Sights of Stuttgart: photos and description, best places for tourists


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Stuttgart is one of Germany’s most developed and modern towns because it contrasts and mixes the past’s refined, ornate design, history, and beauty with the present’s advancement in all areas of life. There are aeroplanes from the United States in addition to other European cities to Stuttgart’s own airport. You may go from Stuttgart airport to the city centre by taking the S-Bahn lines S2 and S3, or you can take a pleasant Stuttgart airport taxi.

With AtoB Stuttgart airport transfer, this trip will be completed in under 30 minutes. Stuttgart is a significant transportation hub. It is not difficult to get here by rail, bus, or airport transfer. Buses, suburban trains, and subway lines make up public transportation. Both a zonal scheme and a single ticket are used in the Stuttgart transportation system.

Although Baden-capital Württemberg is viewed as a city in southwest Germany full of chic and fiercely competitive businesses, it is actually a very beautiful location to visit. The greatest sights and things to do in Stuttgart are listed below.


A classy cable car connects Stuttgart’s Degerloch cemetery with the nearby U-Bahn Sudheimer Platz in Heslach, northwest of the city (hire a cab to get here). The railroad line is a significant historical site and a means of public transit. Dark teak wood was used to make automobiles. The Standseilbahn was Europe’s first semi-automatic railroad when it was finished in 1929.

Even though they needed to be fixed after a tree was destroyed in 1999, these two gorgeous automobiles are originals. The four-minute trip to the summit stops at a cemetery in the woods. A trek into the forest may be started from the top station.


Despite the uninteresting name, the museum is really intriguing. The Germans believe that pigs bring happiness. It should come as no surprise that local citizens choose to gather intriguing information and exhibitions about these creatures. Additionally, the museum replicates a pigsty where 40,000 toy pigs formerly lived. They are constructed from a variety of materials, including cloth, porcelain, wood, glass, and plastic. They are all spread over the museum’s 25 rooms.

You may find a wide range of information at the museum. Pig structure, behaviour, and character questions will all be addressed for those who are interested. Additionally, if you consider the significance of pigs in culture or religion, you will be informed about it. The Guinness Book of Records lists the Pig Museum. Book an airport transfer and remember about the daily hours (11 till 19.30).

Höhenpark Killesberg

A park in Stuttgart’s city centre. It comprises ponds and gardens with fountains, with flowers and decorative plants growing along their edges. You may ride the narrow-gauge train within the park. A playground, kids’ zoo, outdoor pool, and kids’ theatre are all available. A popular attraction is the viewing tower.

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Sights of Stuttgart: photos and description, best places for tourists

The Killesberg Tower, a futuristic-looking monument, dominates the park with the same name. A 40-meter large open cable-stayed structure designed by Jörg Schleich has four stages (8, 16, 24 and 31 meters high), each with an observation deck.

For people who are frightened of heights, the tower may be intimidating because only clear railings cover the viewing platforms and steps, giving the impression that only steel cables are holding the entire building to the ground.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes-Benz automobile brand, as well as Daimler AG itself, were both founded in Stuttgart and have its global headquarters there. In the city itself, there are several businesses that are somehow connected to Mercedes, and they are all concentrated in one region of the city, entering which gives the impression that you are on a gigantic planet named “Mercedes.”

Tourists, however, are undoubtedly not interested in “industries, plants, steamships,” which are difficult to access (although it is possible with advance notice), but rather in the museum housing these stunning automobiles. It must be said right away that you have never visited a museum of this size and breadth in your whole life.

Both men and women will find the exhibition to be equally fascinating, and it will provide everyone with countless hours of joy and awe. Special bus lines run in this area, or you may take an airport transfer to go here directly from the Stuttgart airport.


In Stuttgart, the Stiftskirche is a genuine representation of the historic district. The church, which dates back to the Middle Ages, serves as the principal Protestant cathedral for the city. Take a Stuttgart airport taxi to get to the Stiftskirche and see its architecture.

The church has two asymmetrical towers, giving it a grand and colossal appearance. The huge Gothic windows dramatically lengthen the structure while the crimson roof tiles sparkle attractively in the sunlight. The church’s façade lacks any elaborate ornamental elements, giving it a somewhat plain appearance.

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