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Instagram’s most notable feature is sharing videos and photos as 24-hour stories. When a user submits his story, it is immediately shared with everyone who has seen it. There are a diversity of valid reasons why someone would want to view another user’s story but keep their presence hidden from that user. Luckily, there are tools available to help you remain completely anonymous while browsing Instagram stories or acquiring access to a private account.

Instagram Story Viewers are online assistances that allow you to browse Instagram and the numerous user profiles it houses in complete anonymity. These tools include several features that allow the user to access Instagram accounts even if they’re not registered with famous social media sites. This article will capture a look at some of the finest Instagram Story Viewer websites available. Based on our own extraordinary experiences with each of the tools listed below, we can surely recommend them.

These tools operate via the Instagram API (“Application Programming Interface,)” which allows programmers to create separate applications that users can use to view comments, pictures, tags, likes, and other Instagram data. They function by aggregating data from Instagram and converting it into a single search engine such as google for users.

Some of the Most Popular Instagram Story Viewers

Here are some of the most popular Instagram Story Viewers. These are

  • Picuki
  • Smihub
  • Gramho

1. Picuki Website

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3 Best Instagram story viewers (Picuki-Smihub-Gramho).

It is an Instagram online web viewer, an Instagram post, and a story viewer anonymously. It enables us to use numerous characteristics that are not available in the main application. It is also known as Picuki or Pickuki Instagram. This website is popular among users for a variety of reasons. It is straightforward to use.

It is totally free and offers a variety of other services. Users frequently misunderstand Picuki’s spelling. People use Google to look up different spellings. Picoki, Pucuki, Pickuki, Picuiki, Picucki, Picuoki, Pickoci, and Pocuki are some of these.

Features of Picuki Website

There are several features on Picuki that are not available on Instagram. These are following that.

How to see the Instagram without Signing up?

Picuki allows users to view Instagram content without creating a Picuki account or logging into Instagram. To explore the extensive content, simply type “picuki” into any web search website, including Google. However, you must log in to Instagram.

Viewing Instagram Posts Anonymously

You can see any profile’s Instagram stories anonymously by using Picuki search or Pickuki. It means that if you view someone’s Instagram story, Picuki will leave no trace on the Instagram application. However, you must first generate an account on Instagram. If you view someone’s story or post, your name will appear in their list of viewers.

You can see the Instagram DP in full-size and download this profile photo in its full resolution with a Picuki account. Instagram does not allow you to see someone’s Instagram profile photo in full-size. It is not even available for download. 

How to Download Picuki Instagram Videos and Pictures

Picuki provides the option to download Instagram posts and videos. Simply search for the account name on Picuki, go to the profile, and download the image. There is no way to download Instagram posts or videos. You can simply download your own story from there.

How Do I Edit Photos and Videos?

Picuki gives the option to modify your photos and videos. You can use filters, change the background of your photos, and do a variety of other things. This option is not available on Instagram. Only while posting photos to your feed can you make changes to the filter.

Copy the caption and hashtags

Picuki allows you to copy captions and hashtags. It is extremely helpful when using the app. The main Instagram app does not have this feature. Only the caption and hashtag are visible.

2. Smihub/Dumpor Website

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3 Best Instagram story viewers (Picuki-Smihub-Gramho).

SmiHub defines Dumpor as an operativeness for anonymously viewing real Instagram video viewers, reels, profiles, stories, Instagram followers, and tagged posts (so that proven SmiHub is the finest Instagram stalker and viewer). Furthermore, SmiHub allows us to “Download content,” “Trending on Instagram,” and feasibly “Browse anonymously.” Yes, we can view Instagram accounts, locations, tags, and pictures without having to log in.

So we can admit that SmiHub has become one of the best Instagram websites for “searching all” and “analyzing it.” When you have complete access to SmiHub, users can do whatever they want on Instagram. SmiHub, for example, allows us to search privately and for free. You are not needed to pay anything for this. Can you know that the most effective tools do not give us this characteristic for free? Visit the official website and then use the SmiHub tool.

Features of Smihub Website

As previously stated, SmiHub is an online platform with numerous features and capabilities for Instagram users. Here we looked at all of the features and capabilities that make it more trustworthy and valuable:

Online Profile Viewing

SmiHub allows you to view an Instagram profile for free. You can even get on Instagram to see profile services online by visiting an official website. Simply enter the account name to access the user profile.

View any Reels

Did you know that Instagram enables you to post videos? So, if you really want to view any Instagram profile reels, use SmiHub. SmiHub is also one of the most excellent tools for Instagram users, offering a plethora of features.

Check Instagram followers, tagged posts, and stories

 With the SmiHub tool, you can check Instagram followers, stories, tagged posts, and more on any Instagram account.

Searching Anonymously

As you are aware, there are a number of tools available on the markets that enable you to browse Instagram anonymously, and SmiHub is just one of them. You can simply browse anonymously on this site. As a result, we could really say that the SmiHub enables us to view stories, posts, and videos without logging in.

3. Gramho Website

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3 Best Instagram story viewers (Picuki-Smihub-Gramho).

Gramho is an online platform that aggregates information on public Instagram accounts. The simple free tool gives information such as account trending rate, moderate comments for every post, and average likes for every post, making it valuable for both social media monitoring professionals and Gramho alternatives who want to monitor the effectiveness of their accounts.

Gramho helps to compare metrics across multiple accounts while also browsing Stories anonymously. This post will cover how to make the most of Instagram, how the service works, and what data it collects.

Features of Gramho Website

Gramho distinguishes itself from the competition due to its unrestricted Instagram account analysis. The ordinary number of likes and comments for every post, the average time between posts on this site, and the average feature ratio of videos and photographs are all factors that can be used to determine an account’s popularity on the site.

Gramho also enables users to view Instagram material that other users have hidden. Those who do not have a Facebook Gramho different alternative account but want to look at a colleague’s profile or see Stories anonymously can use this feature. Photos, stories, and videos that have appeared in your stream can be saved as well.

Anonymous browsing

You can use this to browse other Instagram pages or even your own. You can browse hashtags, followers, stories, profiles, and locations in addition to accounts.

Examine Your Account

Gramho’s algorithm enables us to evaluate your Instagram profile statistics and compare them to certain other accounts.

Predicting Likes and Followers

This allows users to forecast how many likes, comments, and followers they can expect on newly uploaded posts by themselves or others.

Genuine Statistics

It will provide you with five pieces of account information: account rate, average likes per post, average comments per post, and time among posts. The most significant advantage is that all of these statistics are extremely accurate.

Without Charge

You do not have to pay anything to use the viewer. What could be more astounding than this? Every characteristic of the tool is completely free.

Quick and simple to use

It provides you with insights and statistics at lightning speed. Furthermore, it is extremely simple to use with minimal complexity.

It is compatible with both mobile devices and desktop

Gramho Viewer is available for use on both PC and mobile devices. This compatibility has increased its popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to see Instagram posts without installing an Instagram Story Viewer?

Yes, you can check Instagram stories or posts anonymously by enabling ‘Airplane Mode’ on your iPhone or Android device. You won’t be able to use other characteristics that Instagram users probably provide, such as obtaining Instagram without an account and saving a story.

How can I see Instagram if I don’t have an account?

When viewing an Insta profile without an account, simply enter the Instagram site URL followed by the account’s username into your browser. For instance, you can view the account’s image feed by typing in www.instagram.com/ [username].

Who’s stalking us on Instagram?

Unluckily, there is really no way to discover who has seen your Instagram account or profile or to identify an Instagram stalker who has visited your account. Instagram respects its users’ privacy and does not allow you to track the visitors to your Instagram profile. As a result, it is impossible to track down an Instagram stalker.

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Final words

There are numerous reasons why someone might want to browse an Instagram profile anonymously. An Instagram Video Viewer is undoubtedly required by many, whether it is to spy on a competitor’s profile, fully comprehend an Influencer’s reach, or monitor your child’s account as a parent. All of the tools mentioned above do this job well.

They allow users to view a story anonymously, download high-quality content, and share it online without creating their accounts. If you’re looking for an anonymous Instagram Story viewer that allows for automatic data downloading, we recommend Smihub. Ingramer will suffice for social media marketing and basic profile monitoring features.

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