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Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 09:30 pm

A double-digit surge was noted in international business travel transactions. In addition to increasing business travel spending, companies and startups allowed non-essential business travel after the pandemic. But many businesses find it challenging to increase the number of business trips due to a surge in travel costs. Also, they must keep work travelers relaxed and safe by spending more on the duty of care.

Your business can overcome these challenges by implementing travel management software. The software streamlines the travel management process by automating crucial business travel activities. In addition to ensuring travel policy compliance, the software will help your business meet employees’ expectations and keep them safe without escalating costs.

While automating corporate travel management, you can choose from a wide range of travel management solutions. But they differ from each other in many aspects – features, tools, and options. We are making it easier for you to automate business travel management by comparing some of these widely-used travel management platforms.

Comparing Some of the Best Travel Management Software in 2023


ITILITE is an integrated travel and expense management solution. The cloud-based software comes with features to boost business travel experiences, ensure on-trip employee safety, and control business travel expenses. It enables employees to access a large travel inventory.

Hence, your business can meet employees’ expectations by allowing them to book their choice of flights, accommodations, car rentals, and other business travel products. Also, ITILITE helps your business meet duty of care obligations by delivering real-time travel alerts and providing multilevel support.

Your employees can use the software to generate and submit automated expense reports. At the same time, your finance team can use the same software to track, reimburse, and audit travel expenses. They can get complete spend visibility by generating custom reports.

It becomes easier for you to control the software to reduce business travel costs when employees book essential business travel products at lower rates. ITILITE further facilitates cost-cutting by ensuring travel policy compliance, preventing travel expense fraud, and suggesting cost optimization options.


TravelPerk is developed as an all-in-one business travel product. It enables your employees to access an extensive travel inventory. They can book their choice of flights, trains, accommodation, and cabs by accessing the software on a computer or mobile device.

Also, they can control work travel costs by booking these travel solutions at flexible rates. TravelPerk ensures the safety of travelers by delivering real-time updates and providing multi-level support. The unified travel expense report generated by the software helps your finance team speed up travel expense reimbursements.

Also, your finance team can view and track travel expenses incurred by various employees using a dashboard. In addition to enforcing organization travel policies, TravelPerk provides actionable insights based on real-time employee travel data.


TripActions streamlines travel and expense management using artificial intelligence (AI). The booking tool provided by the travel management software enables employees to book their choice of travel solutions by accessing a large travel inventory.

Employees have the option to use both physical and virtual cards while booking travel products. At the same time, TripActions automates important expense management activities like travel approval, expense report generation, and expense reconciliation.

You can use the dashboard provided by company travel software to view and track travel expenses incurred by employees in real time. The software helps you control business travel costs by providing exclusive deals, cash back, and actionable insights.


Flightfox streamlines corporate travel management by combining human expertise with cutting-edge technologies. By comparing many booking options, your employees can access the cloud-based tool to book flights, accommodation, and car rentals.

Also, they can cancel or change bookings using the same software without contacting the airline or hotel. At the same time, your finance team can download automated expense reports directly using the travel management software.

Flightfox helps you control travel spending by making business travel solutions available at lower rates determined through deep technical analysis. It helps your business meet duty of care obligations by providing real-time support to employees during work trips. 


TravelBank facilitates business travel management automation by providing solutions for travel management, expense management, and card management. Your employees can use the card management solution to book flights, accommodations, and cars at negotiated rates by accessing a large travel inventory.

Also, they can use the software after business trips to generate and submit automated expense reports. At the same time, your finance team can use the expense management solution to approve trip requests, track business travel expenses, and speed up expense reimbursements.

The card management solution provided by the software synchronized card and transactions. Hence, it becomes easier for your finance teams to review and reconcile corporate card transactions accurately based on statuses.

Airbnb for Work

Airbnb for Work allows your employees to book homestays, serviced apartments, boutique hotels, and work-friendly homes. Also, they have the option to book accommodations for extended stays, client visits, or project visits.

You can use the business travel management tool provided by the software to set up travel programs, add shared payment options, and track employee travel expenses. Likewise, you can use a dashboard to contact employees traveling for work and provide them with real-time assistance.

But your organization cannot meet all its business travel needs using Airbnb for Work. You have to provide employees with additional tools to book flights, car rentals, and other essential travel solutions. Also, you must partner with a duty-of-care service provider to help employees manage emerging travel risks.

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In 2023, you can automate and streamline business travel management by implementing several software solutions. But a widely-used company travel software solution may not meet your organization’s business travel needs fully. Hence, you must define your company’s needs and budget before comparing the best travel management software in 2023.

Also, you must use these organization travel management needs as the primary parameter while comparing the features, options, and services provided by individual travel management software. At the same time, you need to ensure that the travel management software is easy to configure, customize, use, extend, and scale.

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