Mystalk Instagram: Everything You Need To Know (2023)


Last updated on March 29th, 2024 at 04:57 pm

Watching stories and reels on Instagram is an addiction nowadays. But replying to everyone’s stories, giving a response to them, or showing them that you are online is annoying. Uploading Stories and reels has become part of our life. Almost 143 million users are actively using Instagram stories features in the US. I am sure you are one of them, but sometimes you want to watch stories silently without interacting with anyone. is a solution for your issue, allowing you to view Instagram stories anonymously. But is this a legit site? Should we use such third-party websites? Or is it a threat to our privacy on social media?

Keep reading this article to get all the answers. I will give you a detailed review of 2023.

What is Mystalk?

Ekrem Ates, the founder of the website, is a turkey citizen. Mystalk is a third-party tool that scrapes Instagram user data on its website. You can observe every public profile from; they will not even know. It sounds fun, but Isn’t it a bit scary?

How does works?

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Mystalk Instagram: Everything You Need To Know (2023)

You can stalk anyone’s public Instagram account, including their posts, stories, and photos. These are the steps to watch stories anonymously:

  • Go to website,
  • You will see a search bar; enter the username of the profile you want to visit,
  • Mystalk will extract all the data of that profile and show it to you.

Mystalk also has a feature for downloading Instagram videos and photos. Downloading is a very useful feature, and Instagram should also implement it.

Advantages of Using Mystalk

Using Mystalk’s tool has many advantages; let me put light on some of them:

  • Viewing posts and stories anonymously,
  • Download content of other Instagram users just by tapping and holding,
  • Stalking your crush profile,
  • Easy to use,
  • It works on every social media platform and supports hashtag searches,
  • Free to use.

Downsides of Using Mystalk

Of course, there are many downsides to using a third-party website that does not sound legal. I am mentioning a few of them:

  • Too many ads on the website are irritating as compared to Instagram.
  • You are invading others’ privacy.
  • Webpage loading is not fast.

The lawsuit against

The meta technology company that owns Facebook and Instagram filed a lawsuit against the owner of Mystalk, Ekrem Ates, in 2020. MyStalk’s tool used thousands of automated Instagram accounts that falsely identified themselves as legitimate users connected to the official Instagram mobile app or website. Mystalk collected profile information from the profiles of 350,000 Instagram users using this false connection.

Meta company has taken several legal actions against Ekrem Ates since 2021. The owner of Mystalk has to pay a heavy fine to the court and cannot use any meta-services for the rest of his life.

10 Alternatives of Mystalk

There are many alternatives available online that work similarly to Mystalk. Some are online websites, and some are mobile applications that allow you to view stories and Insta feed anonymously. These apps also have a download feature. The top 10 alternatives of Mystalk in my eyes are the following:

  1. Imginn: Allows you to watch and download instagram stories as well as highlights.
  2. Dumpor: You can message anonymously by using dumpor.
  3. Iganony: It enables you to watch stories of private accounts without following them.
  4. Anonygram: It is almost similar as Mystalk.
  5. Storized: It allows user to watch stories and posts without the other person knowledge.
  1. BlindStory: You can give anonymous feedback to insta stories.
  2. Ghosty: Same as private viewer, allows you to stalk private insta accounts.
  3. InstaLooker: One of the clone sites, with same features as Mystalk.
  4. Soomz: Provides automated Instagram growth and engagement services.
  5. Greafton: This websites allow you to access like,comments and followers as well as stories and posts of instagram.

Final Thoughts:

Mystalk is ranked 10 million worldwide; It shows that many people are a stalker or maybe too shy to show their identity while watching your profile. If you are one of them, you can also use such third-party applications and softwares, but someone else can do the same with you.

In my opinion, invading anyone’s social media privacy is unethical. You should avoid using such mediums, watch stories, and post directly from Instagram, and not become a creepy stalker.

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Commonly Asked Questions:

How Can I Keep My Account and Information Safe?

1. Avoid clicking on links sent by unknown users,
2. Do not download third-party apps to your mobile,
3. Never share your login information with anyone,
4. Allowing an application to send messages and control other apps is also a red flag,
5. Only use secure websites,
6. Update your privacy from time to time,
7. Always keep your phone locked,
8. Provide additional email for security.

Is down?

Yes, is down for everyone.

Can I watch Instagram stories anonymously without using clone sites?

You can watch stories silently by setting your phone on airplane mode.

Is Mystalk safe for its users?

This website is safe for users but not for Instagram accounts because it is scrapping their data.

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