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Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 09:24 am

In this digital world, various tools allow you to browse profiles and content without revealing your identity. One such reliable and safe tool is Gramho. Whether you’re a competitor conducting market research or a regular social media user curious about others’ content, this tool allows users to explore profiles and posts without disclosing personal information.

If you’re interested in exploring the features of Gramho’s Instagram profile viewer tool, then this blog will get you covered. 

What is Gramho?

Gramho or Gramhir is a free online social media access instagram profile. This tool lets you see posts, stories, locations, hashtags, and followers without giving your identity.

In addition, you may compare the tool’s results with those of your competitors by using account analysis features like likes per post, comments per post, and time between posts. Its algorithm forecasts how well-liked new content might become popular. Therefore, because of its incredible features, this tool has become an ideal among social media users. 

How Does Gramho Work?

Gramhir works like a detective for Instagram! It gathers information from public Instagram profiles without needing you to sign up or give personal details. 

Like peeking through a window, Instagram lets you see how many people follow an account and how popular their posts are. It even lets you download their photos and videos. It’s like having a secret spy who helps you learn more about Instagram profiles without anyone knowing you’re watching.

How do You Use Gramhir/Gramho?

Follow the steps to use Gramhir, which is mentioned below.

  • First, visit
  • Then, enter the Instagram account name or hashtag to find the desired profile and posts.
  • Once you have discovered it, click on the profile.
  • The statistics will now be displayed at the top of the page.
  • Click on the article.
  • Then, click on the download button to download the images and videos.
  • You must also tap the symbol with the blue arrow to access Gramho’s Instagram stories.
  • Finally, you can view and download Instagram stories, videos, and posts.

What Benefits Does Gramho Provide?

The Gramho Instagram profile viewer tool offers various benefits or features, as mentioned below. 

You Can Browse Anonymously 

You can use this tool to browse other’s Instagram pages or your own. In addition to accounts, you can browse hashtags, followers, stories, profiles, and locations.

Analyze Your Account by Tool’s Statistical Data

Gramho’s algorithm enables us to evaluate your Instagram profile statistics and compare them to certain other accounts.

It offers five pieces of account information: account rate, average likes per post, average comments per post, and time among posts. The most significant advantage is that all of these statistics are extremely accurate.

Free of Cost

You do not have to pay anything to use this viewer tool. What could be more astounding than this? Every characteristic of the tool is entirely free.

Quick and Simple to Use

It provides you with insights and statistics at lightning speed. Furthermore, it is straightforward to use with minimal complexity. 

Highly Compatible 

Gramho Viewer is available for use on both PC and mobile devices. This compatibility has increased its popularity.

Some Additional Benefits

This website offers many useful options. If you want to download the TikTok video right now, you can access it without a watermark by clicking here. This webpage provides several options, such as deleting previously used Instagram posts.

If you press on the video, you will see an option called delete or remove content; you can delete your material by clicking there. The benefit is that you can only delete two items per day. However, to visit the Gramho site, click on the link given to us and then use the web.

Is Gramho Safe to Use?

Yes, this platform is safe to use to track Instagram accounts. It keeps your identity hidden while checking and monitoring different profiles, so it is not a scam and works well for social media users. However, the note is that you should not violate Instagram’s terms of service and potentially infringe upon the platform’s policies.

10 Best Similar Sites like Gramho

The list of similar sites like Gramho are mentioned below. 









Frequently Asked Questions

Gramhir Instagram Viewer, is it Real?

Yes, according to recent reviews, Gramho Observer is a legitimate platform for tracking Instagram accounts. While checking and monitoring various accounts, the tool ensures the user’s identity remains anonymous. 

Is Gramho Capable of Analyzing Every Instagram Profile?

No, Gramho can only analyze public Instagram profiles. It can’t analyze private profiles because those profiles have restricted access. This tool can provide insights such as account rates, likes per post, comments per post, and time between posts for public profiles only.


It is a fantastic tool for all those who work with social networking sites such as Instagram or want to monitor the performance of specific profiles. is a free site that allows you to easily search through your Instagram users to find out what type of posts they like, who their most influential followers are, and visualize their Instagram profiles.

The Gramhir tool is intended to provide users with an analytical overview of their Instagram profile, including data on engagement, account growth, followers, and other specifics. Furthermore, access can be gained anonymously without creating a profile. Thank you for the time to read Gramho’s post.

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