Seven Unspoken Rules for Dressing Like an Elegant High-value Man 

Seven Unspoken Rules for Dressing Like an Elegant High-value Man 

Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 12:30 am

Men’s fashion can be expensive, but it is more of an investment than a liability. Proper dressing can open doors of opportunity for you, and it also attracts the right audience. Most importantly, elegant dressing shows everyone you are a high-value man with good taste and money. If you are considering improving your wardrobe and style, this article is for you. It contains details about the best style combination for elegance. How to Look Elegant Like a High-value Man 

Below are some tips to help you redefine your style.

Mastering Elegance: The Balance of Clothing and Grooming

While the right clothing is essential, it’s only part of the equation for achieving true elegance. French men’s clothing emphasizes elegance with classic items like the polo shirt or a comfortable jersey. Known for quality and fit, these staples of French fashion offer a sophisticated yet approachable look suitable for various occasions. But remember, no matter how expensive your clothes are, you will not give off the elegant vibes you want if you don’t groom properly. This is one of the key reasons French men are known for their sleek appearance. Proper grooming combined with top-notch men’s clothing is what you should go for if you want to look elegant. Your body must always be clean, and your skin should be smooth and radiant. Establish a skincare routine and make sure you never go out with untidy and rumpled clothes. Your nails, hair, and beard should always be clean and trimmed.

Invest in High-quality Suits 

As an aspiring elegant man, you must own a few designer suits. Start with classic suits that are black, brown, or neutral-colored. If you must buy a bright-colored suit, ensure the hue complements your skin tone or risk looking funny rather than elegant. Sometimes, tailor-made suits are the best as they are designed to fit your body structure. Even if you opt for a designer suit that needs amendment, ensure you give it to a professional. Look for someone specializing in adjusting designer suits and stay there while they work on your requests. 

Watch the Watch 

In the business of fashion, you can’t say your attire is complete or elegant without an expensive and classy wristwatch. Since the value of designer watches tends to rise with time, buying a watch is an investment that can bring profit much later. However, this doesn’t mean you should buy something you hate just because you hope to benefit. The watch needs to be suitable for your wrist, practical, and elegant. Having just one expensive watch for every occasion is a bad idea. Some watches are built to handle daily wearing, while others should be reserved for occasional use. 

Don’t Forget Your Underwear 

When it comes to looking elegant, you may pay attention to your clothes and neglect your innerwear. Your boxers and singlets should be clean and straightforward. If possible, stick to white underwear from reputable brands. Stay away from stripes and underwear with novelty prints. Ensure your underwear is breathable and 100% cotton. These types are easy to wash and good for the skin. 

Learn How to Blend Colors

There is a common misconception that elegant men don’t wear colored clothing. However, this is untrue. If you learn to blend your hues, you can have a colorful wardrobe and still look like a high-value man. Whenever you wear bright-colored trousers, stick to white or gray shirts and vice versa. While trousers and shirts are great in colors, jackets are usually better in dark, white, and neutral shades. Wearing a light green trench coat in winter may make you stand out, but not elegantly. 

Don’t Over Accessorize 

When it comes to elegant fashion, you need to stick to only the most necessary accessories. For example, a pocket square, tie, and watch are all you need when wearing a suit for formal occasions. Your chosen colors must match the rest of your outfit and blend perfectly into the attire. If you like jewelry, a simple thin gold chain and one or two rings will be fine. Going overboard with the blink isn’t elegant men’s fashion. 

Bring it Home with Quality Shoes 

Your outfit isn’t complete without great shoes to match. Elegant men’s shoes are expensive but worth it because they are made of high-quality materials. You can use these shoes for up to 20 years if you store them in cool, dry areas and don’t abuse them. Avoid overly bright-colored shoes at all costs and stick to darker hues. 

Get Ready to Change Your Appearance 

Now you know the basics of looking more elegant as a man, it’s time to get to work. You don’t need to buy multiple expensive items simultaneously if money is a problem. Start with the basics and build your collection up slowly.

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