree from Perking in late 1970. She started her acting career in the film industry. Though she never appeared as an actor but a film director.

Nicoletta Peyran Personal life

John Malkovich is Peyran’s loving partner and father of her two children. John is a famous American actor by profession. He is also a fashion designer and film producer. He has worked in more than 70 films. John lived in France for decades with his family and children. Now he is living in Massachusetts. He received his early education from Benton Consolidated High School.

He used to take part in different plays since his high school day. This led him to establish his acting career in the film industry. After completing his graduation, John joined Steppenwolf Theatre inChichigo. He began his acting career from “True West”. For this, He received the Obie Award. Later, he made other blockbuster movies. John Malkovich has spent 40 years of his life in Entertainment Industry.

John is 6 feet long. He possesses a remarkable personality and never hesitates to take risks in life. His star sign is Sagitarrius. John Malkovich’s present net worth is about $50 million in 2020. He is one of the rich actors of the American Entertainment Industry. The famous man worked in more than 70 movies. Some of them are following.

1·Place in the Heart

2· In the Line of Fire

3· Empire of the Sun

4· The killing Fields

5· Johnny English

6· Con Air

7· Being John Malkovich

8· Shadow of the Vampire

9· Rounders

10· Ripley’s Game

11· Of Mice and Men

12· Burn after Reading

13· Red

14· Mulholland Falls

15· Dangerous Liaisons

16· Warm Bodies

17· Bird Box

18· Ghost World

19· Juno

20· The Perks of Being A Wallflower

The 66 years old actor has received the Academy Award for his best acting performances. He holds this reward for 2 famous films” Places in the Heart” and “In the Line of Fire”.


Nicoletta Peyran is the mother of two children with spouse Jhon Malkovich. Her daughter Amandine Peyran Malkovich born in October 1990. She is 30 years old.

Lowey Malkovich is the second born of Nicoletta Peyron and Jhon Malkovich. He was born in 1992. Lowey is 28 years old, 2 years younger than his sister, Amandine. He received his early education from the International School of Boston. Moreover, he did his degree in philosophy from Reed College. At present Lowey is a Junior Software Engineer.

Where Peyron is living now?

65 years old French lady lives in Massachusetts. Yet, she has been lived in France with Partner Jhon Malkovich. The couple is spending lockdown time in Massachusetts with two children. Peyron is academic whereas daughter Amandine deals in the grocery store. Lowey is working as a computer coder.

John Malkovich and Peyran

The couple has spent 30 years of their long term relationship. Both are prominent figures in the Entertainment industry. They first met in 1987 and fell in love with each other. Since then, the couple decided to live together for the rest of their life. Both  John Malkovich and Nicoletta Peyran are together for the last three decades.

They are not married, yet enjoying a contented life. Once John revealed that he has experienced marriage in his life. They both do not desire this level of the process. The two always seem happy despite having no official marriage.

Peyron is the assistant director of the famous films The Sheltering Sky and The Last Emperor.

The Sheltering Sky

The Sheltering Sky, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, is a 1990 British-Italian drama movie. It features Debra Winger and John Malkovich. The film focuses on Paul Bowles’s 1949 series of novels about a couple traveling to north Africa. They hope of resurrecting their marriage but fell prey to the perils underlying them.

The Last Emperor

This sprawling portrayal of the life of Pu-Yi, China’s final ruler. It follows the turbulent reign of the king. Pu-Yi remembers his childhood in jail after arrested by the Soviet Union as a war criminal in 1950. In the Forbidden City, where he had afforded every comfort but sheltered from the outside world. Eventually, complicated political situation around him, he recalls his luxurious childhood.

Before Peyron, John married Glenne, the famous Hollywood figure. But his X-wife, unfortunately, died of a certain ailment. John is enjoying a blissful life with Nicoletta and two children. He is a contended person. Jhon always appreciates his beloved as a smart, perfect, and interesting lady.

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What is the current net worth of Nicoletta Peyran

According to a current estimate, Nicoletta owned $1 million to $5 million in 2020. She accumulates this worth from her acting career, assets, and monthly income. However, her primary source of income is the entertainment industry. Though she is rich she prefers modest ways of living. Her loving partner John Malkovich’s current net worth is approximately $50 million.

How tall Peyran is?

Peyron is a woman of moderate stature. Although she looks pretty tall, her exact height is unknown. Median and other resources have no access to her exact height and body measurements.

When and How Necoletta Peyran and John Malkovich met?

 The beautiful couple met on the set of  The Sheltering Sky1989. Peyron was the second Assistant Director of the movie. They both fell in love at first sight. The couple has spent 30 years of their life together.

How old is Nicoletta Peyran?

The French-born Film director is 65 years old. Nicoletta Peyran always celebrates her birthday on December 9. Read out about more celebrities here, Phyllis Fierro.

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