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Tim Rozon is a famous Canadian Comedian. He is best known for his performance in Schitt’s Creek. His play as Mut Schitt in the popular comic series Schitt’s Creek earned huge fame.

Early Life

Rozon was born on June 4, 1976, in Montreal Quebec, Canada. He holds Canadian nationality. Tim Rozon is an actor, businessman, and comedian. After it cast, he made a remarkable turn towards his acting career. Moreover, Tim appeared in numerous movies. Besides movies, he made guest appearances in several shows. Popular ones are Rookie Blue, Flashpoint, The Listener, and Heartland. He received Germanic Award for best performance in Flashpoint. Besides it, Tim also received Canadian Screen Award for Befriend and Betray.Apart from his acting career, Tim is also a Restaurant owner. His restaurant name is Le Garde Manger. Tim is managing this restaurant with a partner. He is a celebrity chef of Canada.

Tim Rozon is not dynamic about his personal life. There is no information available about his education, parents, and childhood. Yet he holds a huge reputation as a comedian.

When did Tim Start his Career?

Before acting Tim Rozon tried his luck in Modeling. However, he did not mad any possible progress. Later he decided to turn towards Acting. Tim started his career from “The Great Gatsby” in 2000. In this series, Tim played the role of Mira Sorvino. He made a stunning turn in 2004. That time, he was starred in CTV Teen Nick Drama Instant Star. It continued till 4 seasons. Tim received the People’s Choice Award for best Sci-Fi-Show. It was a Canadian film.


Christmas Town, Lake Placid: Legacy, Crossfire,  Vox,  Schitt’s Creek,  A Sister’s Revenge, The Legend of Sarila,  Long Gone Day,  A Nanny’s Revenge,  Befriend and Betray, Criminal, St. Roz, Territories,  Screamers: The Hunting, Fire, and Fury, Would Be Kings,  Production of Office, Heartland, 2 Strangers, and a Foosball,  End of the Line, Duo,  Pure, Crime of Fashion,  The Great Gatsby, See Jane Date is famous films in Rozon’s acting strategy.

Wynonna Earp a Grand project

This is a thrilling horror fiction with supernatural elements. In this series, Wyatt Earp is guiding US Marshall unit The Moster Squad and sympathy. The actor, Trim Rozon was appreciated being Earp calling them as they prior to kindness.

What is the Estimated net worth of Tim Rozon?

The current estimate shows that the famous actor’s estimated net worth is $ 1 million approximately. He accumulates this amount from his thrilling comic shows. Being a successful personality of the industry, chances are expected for a fair share of his annual income.

What is the current age of the famous Canadian Comedian?

Tim Rozon was born in 1976. He is 44 years old at this time. The Canadian actor started his career at the age of 20. At present, his fame is in the blooming phase. In one of his interviews, Rozon made a revelation about the beginning of his career. The actor said that he was truly inspired by River Phoenix’s Stand ByMc. At that time he was too young to understand the remarkable skills of the famous actor. Yet, He developed inspiration for future actions. Thus he proceeded towards his own career and appeared in Olive Twist. The fact that Canadian actor Tim Rozon can grow some medium facial hair is sure to be a positive thing. though, Tim Rozon is no stranger to growing his scruff out of the full (and 100 percent real!) mustache he sports as Wynonna Earp’s Doc Holliday, to the bearded look he takes to Mutt on Schitt’s Creek.

Tim Rozon marriage with Linzy Rozon

The couple tied the knot on September 6, 2015. They both celebrated their big day in St.Agathe des Monts, Quebec, Canada.  Only close friends and relatives of the couple took participate in this celebration. Tim and Linzy have spent 6 successful married years with each other. Moreover, they are the parents of one son. They made this revelation through one of his Instagram posts. Linzy shared a post in which Tim Rozon is looking at holding his little star. The post was captioned with a love note on father’s day.

Linzy Rozon professional life

Canadian born Linzy is fonder of horse riding and she teaches horse riding too. The couple is living in Montreal along with their kid. They are enjoying a peaceful happy life. Linzy is a Canadian nationality holder. Though she is the spouse of a celebrity, yet keeps herself away from the glamour of the limelight. She has proved a caring and supportive wife to husband Tim Rozon. She appears on red carpet events accompanied by him. Apart from other aspects, Linzy is a responsible mother. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Liny has blond hair and dark brown eyes. She and Tim both received the People’s Choice Award for best Sci-Fi-Show. Both seem to share love goals for each other on social media. Their anniversary, as well as birthday wishes, are caught by the eyes of fans. Linzy had spent an ordinary life. After marrying Tim, she appeared on the screen of the limelight. Her annual income is $23,562 approximately. Tim, on the other hand, is also a successful celebrity. He owns a restaurant with Chuck Hughes partnership.

Here is the list of some of the famous movies of Tim Rozon

Schitt’s Creek

A comedy in which Tim Rozon played the role of Mutt Schitt’s character. A Canadian television sitcom aired in April 2015 by CBC Televisions. It contains episodes, 6 seasons. Rozon was starred with Eugene Levey, Cathrine O Hara, Dan Levy, and Sara Levy. Colon Baunton was its Producer. Besides it, The comic play shares the theme of love and humanity. Its hilarious actions and character’s performance give relief to viewers. The popular series has honored 64 Awards and 172 nominations till now.

Flash Point

Directed y Helen Shaver. Guest stars along with Tim Rozon were Donald Bruda, Kryst Carter. Another recurring work by a famous Canadian actor. Tim Rozon played the role of Alexander Carson. Furthermore, This series received Screen Award for the best dramatic performance by Tim.

Lost Girl

One of the famous TV series by Tim Rozon. In this series, Tim Rozon played the role of Massimo. It was a supernatural drama series comprised of 5 seasons and 77 episodes. Marco Di Felice Benjamin Pinkerton was its composer. Whereas Tim’s costars were Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, Rachel Skarsten, and Zoie Palmer.

Social Media Influence

Tim Rozon is a social media influencer. That’s why He is having more than 60 thousand followers on his Instagram account. Being a celebrity, he is always surrounded by admirers and fans.

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