Revealed A Story About Sitting Next to a Scary Yakuza

Sitting Next to a Scary Yakuza

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Think! If you have ever made assumptions about someone based on their appearance. You might be thinking of so many positive or negative things that a person may not have. In the streets of Tokyo, I will tell you a story that teaches a valuable lesson about judgment and connection. 

This is not just a terror story; it’s a narrative about overcoming obstacles and coming together. So let’s read a “Story about Sitting Next to a Scary Yakuza.”

Overview of the Story 

This is a story of Tokyo, where a person named Hiroshi lives. One day, he travels in a crowded train and desperately searches for an empty seat. Unintentionally, he got a seat just next to the person who was like an intimidator. This man was wearing a black dress and had tattoos on his body; he seemed like a character from a gangster movie.

He had a little bit of an idea that he was sitting next to one of the Yakuza members. As the journey continues, Hiroshi gets more afraid of him. However, the Yakuza member starts a friendly conversation with him regarding ordinary things, like the weather and daily life. Through this friendly communication, Hiroshi breaks the stereotype he has in his mind.

Note: “The term “yakuza” can be used to describe individual gangsters or criminals as well as their organized groups and Japanese organized crime in general in Japan, particularly in the West. Yakuza frequently have intricate body tattoos and follow rites akin to those of samurai.”

By the end of the journey, Hiroshi concludes that we don’t have to judge people based on their appearance. The Yakuza member inspired him and made him realize that he should not make assumptions about others without knowing them.

Main Characters of the “Story About Sitting Next to a Scary Yakuza”

Story About Sitting Next to a Scary Yakuza
Revealed A Story About Sitting Next to a Scary Yakuza

Two Main characters are involved in the “Story About Sitting Next to a Scary Yakuza,” which are mentioned below. 


The protagonist, who accidentally sits next to a Yakuza member, is initially scared by appearances but learns a valuable lesson about judging others based on stereotypes.

Yakuza Member

Initially portrayed as scary, he surprises Hiroshi by being friendly, challenging stereotypes, and showing that people are more than their looks, revealing a different side to his tough exterior. 

Get-up of Scary Yakuza in the Story

In the story A Scary, Yakuza has a personality that might seem a bit cold and emotionless. They are known for being brutal and not showing much kindness. They follow the Yakuza’s rules and traditions very seriously and expect others to respect and obey them. 

They demand respect and obedience from those around them. So, their character is like that of an intense and serious person who takes their way of life very seriously, and they can be a bit intimidating to others because of their strict and disciplined demeanor. 

When Hiroshi initially saw the Scary Yakuza, he was likely filled with fear and apprehension due to the Yakuza’s appearance. The impact on Hiroshi was a mixture of surprise and discomfort. 

Soon, both engaged in a friendly conversation, and Hiro’s impact shifted. The encounter challenged Hiroshi’s initial judgments, teaching him not to judge people on appearances. It might have opened his eyes to the complexity of individuals and the importance of looking beyond outward appearances to understand people truly.

Message Learned From the Story 

The manga “A Story about Sitting Next to a Scary Yakuza” leaves a valuable lesson for the readers. Always remember that appearances can be deceiving. Just like a book’s cover might not reveal the true story inside. Similar is the case in this story. 

As I discussed earlier, a person named Hiroshi sat near a person who looked like a villain in a movie. This person, covered in tattoos and dressed like a tough guy, seems like a Yakuza, a famous Japanese gang. However, the Yakuza member’s tough exterior didn’t reflect his friendly nature.

The moral is that we shouldn’t judge people solely based on their looks or stereotypes. Everyone has their own story, and taking the time to understand someone can lead to unexpected connections and beautiful experiences. 

So, in life, it’s essential to keep an open mind and not miss out on the potential for positive interactions just because of preconceived notions about someone’s appearance or background.

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