Chanel Blue Perfume (Complete Review)

Chanel Blue Perfume

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 01:09 am

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear such an enchanting and alluring perfume that will make everybody’s heads turn and put them under your spell? If so, Chanel Blue Perfume might be what you want.

It has a captivating floral smell of tuberose and orange blossom, along with the breathtaking aroma of almonds and peaches. Dossier offers a variety of floral fragrances for people of different choices.

No matter what kind of fragrances you like, you’ll surely find which scent you prefer to wear at DossierDossier. There is also a piece of good news for the fans of Coco Chanel fragrances.

They have a massive variety of Coco Chanel “inspired by” perfumes which contain plenty of famous and sought-after fragrances like Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, Chanel Blue Perfume etc. from Dossier’sDossier’s website, you can shop your favourite impressions of Chanel perfumes.

Chanel Blue Perfume

Chanel Blue Perfume
Chanel Blue Perfume

Chanel has a complete range of Chanel Blue inspired fragrances on their website. One of the most prominent among them is “Woodsy Oak.” It is a strong floral smell of many exotic ingredients like tuberose, bitter almonds, peach and orange blossom. The DossierDossier is a perfume manufacturing company that is well known for its affordable prices.

They are on a mission to provide luxurious and bewitching fragrances to their customers at a lower cost, unlike many famous brands like Chanel, YSL and Dior. They are able to accomplish that by cutting back on packaging and marketing etc. And for that reason, they can provide good quality stuff at lower prices to their customers.

Types of Chanel Blue Perfumes at Dossier

Different types of Chanel Blue Perfumes available at DossierDossier are as follows.

Woody Oak

If you are in search of a new perfume that will make you feel fresh, Woody Oak might be your answer. It has a floral smell with hints of orange blossom, tuberose, peach and almonds.

Many other variations of floral fragrances are also available at DossierDossier. But if you are someone who is not into flowery scents, DossierDossier have you covered because they have mastered the art of making perfumes of every kind.

Oriental Oakmoss

If you smell “oriental oakmoss,” it will remind you of many classic fragrances of Coco Chanel. It has hints of peach, orange and patchouli. This combination forms an exotic and delightful fragrance whose price is $50 for a bottle of 50ml. People who like the scent of Chanel Blue Perfume are in love with Oriental Oakmoss.

Oakmoss is an organic ingredient frequently used in the perfume industry either as the base of perfume or in top notes of the fragrance. The scent of Oakmoss will make you feel like you are in a rainforest surrounded by trees and under the canopy of trees. After the perfume is dried, it will leave behind a subtle earthy fragrance.

The countries famous for their perfume manufacturing companies like France, Greece and other southern-central European countries, often import Oakmoss from other countries for this process.

If the Oakmoss is used as the base of the perfume, it will give it an intense raw, woody scent. In addition to this, it goes well with floral and green fragrances, enhancing them and giving them an exotic feel. For this reason, it is the most versatile ingredient in the perfume business.

Floral Musk

Must is a sweet-smelling substance that is used in the base of perfumes. Musk is an animal product, but it can be derived from plants emitting similar scents or any other artificial substances. “Floral Musk” is a fragrance developed by Dossier, which is adored by those perfumes lovers who like the aroma of flowers and musk.

Its fragrance is sophisticated and subtle, and it is not a cup of tea for those people who want strong scents. It is perfect as a gift for those women who like light and sweet-scented perfumes.

Baccarat Rouge 540

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a well known and famous fragrance among perfume lovers. Its unique name is inspired by the temperature required for the formation of red ruby crystals. It comprises fifteen ingredients, including jasmine and rose, which are the most prominent ones. With a woody scent, it is the most elegant and sultry Chanel Blue Perfume

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Why should you choose Dossier?

It is impossible to purchase a Dossier perfume and regret it later. Despite their low and affordable costs, they always provide high quality fragrances to their customers, which is not very common for other perfume companies.

Their perfumes will keep you smelling like heaven all day long. So, if you are in search of a superior quality perfume that will not cost you a fortune, you should give Dossier fragrances a try.

How long-lasting are Dossier perfumes?

Many people have a misconception about Dossier that because of their low costs, the perfumes are not long lasting, which is entirely false. It is as clear as daylight that Dossier fragrances are long lasting.

Their perfumes have intense aromas that will stay on your skin for several hours. So, if you want to keep smelling good all day long without having to reapply your perfume, again and again, the Dossier is your option.


Is Chanel Blue Perfume legit?

Although Chanel Blue Perfume is completely legit but, many people have their doubts about it.

Can you try the Chanel Blue Perfume before purchasing it?

The Dossier allows its customers to purchase a perfume sample before committing to buying it.


People from all over the world enjoy the unique fragrances of DossierDossier and have good reviews about the superior quality of their products. On their website, you will find numerous positive reviews about Dossier perfumes left by their customers.

However, some customers have left negative reviews regarding the prices of the perfumes. But despite some minor dissatisfactions, they are considered the best replacements for various high end and luxurious perfume companies.

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