How to Screenshot On Instagram without Them Knowing


Last updated on March 29th, 2024 at 04:54 pm

Have you ever wondered about how to screenshot Instagram story without them knowing? Sometimes, people are afraid that someone might take a screenshot of their story. And it’s normal to think like that since content-stealing happens more and more these days. By screenshotting someone’s story, the people who took it will likely use it for their own. If the person is not someone you’re familiar with, surely you’ll feel afraid about it.

But if you are a parent and want to be sure that your child is safe, you can use this article as parents guide to instagram to know how to control your children’s social media. That’s why in this article we’ll talk about how to ss on Instagram without them knowing if you want to spy on somebody. Remember that please know the consequences when doing it.

Does Instagram Notify Users When You Screenshot a Story?

So, can you screenshot Instagram stories without them knowing? The answer is yes. Instagram doesn’t have a feature to tell them that you’ve taken some screenshots of their Story. However, it’s different when you’re trying to take screenshots in direct messages. When doing so,

  • Instagram will notify them that you took some screenshots of the image or video they shared;
  • The notification will disappear eventually, it’ll alert them about it. And if they don’t like it, your account can be reported.

Method 1: Use Instagram Tracker

To minimize the risks, you have to always be careful when you take a screenshot on Instagram without them knowing. Let us try to be as secretive as possible by using a tool that can work wirelessly without the need for a direct connection.

Yes, it’s possible doing so if you have something called a spy app. As the name implies, this app will work by spying on somebody, meaning that it’ll record and share everything you need to know from within the device.

One example of a spy app is Eyezy, which is often considered to be one of the best on the market. With it, you have to install the app on the target phone, and also on your phone. That way, both devices can be connected automatically.

By using Eyezy, you can easily screen record on ig without them knowing. And since it’s basically working in the background, you can always be secretive when doing so.

Method 2: Use Airplane Mode

If you’re too afraid that somebody will catch you screenshotting their Story, then this method is probably the easiest and also effortless. When you want to take some screenshots, disable your internet connection by using Airplane Mode.

That way, your online activity will be stopped for a while, and Instagram couldn’t find a way to track you. When in this state, feel free to take some screenshots or even video recordings.

Use a Screen Recorder

Another method you can try to take screenshot an Instagram without notifying is by using a screen recorder. Most modern phones usually have this installed by default. By using the Screen Recorder, you can edit the footage later, and pick the ones you want to save or delete.

Using this method also means that you don’t have to install anything, although it could be quite tedious if you want to take many screenshots at once.

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Taking screenshots of Instagram Story is generally safe for everyone. Since Instagram doesn’t have a feature to tell them that somebody is taking screenshots of their Story, you basically can’t be detected when doing so. However, remember that you have to be careful when taking screenshots in DM. If you really want to do so, it’s better to turn your internet off beforehand. That way, your account will be offline, and there’s no way for Instagram to track your activity.

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