Leverage AI in your Digital Marketing Strategy


Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 09:21 pm

Once only found in sci-fi movies, artificial intelligence is now a big part of many things we do every day. Digital marketing is using AI more and more to customize websites, make content, predict how customers will act, and do a lot more. Marketers are learning more about how AI and machine learning can help them and how to use them in their daily work. By 2025, it is likely that every marketing company will leverage AI and ML in their marketing activities in some way.

AI could help a company with its digital marketing strategy in several ways. One is behind the scenes, where marketers use AI to estimate how much a product will sell, build customer profiles, and optimize the ad-buying process. The other is how the company works with its customers. Artificial intelligence is being used to increase sales and customer loyalty to the brand. In fact, 80% of businesses that use AI and ML say that customer satisfaction has gone up by 10% or more as a result.

These three examples show how AI is being used in digital marketing by businesses.

  1. Direct contact with customers through chatbots
  2. Create content efficiently
  3. Predict customer behaviours

Direct contact with customers through chatbots

Chatbots are a type of conversational software that uses artificial intelligence to have intelligent conversations with users and give correct answers. You may have talked to a chatbot before when you needed an answer to a question about a service or product on a website.

You will very soon if you haven’t already. People think that chatbots, which can also be used in messaging apps, are the best way to talk to your customers. A chatbot won’t actively market your business to the public. This new way to promote your services and talk to your customers is very different from the old ways you used to do things.

Chatbots are useful marketing tools, especially on social media, because they can send messages on behalf of the business, collect customer data that can be used to target specific customers, and provide customer service that helps both the brand and the customer. Chatbots can also move customers through the sales process and encourage them to buy by asking them more focused questions.

Create content efficiently

Since the early days of content marketing, marketers have known that creating content is one of their biggest challenges. High-quality content takes time to make, which means it takes time and costs a lot. In this way, artificial intelligence can help because it can take care of this part of the process for content marketers. AI when it comes to content creation is a marketer’s best friend. 

These AI tools can create tens of thousands of words of content in seconds. They are able to produce specialized content such as advertising copy, messages for social media platforms, and even marketing images and videos. Though if you are going to use these tools, you need to learn how to detect AI content.

Predicting customer behaviours

AI has uses in the business world that go beyond chatbots and content creation. Once it has enough information about potential customers and clients, it may be able to use that information to predict what those people will do and talk to them more directly. This information could be sent by email, a dynamic website, or a chatbot like the one we just talked about. So AI can help send emails on time with information that is important to the recipient based on what they do and what they like.

AI can learn from the customer’s browser history, blog post engagement, and other engagement signals to send them an email with the content that is most likely to interest them. AI can also tell when a customer is losing interest in a brand. This is called “churn prediction,” and when it happens, the system can send personalized messages to try to get the customer interested again.

Because artificial intelligence is already present in almost everything we do and use on a regular basis, exploiting its potential benefits is a simple matter. But if marketers want to increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and sales, they also need to know how to use AI’s benefits in their businesses. This is a prerequisite for achieving these objectives.

It is not just AI that marketers need to keep up with; there are many other new tools, trends, and technologies. This kind of training is necessary for the members of your team if you want them to be successful in the digital world of today.

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